ISIS and the Indian agenda


The caliphate has been restored and Abu-Bakr-al Bhagdadi has declared himself as the caliph. While analysts burn the mid night oil trying to figure the ramifications of such a move, the fact remains that the ISIS is aiming big. On the agenda of the worlds most brutal terrorist force is the creation of the Islamic World Dominion of which India is a part off.
North West India is what the ISIS is aiming at and in its map it wants to include the following nations as well- Syria, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Cyprus and Turkey.

This decision to include India has not gone down too well with the Indian Muslims. They are up in arms against the ISIS and say that by declaring their leader as the caliph they have made a mockery out of Islam. A maulana who did not wish to be named for this article says that at the Mosque last Friday there a complete denouncement of the ISIS. India a country which has a majority Sunni population feels that this sort of propagation of Islam is not correct. At the mosque the Maulvi said that the ISIS does not carry the legal tenats of Islam. Islam is a religion of peace, love and brotherhood. What the ISIS is waging is not a holy war, but a full fledged bloody war. They target children and women and this is all anti Islam. Moreover during the holy month of Ramazan there shall be no war or fighting. However the ISIS shows no signs of stopping, the Maulvi at a mosque further told the people gathered there.

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Al-Qaeda Vs ISIS

isiscaliphateThe restoration of the caliphate by the ISIS was once the dream of Osama Bin Laden, the supreme leader of the Al-Qaeda. Now that the ISIS has restored the caliphate it would be interesting to see what impact it would have on the Al-Qaeda of which the ISIS is an off shoot of.

The immediate impact of restoring the caliphate would mean that the legality of the areas controlled by the ISIS becomes null and void.

According to the experts the ISIS today is a much stronger force and has more control of territory when compared to the Al-Qaeda. While the ISIS has gained control over several parts of Iraq, the Al-Qaeda had managed to take control over a few towns in Yemen before being driven out.

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Calif Baghdadi- The impact


Pic: news.oneindia.i
Pic: news.oneindia.i

The dreaded ISIS was at it again and this time it has declared itself an Islamic caliphate. This move is seen as a holy war and also a bid to challenge the central leadership of the Ayman Al-Zwahiri led Al-Qaeda which considered the ISIS too dangerous.
The ISIS yesterday in a statement renamed itself as the Islamic State and proclaimed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as “caliph”or head of the state. The statement further read that “it is incumbent upon all Muslims to pledge allegiance to and support him. The legality of all emirates, groups, states, and organisations, becomes null by the expansion of the caliph’s authority and arrival of its troops to their areas.

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ISIS- Bribery is Its biggest weapon

Fighters of  al-Qaeda linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant parade at Syrian town of Tel AbyadIt is surprising when a terrorist outfit with just 8000 takes on the military of a country and even manages to defeat it in several parts. The ISIS which has launched a bloody battle against the Iraqi regime appears to be on the front foot and has been capturing cities with pretty much a lot of ease in the past few weeks.

Is it just the brute force and the madness to die that is making the ISIS so strong against the army of a nation? The answer is no and the ISIS has mastered the art of winning a war by taking a tip or two from the Taliban. With two watering holes based out of Dubai and the United Kingdom, what the ISIS has managed to do is channel 4 billion dollars which is used to bribe the Iraqi commanders to stay away from the war and also pass on information crucial to a battle.

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25k Wahabi scholars visted India last year

A shocking report by the Intelligence Bureau suggests that last year 25000 Islamic scholars preaching the extremely ultra conservative form of Wahabi Islam had visited India. The details of the report pertaining to the year 2013 show that many of them had come in the guise of visitors on a tourist visa from 20 different countries and had participated in events in 15 states which attracted a crowd of nearly 1200000 people.
Does India need to worry about this? Very much say the experts and security agencies and if one looks at the report these scholars have managed to visit states such as Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Bihar, Maharashtra and Jharkhand. The statistics of 2013 would show a large number of such preachers visiting India, but the fact remains that these persons have been coming into India in large numbers since the year 2005. There has been a sudden surge in the visit by these hardcore who preach the harshest form of Islam which today is being practiced by groups such as the ISIS and the Taliban.

