NIA’s pan-India raids reveal Islamic State’s targets in India are Hindus, Hindu temples

The NIA has learnt that scores of Muslim youth have been radicalised online, thanks to the material that the Islamic State has put up on the internet and social media.

New Delhi, Aug 08: The deep-rooted problem of the Islamic State in India came to the fore yet again following the arrest of a radicalised and active member of the group from his residence in Delhi.

While the National Investigation Agency (NIA) continues to question Mohsin Ahmad, the agency conducted raids at different locations in Doda and Jammu on Monday, sources have told OneIndia.

The raids being conducted today are also in connection with the case relating to the Islamic State. The source cited above said that they are cracking down the pan-India modules of the terror group which have infiltrated deep and are radicalising several Muslim youth across the country.

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NIA’s pan-India shows the extent of Islamic State infiltration in India and the urge to perform Hijrat

The extent of the penetration that the Islamic State has managed to achieve in India is evident from the NIA’s Sunday raids

New Delhi, Aug 01: There were raids across multiple locations in the country by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in connection with Islamic State module cases. Raids were conducted in Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Bihar, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh.

The point in question is the extreme levels of radicalisation that the members of the module had spread. In Bhopal, two persons Mohammad Anas and Zuber Khan were arrested. The NIA said that one of them was a madrasa educated student and the other a graduate from Bhopal.

In Tumakuru, Karnataka, the NIA arrested a students of a Unani Medical College. The student originally hails from Mumbai and he is accused of put out radical Islamic content on the net.

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Is Pak using new names to play old games in J&K?

Reports suggest that with the pressure mounting on Pakistan to get out of the tainted list, it has instructed terror groups operating in the Valley to not claim attacks.

New Delhi, July 13: In yet another case of targeted attacks, three policemen in Srinagar were injured after terrorists opened fire on them. A few hours after the attack the Islamic State’s propaganda wing, Amaq released a video of the shooting and claimed that the Islamic State Hind had carried out this attack.

The video shows a police party coming under attack by terrorists. The video, however, is not clear about how many terrorists were involved in the attack. The video shows terrorists firing at a police party amidst chants of ‘Allahu Akbar’.

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From Mainland to Tier-2 cities: Terror has a new address

The murders at Udaipur and Amaravati have become a security nightmare for the agencies

New Delhi, July 08: In the wake of the recent killings in Udaipur and Amaravati, India could now be witnessing a new model of terror with threat knocking at the tier-2 cities, a tactic often propagated by the Islamic State. The recent killings suggest a clear shift of focus from the mainland to the hinterland and the country’s intelligence now needs to spruce up for this new shift.

While outfits such as the Lashkar-e-Tayiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad and Hizbul Mujahideen have kept their focus largely on Jammu and Kashmir, the Islamic State has stayed out of it.

If one takes into account the Nice attack in France, it was an indicator that the outfit wanted to move into the hinterland and create terror. While the killers in the Udaipur and Amaravati murders have not yet said that they have been associated with the Islamic State, the manner in which the killing hints otherwise.

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How the hijab issue has given fodder for the Islamic State to propagate

New Delhi, Mar 17: In its March edition of Voice of Hind, the Islamic State has spoken about the hijab issue that has rocked Karnataka. The terror group has called the ban on hijab as discriminatory and is aimed at humiliating Muslim women publicly.

The Voice of Hind, which is the propaganda magazine of the ISIS frequently published reports commenting on the Muslims in India. It perceives the Muslim community in India to be marginalised.

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How Tamil Nadu became a happy playground for the Islamic State

New Delhi, Feb 25: The National Investigation Agency has arrested a key conspirator of the terror group Hizb-ut-Tahrir. The operative of this terror group which owes allegiance to the Islamic State has been identified as Mohammad Iqbal.

The case was registered at Madurai after it was found that the accused was radicalising the Muslims in order to establish the Caliphate of the Islamic State. The accused was also conspiring to enforce the constitution that was written by radical Islamic preacher Taqi al-Din al Nabhani who founded the HuT.

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Why NIA arrested former Congress MLA’s daughter-in-law in an Islamic State case

New Delhi, Jan 04: The National Investigation Agency arrested one Maryam alias Deepti Marla in connection with an Islamic State case.

She is the daughter of former Congress MLA the late B M Idinabba. She is married to Idinabba’s son, Anas Abdul Rahiman. The NIA team that arrested her comprised DSP, Krishna Kumar, and inspectors, Ajay Singh and Monika Dhikwal.

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A disunited Taliban will only strengthen Islamic State further: The worry for India

New Delhi, Oct 25: After claiming responsibility for a series of deadly attacks in Afghanistan, the Islamic State Khorasan Province has said that it was behind an explosion that brought down electricity in Kabul.

Last Thursday there was a power cut and this dealt a further blow to the Taliban, which is trying to bring about some sense of stability in the country, it took over in August. The explosion undertaken by the ISKP hit the high voltage line supplying the imported power to Kabul and some other provinces.

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