Pak would use volatile situation in UP to strike big at Ayodhya: Intel

UP-voilenceNew Delhi, Dec 26: The protests and violence in Uttar Pradesh over the new citizenship law has been giving the security forces a nightmare. While the UP police is fighting back to restore calm and order, the Intelligence Bureau said that Pakistan could use this volatile situation to carry out an attack in the state.

The Jaish-e-Mohammad has been tasked with carrying out a major strike at Ayodhya. There are inputs that suggest that terrorists from Pakistan are training to carry out a fidayeen attack in various parts of UP including Ayodhya.

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Balakot: Delivering a double whammy to Pak and avenging, Kandahar and Pulwama

balakot-attack1New Delhi, Dec 14: The strike at Balakot in February was a double whammy for Pakistan. The daredevil hit not only avenged the Pulwama attack, but the Kandahar IC-814 hijack as well. Hitting the Balakot training camp of the Jaish-e-Mohammad was no easy task.

It is a highly guarded facility and one of the biggest training camps of the Jaish-e-Mohammad which is responsible for a number of strikes on Indian soil that include the one at Parliament, Uri, Pulwama.

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2001 Parliament attack: If Pakistan attempts another strike today, they would have no place to hide

parliament-attack-mnAs we look back at the 2001 Parliament attack, we also need to assess the present situation. Though the mindset of the ISI or Pakistan may not have changed, India has come leaps and bounds and is better equipped to deal with terror threats.

Eighteen years have gone by since India witnessed one of its most horrific attacks. The December 13, 2001 Parliament attack was one of the most audacious acts by Pakistan and its Jaish-e-Mohammad.

Not only did the attack try to shake the foundation of democracy, but it also gave birth to one of the most dangerous terrorist outfits in the world, the Jaish-e-Mohammad. MyNation caught up with former chief of the Research and Analysis Wing, CD Sahay, to discuss the security scenario today.

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The latest tool by the Jaish-e-Mohammad is the virtual number

ter00New Delhi, Dec 02: The National Investigation Agency in its latest chargesheet has signalled the trouble with virtual numbers being used by terrorists.

The NIA says that the members of the Jaish-e-Mohammad were plotting a major strike in Delhi by using virtual numbers. The investigations that were conducted following the Pulwama attack suggested that the terrorists had coordinated through virtual numbers.

Jaish-e-Mohammad planning major attacks in Valley: Intel

New Delhi, Nov 03: A fresh intelligence input has been shared with the security forces that suggests that outfits such as the Jaish-e-Mohammad have been asked to step up attacks as the winter sets in at Jammu and Kashmir.

OneIndia had reported in October that Pakistani terrorists would look to infiltrate with high altitude winter gear and stage attacks in the Valley. The latest intel alert speaks about a group of terrorists who have been trained at the Bahawalpur facility of the JeM. The JeM would look to send these terrorists into the Valley and stage attacks during the winter.

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No concrete action against Lashkar by Pakistan as the eyewash continues

New Delhi, Nov 02: The US has once again reiterated that Pakistan has failed to take action against terror groups such as the Lashkar-e-Tayiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad.

In its annual country report on terrorism, it said that Pakistan’s efforts in relations to implementation of conditions laid down by the Financial Action Task Force, it failed to uniformly implemented UN suctions against the Lashkar, which continues to raise funds. This observation comes at a time, when India has consistently maintained that no concrete action has been taken against the Lashkar-e-Tayiba.

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A strike on radical Islamic ideology as important as a military air strike on a terror base

New Delhi, Oct 31: Months after being struck by the Indian Air Force (IAF), the Balakot facility of the Jaish-e-Mohammad is active once again. The Indian Intelligence says that at least 40 suicide bombers are training at the facility.

This is a worrying development especially in the wake of Pakistan trying to push more and more terrorists into Jammu and Kashmir.

OneIndia caught up with JM Phelps a counter-terror expert and freelance journalist, focusing on national security for to discuss this issue. Phelps who is also an expert on the issues relating to suicide bombing had he received certification for an intense online self-study through the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism in Herzliya, Israel.

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Stay low now, then strike in spectacular fashion, Pakistan advises terrorists in Valley

kashmir-securityNew Delhi, Oct 08: An Intelligence Bureau report has stated that a large number of terrorists have slipped into the Valley and are attempting to re-group. This led to a very state of alert in the Valley, which has been under restrictions since the abrogation of Article 370 on August 5.

The terrorists from the Jaish-e-Mohammad have been told to lie low for sometime before launching a spectacular attack in the Valley, the IB has also said. In addition to this, the intelligence has also reported the presence of terrorists from the Hizbul Mujahideen and Lashkar-e-Tayiba as well.

Delhi terror alert: JeM terrorists could force a hostage crisis says IB

New Delhi, Oct 05: Earlier, this week, Delhi was put on high priority alert, following information that terrorists of the Jaish-e-Mohammad had slipped in. It was stated that these terrorists from the JeM are looking to carry out a strike in the National Capital.

The intel considered to be grade-A states that four terrorists of the JeM have slipped into the city and are looking to carry out strikes on high-value targets. The police are conducting raids at various locations to hunt down the JeM operatives.

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With land out of bounds, Pak terrorists plan to infiltrate through the skies and seas

New Delhi, Sep 27: Almost all top terror groups in Pakistan have activated their modules, training camps just to name a few. However, over the past couple of weeks, the Indian intelligence has been picking up information about the opening up of the aquatic training centres of both the Lashkar-e-Tayiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad.

It was back in January that the Intelligence had first signalled that Pakistan is urging its terror groups to go ahead with Operation Samudari. Officials tell OneIndia that terror groups would look to use various techniques as the land is becoming difficult to access owing to the huge security build-up.

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