Jallikattu ordinance will be valid for six weeks

jallikattu-story_647_011516104547New Delhi, Jan 21: The Centre on Friday cleared the last legal hurdle for the conduct of Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu by issuing a draft ordinance. The ordinance will now have to be promulgated by the President of India Pranab Mukherjee following which it becomes an Act.
However, this ordinance will be valid only for a period of six weeks.
It would have to be passed by Parliament for it to retain its validity. The President can re-promulgate it, but the Supreme Court says that this cannot be an endless exercise as Parliament takes the final call on the issue.

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NO Jallikattu ordinance, say government sources

jallikattu-story_647_011516104547The Union government has decided that it will not come up with an ordinance allowing Jallikattu to be conducted during Pongal this year. Several political parties from Tamil Nadu have been urging the Centre to come up with an ordinance to overcome the ban imposed on Jallikattu by the Supreme Court.

Highly-placed sources say that there is no chance of an ordinance being passed at this stage. The matter is sub-judice since the SC is seized off the matter. After the SC had imposed a ban on the sport, the Centre had come up a notification allowing

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