Tablighi Jamaat: The core of the Islamic ecosystem and the danger it poses

nizamuddin-2New Delhi, Apr 01: Back in 2016, the National Investigation filed a chargesheet in connection with an Islamic State related case. In its chargesheet, the NIA speaks about the role played by both the Tablighi Jamaat and the Jamaat-e-Islami.

The Tablighi is currently in the news after over 2,000 tested positive for coronavirus from among the 4,000 who had gathered at the Markaz Nizamuddin in Delhi.

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Democracy won’t save you, Jihad will: ISIS linked couple arrested in Delhi said

Jahanzaib Sami and Hina Bashir Beigh

New Delhi, Mar 09: A couple linked to the Islamic State were detained by the police from Delhi’s Jamia Nagar on Sunday morning.

Both have been accused of trying to incite violence in the national capital apart from carry out terror strikes.

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Arrest of Islamic State couple shows how Shaheen Bagh has become a venue to recruit terrorists

jahanjebJahanjeb Sami and Hina Bashir Baig, were part of all protests in Delhi. They were present in Jamia Millia and Shaheen Bagh as well. Sami would speak with the Muslim men, while Hina targeted women

Bengaluru: A couple linked to the Islamic State was arrested by Delhi Police for attempting to instigate people who were part of the protests against the newly amended citizenship law.

The police said that the couple were planning on carrying out suicide attacks apart from inciting Indian Muslims to conduct terror strikes.

The arrest does not come as a surprise as the Intelligence Bureau has been saying for long that these protests are the handiwork of anti-national elements, who are using the Indian Muslims and urging them to take up arms and wage a war against India.

Anti-CAA protests – The handiwork of Islamic State to ‘overthrow Modi’

delhi-violenceThe Al Talaal Media, a group on Telegram which is linked to the Islamic State has put out an article calling on the Indian Muslims to crush the Modi government. Crush the Modi government and join the Islamic State is the message the article sends out to the Indian Muslims.

Ever since Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of India, there has been a sustained effort on part of both the Islamic radicals and the Left wing backed Naxalites to crush his government.

The Islamic radicals have been for long trying to send out a message that Modi is anti-Muslim. The protests around the newly amended citizenship law are clearly centred around a larger agenda and that is to wipe out the Modi government.

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Sharjeel Imam feels India should be an Islamic State: Delhi Police sources

Sharjeel Imam (second from left)

New Delhi, Jan 30: Sharjeel Imam who is in the custody of the Delhi Police said during his interrogation that he has no remorse over his arrest. He also told the police that his videos making inflammatory speeches have not been tampered with.

Delhi Police sources tell OneIndia that Imam believes that India should be an Islamic State. He is highly radicalised, the police officer also said.

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Islamic State planned pan-India module, wanted to undertake wave of revenge killings

isis-vNew Delhi, Jan 23: The Tamil Nadu police have booked four persons under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act for allegedly raising funds and recruiting for the Islamic State.

The police said that these persons were spreading extreme Islamist ideas in the villages through various chat applications.

The police rounded up three persons and booked them under the stringent provisions of the UAPA. The cops further said that there is a fourth person involved in this case and he is on the run. He is accused of sending funds to recruit youth into the ISIS.

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Fire jihad in Australia? The unconventional and lethal weapon of the Islamic State

fire-1aNew Delhi, Jan 11: Could there be a Jihadi link to the wildfires that have been ravaging Australia?

Fire Jihad is not a new concept and have been a threat for several years now. An Al-Qaeda magazine had in an article titled ‘Unleash Hell,’ had described in detail how to start a huge forest fire across the United States.

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Love Jihad: The dangerous undercurrent that is destroying our social fabric

Officials who have probed cases of Love Jihad say that it is an undercurrent and many are not ready to accept the problem. There is a concerted effort to lure women from the Hindu and Christian community and convert them to Islam.

Bengaluru: There is a section that lives in absolute denial about the concept called as Love Jihad which had caught on at a rapid pace in Kerala. Recently a woman from Kannur opened up about her ordeal she had to undergo and how she was rescued from the trap of Love Jihad.

She said that she had a met a person called Mushabeer and fallen in love with him. However, he began to pressurise her to change her religion in case she wanted to marry him. She said that he threatened to pour acid on her if she did not convert.

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Why Baghdadi’s successor Abdullah Qardash will be equally or more ruthless

baghdadiNew Delhi, Sep 17: The frequency of the messages that Islamic State boss, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been releasing is an indicator that the outfit is down and reports of him being unwell are true.

Over the years there has been plenty of speculation that Baghdadi may have died. There was however no official confirmation of the same and later it was found that the news of his death was being intentionally spread to ensure that he escapes the heat. He used this news to move places and escape, following which he earned the title, “The invisible Sheikh.’

59 remain: How Kerala became the main contributor to Islamic State in Afghanistan

New Delhi, Aug 03: While one more Islamic State recruit from Kerala was killed in Afghanistan, the fact of the matter is that there are currently 59 of them still part of the Khorasan.

Muhsin, a resident of Edappal was killed along with Huzaifa-al-Bakistani, a Pakistani ISIS commander.