2021: When Taliban conquered Afghanistan and ISKP decided to stay at logger-heads 

New Delhi, Dec 11: On August 15 this year, the Taliban took over Afghanistan in a breeze with the US troops pulling out. Fear loomed large with fears of the earlier Taliban’s ruthless regime bringing back fresh memories. 

The government formation in Afghanistan took a while with the Taliban and Haqqani Network sparring. 

It was the ISI chief of Pakistan who finally brokered peace and set up the government. He also gave a clear indication of the meddling by Pakistan in the nation. 

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A disunited Taliban will only strengthen Islamic State further: The worry for India

New Delhi, Oct 25: After claiming responsibility for a series of deadly attacks in Afghanistan, the Islamic State Khorasan Province has said that it was behind an explosion that brought down electricity in Kabul.

Last Thursday there was a power cut and this dealt a further blow to the Taliban, which is trying to bring about some sense of stability in the country, it took over in August. The explosion undertaken by the ISKP hit the high voltage line supplying the imported power to Kabul and some other provinces.

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Why Islamic State could spoil the Chinese party in Afghanistan

New Delhi, Oct 23: The Islamic State has been looking to make Afghanistan its stronghold. It even launched the Islamic State Khorasan Province and has so far shown that it can be very lethal.

While it has carried out a series of attacks in the past years, since the Taliban took over it carried out three strikes which are deadly in nature. This month alone saw two high profile attacks against the Shiite Muslims who had gathered for Friday prayers in the cities of Kunduz and Kandahar. Prior to this the ISKP had carried out a lethal suicide attack at the Kabul airport just days after the US withdrew in August.

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ISIS recruitment drive in overdrive mode since Kabul airport attack

New Delhi, Sep 27: The rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan is being closely watched by the world.

However there is also a lurking danger of the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) raising its ugly head in Afghanistan and spreading its tentacles in other parts of the world.

The deadly attack at the Kabul airport recently is a sign that the ISKP is capable of striking big. Analysts and experts OneIndia spoke with say that the Taliban may have downplayed the threat, but the fact remains that the Taliban is not a united faction and the ISKP may over the months get stronger with disgruntled cadres joining the outfit.

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The Kabul Airport bomber was originally tasked to attack Delhi

New Delhi, Sep 20: The suicide bomber of the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP), Abdul Rehman was originally handpicked to carry out a major attack in New Delhi. Rehman who hails from Afghanistan was the son of a merchant who frequented India for business.

Rehman had taken admission at an engineering college in Noida and he was handpicked to strike in the national capital due to his familiarity with New Delhi. He was however arrested after he came under the radar of the Delhi Police and Research and Analysis Wing.

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With NATGRID round the corner, days of non-actionable Intelligence set to end

New Delhi, Sep 13: In the wake of the evolving situation following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, India’s Intelligence agencies have sounded a series of alerts about the possible threat to the security situation in the country.

Alerts have been issued regarding the possibility of the Islamic State Khorasan Province upping activities in India. There have also been alerts about the Taliban allowing the Jaish-e-Mohammad and the Lashkar-e-Tayiba to use Afghanistan as a launch pad to carry out attacks in India.

Following the Mumbai 26/11 attacks, there were serious concerns raised around the deficiencies in the intelligence system. India did not have a mechanism to get information on a real time basis.

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ISKP may scout for Indian Mujahideen leftovers to further terror in India: Intel

New Delhi, Sep 11: The Intelligence agencies have warned that the Islamic State could scout for leftover Indian Mujahideen operatives to further terror activities in India. The ISIS which has a strong base in the souther states are scouting for Indian Mujahideen operatives who may have got away from the security agencies during the crackdown following the arrest of its top commanders.

An official tells OneIndia that the operations in India are being controlled by the Islamic State Khorasan Province, which recently claimed responsibility for the Kabul Airport attacks that left over a 100 dead.

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Why ISKP would be ISI’s preferred proxy to launch attacks in India

New Delhi, Sep 09: The Taliban and the Islamic State may be at logger heads in Taliban. It is also a well known fact that the Taliban is directly under the control of the ISI.

The Taliban has given an assurance that it would not allow terror groups to use its soil to launch attacks on third countries. While the scrutiny on the Taliban and its allies will be high, the ISI is most likely to use the Islamic State Khorasan Province as a proxy against India, according to estimates by the Intelligence community.

This assessment also comes in the wake of an actionable input by the Intelligence that the ISI could end up using the recruits of the ISIS released by the Taliban from jail to launch attacks against India.

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Chaos in Kabul and the lurking danger of Keralites who joined the ISIS trying to return

New Delhi, Sep 03: With reports stating that nearly 20 persons from Kerala who joined the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) are roaming free in Afghanistan, an alert has been sounded in India.

Security agencies say that these persons could try and make their way back into India. An alert has been sounded at the airports as the agencies suspect that they may try and make their way back into India.

Several have already indicated that they wanted to return to India, but the government’s position is clear that it does not want any of these ISIS returnees back on their soil.

One of the key concerns with these persons is that they could be sent back to India with an intention of further spreading the ideology of the ISKP in Kerala and other parts of the country. The Indian government’s position is that once such persons return, they could become an inspiration for many and the recruiting may only go up.

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Is the US ‘right’ when it says Taliban and Haqqani Network are separate

New Delhi, Aug 28: The US State Department said that the Haqqani Network and the Taliban are separate entities. During a press briefing, US State Department Spokesperson, Ned Price when asked about the security at the Kabul Airport said that both are separate networks.

The statements by Price are surprising considering the long term relationship shared by both the entities.

According to the National Counter-Terrorism Centre, the Haqqani are considered to be most lethal and target the US coalition and Afghan Forces. The Haqqani Network is also involved in the multiple strikes on the US coalition and also has close ties with the Al-Qaeda. Moreover Khalil Haqqani who has a reward of USD 5 million is a regular visitor to the Pakistan’s military headquarters in Rawalpindi, according to a reporting The New York Times.

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