You are next: Islamic State warns Saudi Arabia

isis1Days after the Iran Parliament attack claimed by the Islamic State, the outfit had a stern message for Saudi Arabia as well. You are next, the IS said. SITE Intelligence group reported that , IS claimed responsibility and threatened more attacks against Iran’s majority Shi’ite population, seen by the hardline Sunni militants as heretics.

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First conviction in IS case: Two sentenced to 7 years imprisonment

isisuaeThe National Investigation Agency has secured its first conviction in an Islamic State related case. A Delhi court has convicted and sentenced to seven years two persons on charges of criminal conspiracy.

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3 Islamic State operatives arrested from Mumbai, Bijnor, Jalandhar

ISIS FLAGThree Islamic State-inspired operatives have been arrested from Bijnor, Jalandhar and Mumbai. The operation was a joint one carried out by police forces of five states. The operation was led by the Delhi police.

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Pak has an Islamic State problem: Here is why


Naureen Leghari Pic courtesy: Dunya News

A 20 year old woman was arrested in Lahore, Pakistan on the charge that she had joined the Islamic State. Identified as Naureen Leghari, the lady had joined the outfit on Facebook and had been planning a major attack on Christians in Lahore.

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Why none from Kerala may not have survived the MOAB

Moab1The family members of those from Kerala who joined the Islamic State in Afghanistan have no information about their well-being after the United States of America dropped the Mother of All Bombs or the MOAB on Thursday. The largest-most powerful non-nuclear bomb was dropped on an area where the IS operatives had set shop in tunnels and caves.

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MOAB: Pakistan’s role in setting up Islamic State module in Afghanistan exposed

Moab1The cave which was hit by the ‘mother of all bombs’ had an approximated 800 fighters of the Islamic State. However an official statistic from the US states that around 36 IS fighters were killed in the bombing at Nangarhar province in Afghanistan on Thursday.

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500 Pakistanis including ISI officers blown up in mammoth Afghan bombing by US

MOABAtleast 500 Pakistani nationals have been killed in the US bombing that took place at Nangarhar province in Afghanistan. The area that was targetted was controlled by the Islamic State and protected by the Pakistan army, sources say.

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Trump has bombed the s**t out of the IS suckers

trump_flicker_face_yessIt was the first time that the Mother of all Bombs was used despite it being developed in the early 2000s. What the targeting of the Islamic State in Afghanistan with this mighty bomb signals is that US President Donald Trump has delivered on his promise that he would ‘kick the s**t out of the Islamic State.

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IS releases kill list with names of 8,786 Americans

ISIS-afghanThe Islamic State has put up a kill list yet again. This time the threat is to US President Donald Trump and the list features only Americans in it. SITE Intel Group reported that the kill list has 8,786 names on it.

The list was released by the pro-Islamic State United Cyber Caliphate hacking group. The group released a video message threatening the US and President Trump, along with a ‘kill list’ of 8,786 names and addresses, commanding, “Kill them wherever you find them.”

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Is missing JNU student Najeeb in Nepal?

Has the missing Jawaharlal Nehru University student, Najeeb Ahmed been radicalised?

This is one of the aspects that the Delhi police is looking into. There were reports that suggested that he had browsed for content relating to the Islamic State, but the Delhi police say that the data is still being analysed.

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