MRSAM will boost combat capabilities of India-Israel

New Delhi, Jan 06: In a major boost to India’s defence capabilities, India and Israel have successfully tested a Medium-Range Surface to Air Missile (MRSAM) defence system.

This has been developed jointly to deal with airstrikes by enemy countries.

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ISIS in Israel: Is the Hamas on its way out?

   Has the ISIS entered Israel? Following two rocket launches on June 3 at the Ashdod city in Israel a group close to the ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack.

 The group in question is the Sheikh Omar Hadeed Brigade which is a known affiliate of the ISIS.

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Conviction rate in cyber crime is 0.5 per cent – Here are the reasons

To block or not block websites is the subject matter of debate here. While there has been a lot of criticism over the blocking of websites and many stating that it is not the right approach, there is also a practical problem attached to this entire problem.
cybercrimeThe ISIS alone has 23000 sympathisers on the web running handles on social networking sites for them. The moment one website is taken down another appears hence indicating that the battle is a never-ending one.
While this is one part of the problem the bigger challenge for India is getting websites to take down objectionable content. With a conviction rate of 0.5 per cent in cyber crime related cases and 90 per cent of the cases resulting in acquittal due to non-cooperation from website owners, the battle ahead is a very tough one.

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Delhi blast-bike found

The Delhi police who were looking for a red bike in connection with the Delhi blast have finally located the same at an area called as Lado Sarai. The bike is said to have been used during the attack. However the police are still verifying the same.

Based on the footage available on the Close Circuit Television and also eye witness accounts, the police managed to get some clues regarding the motor bike. It is also said one person was riding the bike and eventually he followed the Toyota Innova and stuck the sticky bomb which was attached to magnetic strips.

The police are still tight lipped about the module involved in the blast and added that only further investigations would tell the correct picture. The bomb composition is also being examined and preliminary reports show the presence of magnetic pieces and also sulphur. The bomb was packed very tight and was very small in size so that it could be attached with ease to the moving vehicle. Moreover it was triggered with the help of a cell phone, preliminary investigations would show.