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ISIS won’t negotiate with India now

Pic: Daily Bhaskar. Indian hostages in Iraq
Pic: Daily Bhaskar.
Indian hostages in Iraq

Indian agencies are working overtime to ensure the release of the 39 Indian hostages who were abducted by the ISIS in Iraq. The road so far has not been an easy one and no one has managed to get in touch with any member of the ISIS directly. All the Indian agencies can confirm now is that they are safe and have not been harmed contrary to some reports that suggested that many of them may have been killed.
Indian agencies who are seeking the help of local organisations in Iraq tell that any move to rescue the hostages is being countered by the ISIS. We have been given to understand that the ISIS does not want to negotiate and is not interested in seeking ransom in exchange for the release of the hostages. Moreover what we have also been given to understand is that they want to keep them for as long as possible until the threat of any sort of international inteference dies down. This would mean that they want to hold on to them as shields and in case of any aggression they may try and harm them, the official also informed.

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US intervention in Iraq will help ISIS

0618-ISIS-Iraq-gulf_full_600The situation in Iraq is worsening with each passing day. The ISIS is on the rampage and there is no sign of them stopping with every expert beleiving that peace is unlikely to return for a long time. In this backdrop Iraq has sought the assistance of the United States of America to carry out aerial strikes in order to strike down the ISIS.

Will the US intervene and what could be the consequences if the world’s super power decides to come back to Iraq?
Dr. Andrew McGregor, Director, Aberfoyle International Security, Toronto and Senior Editor, Jamestown Foundation Global Terrorism Analysis Program, Washington D.C says that further military intervention by the US in Iraq is a non-starter. In this interview with, Dr McGregor says there is no appetite for a military return to Iraq in Washington and an intervention of that type would only work in favor of ISIS.

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I will see you guys in New York

abu-bakr-al-baghdadi“I will see you guys in New York.” This was what Abu Bukr Al-Bhagdadi had to say before he walked away from a US detention camp in the year 2009. These words were not taken seriously at that time, but today it has come back to haunt the United States of America which has led to the Federal Bureau of Investigation profiling this man who today without a doubt is the world’s most dangerous and brutal terrorist who practises the most radical Sunni brand of Islam.
Bhagdadi’s entire focus today is on Syria and Iraq. However he hails from the same bandwagon of US haters. In fact he was very much part of the Al-Qaeda, but broke away after the former found them to be brutal.

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Iraq has no hope

There is no hope for Iraq and none should even consider the option of working in this country ever again. Ahmed, a resident of Belthangady in Karnataka moved to Iraq three years back after he found a job at an oil rig in Mosul. He managed to escape out of there and today is in Bhagdad.
Ahmed spoke to from Bhagdad and during this ten minute conversation he narrated the horrors of being in Iraq and why no one should even consider coming to this country.
Ahmed left for Kuwait around 10 years back and was working in an oil rig over there. It was in the year 2011 he moved to Iraq as he was offered a better salary. He was also told that now that the Saddam regime was toppled life would be better in Iraq. There were no major issues during the first few years that I stayed at Mosul. I was earning well and it looked as though normalcy would prevail over Iraq.

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In Iraq torn between safety and responsibility

nursesWhile on one hand several nurses stranded in the war torn Iraq are desperate to get back home, there are others who want to stay back and shift to safer places. Take the cases of Mary and Priyamol who face a difficult choice as they need to continue working in order to clear the loan that they had taken in the first place to reach Iraq.
With loans of 1.5 lakh taken from a private money lender at an interest rate of 16 per cent, their situation is like choosing between the devil and the deep sea. While on one hand their parents in Kerala fear for their safety on the other hand there is a practical issue on hand and that is to fend for the family and also clear the loans.

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