Terrorist who worked as a judge for ISIS arrested in Afghanistan

arrestNew Delhi, Apr 23: The security forces in Afghanistan have arrested a Pakistan based terrorist of the Islamic State Khorasan province during a raid.

Kabul Gurdwara attack: Kerala operative was one of the earliest recruits in Khorasan module

gurdwara-1New Delhi, Mar 28: A recruit from Kerala has been identified as one of the suspects in the Kabul Gurdwara attack that claimed 25 lives earlier this week. Identified as Mohammad Mushin, he hailed from Kannur in Kerala, officials from the Intelligence Bureau confirmed.

His picture was published by Naba, an Islamic State magazine, following which his parents identified him.

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It has now dawned upon these lady ISIS operatives from Kerala that they are victims of Love Jihad

Ayesha alias Sonia Sebastin

New Delhi, Mar 18: Before being taken to Afghanistan from Kerala to join the Islamic State, several girls were converted to Islam.

While many cried foul and called these cases of Love Jihad, there were a good number of people who said otherwise.

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Tales of despair emerge as Kerala women who joined ISIS in Afghanistan speak out

Ayesha alias Sonia Sebastin

New Delhi, Mar 17: The situation is not as per our expectations, Ayesha alias Sonia Sebastin, the lady who joined the Islamic State from Kerala said. In a video that has been released by the StratNews Global, Ayesha said that she and her husband Abdullah Rashid Abdullah were disappointed with the Islamic State. She is currently lodged in a jail at Kabul.

I assume many people who want to come to the ISIS have the same expectations. I would suggest to them to think twice before taking a decision, she said while adding that she does not want to be associated with the outfit anymore.

Letting the Kerala operatives return from Afghanistan will just help ISIS realise its real plan

isisflagNew Delhi, Mar 17: The mother of an Islamic State operative has sought the help of the government to bring her daughter from Afghanistan back. Nimisha alias Fathima had left India along with a group of 21 from Kerala and joined the Islamic State in Afghanistan last year.

The mother of the 31 year old woman has now sought the government’s help to bring her daughter back. A news item in the StratNewsGlobal stated that the lady wanted to return home from Afghanistan.

The report stated that nearly 14,000 Islamic State operatives and their family members had surrendered to the Afghan authorities between October and December 2019. However the Indian police have not been able to confirm if any of them were part of the group that left from Kerala.

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Delhi riots: When Indian Muslims played into the hands of SIMI, ISIS

delhi-riots-mn-newThe SIMI and the ISIS have tried to rile up the Indian Muslims with the objective to fight for a Caliphate and overthrow the democratically elected government. Riots in Delhi show how Indian Muslims have been tricked by such outfits

In the year 1996, the Students Islamic Movement of India had issued a statement. It said that democracy and secularism had failed to protect the Indian Muslims. The sole option now is to fight for a Caliphate, the SIMI had said.

The statement is eerily similar to the one put out by the Islamic State during the northeast Delhi riots. The ISIS too had said on its Telegram channel that it was time for the Indian Muslims to unite and overthrow the democratically elected government.

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ISIS suspends all terror activity in wake of coronavirus

ISIS-flag-afp-640x480New Delhi, Mar 16: In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, the Islamic State too has some advise. The ISIS has been sending out messages to protest its terrorists from the deadly virus. In its al-Naba newsletter, the terror group asked its followers to maintain their faith in God.

Termed as Shari i directive, the ISIS advised its followers to wear a mask and practising self quarantine. The advisory also said that one must flee from a sick person, like how one would flee from a lion.

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When ‘Mother of Satan’ nearly entered the Shaheen Bagh protests

white-crystalOver the years, the Islamic State or ISIS has extensively used triacetone triperoxide or TATP to launch deadly attacks. The white crystal powder is referred to as ‘Mother of Satan’ by the ISIS.

Bengaluru: The Delhi Police have unearthed several details following the arrest of a Kashmir couple linked with the Islamic State.

Not only were they brainwashing the protesters in Delhi, but had also planned on carrying out attacks and a recruitment drive. Had the couple not been nabbed, the worst would have taken place, the police say. The couple has been arrested and their identities are Jahanzaib Sami and Hina Bashir Bagh.

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ISIS link to Delhi riots: The module busted at Jafrabad

delhi-12The ISIS has been taking advantage of the situation in Delhi. The recent busting of a module in Jafrabad supports this claim

Bengaluru: In the month of December 2019, the National Investigation Agency carried out a spate of arrests in northeast Delhi’s Jafrabad. The NIA, which busted the Islamic State module said that they were not just making bombs. They were making a large number of bombs, the agency stated.
It is ironic to note that this module was operating in Jafrabad, the same area that was hit by severe violence last week in which over 40 persons died. A day ago, the Islamic State’s Telegram group Al Talaal Media sent a message calling on the Indian Muslims to crush the Modi government.

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ISIS planned murder of Hindu leaders to create communal tension in India

isis-newNew Delhi, Feb 25: The National Investigation Agency conducted raids at 25 different locations in South India in connection with an Islamic State related case.

Raids were conducted in 10 different locations in Tamil Nadu and 25 places in Karnataka.

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