Honey trapped- The story of a Subedar

On one hand when the brave in the Indian army put their lives at stake at the border to ensure that our great nation sleeps in peace at night, here is the story of one Subedar who has allegedly given away national secrets after a Pakistani honey trap deposited Rs 10 lakh in his account.

Naik Subedar Patan Kumar Poddar who hails from West Bengal is being questioned by the Task Force and the military officials for allegedly passing on secret information of the army. The allegation is that he had passed on information about 40 officers of the Indian army and even disclosed their location and movements for a sum that was deposited into his account by a Pakistani spy.

The Subedar was working in the reservation special counter for the military at Secundarabad. He was one of the clerks in this wing. Apart from this on the side he was also working as a marketing agent for a company known as Secured Life which is into a money circulation scheme. He has very often been accused of coaxing his colleagues in the unit to join the scheme. Continue reading “Honey trapped- The story of a Subedar”


Dressed for Jihad

Pic: www.ibtimes.co.uk
Pic: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk

The arrest of two men Abdul Rahman and Rilvan arrested by the Tamil Nadu police for sporting and distributing ISIS T-shirts is just a sign of how deeply the Iraq and Syria based terrorist organisation has penetrated into India. Right from recruiting youth from India to radicalising several lakhs, the ISIS is on an aggressive path.

The T shirts which were being distributed in Tamil Nadu were ordered from a firm in Tirpur. What led to the arrest was a Facebook post in which 24 persons had posed for a photograph sporting ISIS T-Shirts. The T-shirts were sold at Rs 250 a piece.

The T-shirt culture by the ISIS started off on an online store operated out of Indonesia. The idea was to popularise brand ISIS and in a bid to set up the Global Islamic Council, the outfit realised that it needs to be popular in every corner of the world. A group of people who subscribed to the views of the ISIS even started a store on Facebook and the same was taken down after several complaints.

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Indian out of Mujahideen

India-MujahideenA recent letter by to the police commissioner of Bombay swearing attacks against Israelis in retaliation to the Gaza war makes one very interesting point.
It has been signed as Mujahideen. While the authorities confirm that it is a letter written by the Indian Mujahideen, what has raised eyebrows is that the letter was signed, “Mujahideen.”
It is certainly not a typo and has a meaning to it. This is yet another sign to show that the Indian Mujahideen today is more interested in international issues and wants to move past the India tag. Attacking Indians in India has earned them hatred amidst their own community and the lack of local support has not helped them one bit.

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South India to Syria Jihad via Singapore

syriaIt all started‎ at the Paranagipettai village in Tamil Nadu. Known for its scenic beauty this scenic coastal village near Cuddalore is today called the place from where Haja Fakruddin hails. He had called his parents seven months back and all he said that his dream had been fulfilled and he has reached the land of Allah. Haja has been tracked to Syria and is a full time fighter for the ISIS.

Haja’s entry into the ISIS inspired many Indians. He was the first one from India to join the ISIS and today the number of Indian militants in the ISIS is a confirmed 80.

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Lashkar, ISIS and the Chechen terrorists

2000 terrorists fighting for the ISIS of Nigerian and Chechen origin were trained at the Murdike camp by the Lashkar-e-Tayiba.
A report of the United Nations states that there are 2000 terrorists of Chechen and Nigerian origin who have joined the ISIS in their fight at Iraq and Syria. This report of the UN comes in the wake of nearly 800 Indians applying over the past month to go to Iraq and upon background verification all these people had intended to join the war there.
Ironically all those terrorists from Chechnya and Nigeria are compulsorily trained at the Lashkar’s camp. This development is worrying for India considering the threat that the Lashkar poses.

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Ghazwa-e-Hind vs Global Islamic Council on Indian turf

terfundsThe Maharashtra government has woken up to the reality of a Wahabi influx in the state and has given information about the missing youth even as Intelligence Bureau officials confirm that nearly 125 youth are under the scanner.

As per Home Minister of Maharashtra, R R Patil, they have shared information with the Intelligence Bureau about the four missing youth from Kalyan. He however said that he is not aware of 125 youth who have gone missing. The Central Intelligence Bureau tells rediff.com that 125 are under the scanner and these are those youth who are leaning towards the Al-Qaeda and ISIS ideology.

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Jihadis biggest training ground is online

propBritain is doing it and India will begin to do it. It has been established that the foreign fighters who have joined the ISIS in Iraq and Syria have all been indoctrinated over the web thanks to a solid social media team the terrorist group has. As the Telegraph London would say, “Terrorism- Social Media is the biggest Jihadi training camp.”
The 8000 member strong ISIS has a considerable number of foreign fighters and most of them have been indoctrinated through a programme the ISIS has set up online on its social media sites. Take the case of 18 Indians who are said to have joined the ISIS. According to the intelligence bureau most of them were indoctrinated over the web. There are specific platforms that the ISIS has set up as did the Al-Qaeda. The most popular in-doctrination method online are the videos. Many are swayed by the so called bravado displayed by these fighters. The remorseless killings in the name of a so-called cause is also something that attracts young recruits. 

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Indian ISIS recruits- Who drove them?

There is a lot that has been spoken about the recruitment of the 18 Indians into the ISIS. It started at Chennai and then led to Kerala and finally found its roots in Maharashtra. Based on the inputs shared between the Indian and Iraqi intelligence the information that they have got now is that these four boys from Kalyan are in Fajullah and had entered into Iraq a month back.
The IB has also alerted the Kalyan police to find a person residing at the Padgah-Borivli area who had helped these youth leave India for Iraq. We are still trying to ascertain the role played by this businessman who helped these boys. The boys had saved up some money to reach, but this businessman who helps Saudi based Wahabis transfer funds into India could have lent monetary assistance to these boys. This business man like several others act as a front for the funds from the Wahabis in Saudi Arabia to come in. This money is used to bribe the administration of Mosques visited by the moderates so that they could take over the same. The money also goes into holding seminars and if the need be send youth to different countries if they want to take part in some cause which upholds the preaching of the Wahabis.

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Saeed meet- The ISI just had a laugh


Pic:Indian Express
Pic:Indian Express

Hafiz Saeed does not sneeze in Pakistan unless the ISI approves it. The claim by Pakistan that it had no idea about the meeting between Vaidik and Hafiz Saeed is something that cannot be trusted and sources say that the meet was approved by the ISI with an aim to embarrass India. Meeting Hafiz Saeed and trying to change his mind is some kind of an illusion. You do not do diplomacy with a mass murderer who has one single point agenda, “ Finish India.”  Tayyaji @ Bada Chachaji @ Bada Chacha @ Hafiz Mohammad Sahib @ Hafiz Mohammad Sayid @ Hafiz Muhammad @ Hafiz Saeed @ Tata Mohammad Syeed @ Mohammad Sayed @ Muhammad Saeed @ Hafizji- these are the names that the 26/11 mastermind Hafiz Saeed goes by and today without a doubt he is Pakistan’s most dependable terrorist alive.

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“Land of Allah-Time to migrate there”

isis1a“I do not want to live in this sinful country and the sun is setting on our backyard. It is time to take that greatest journey and migrate to the land of Allah.”

“The time has come and may we all meet in paradise. I cannot live in this country and I am moved to tears watching all of you live a luxurious life style, watching TV, listening to music.”
These are the contents of the two letters which have been written by two youth, Arif Fayaz and Fahad Shaikh before they left for Iraq to join the ISIS. The two youth who are residents of Kalyan in Maharashtra had left for Iraq recently and since then there has been no trace of them. According to the Intelligence Bureau, they had left along with two others to Iraq and have joined the ISIS. The Intelligence in Iraq confirm this fact, but have not been able to track down their exact location and say that they could be in Fajullah close to Bhagdad.

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