6 ISIS terrorists who used ICT to scout for recruits and establish Caliphate held guilty

isis-vNew Delhi, Aug 08: A court has held six persons guilty in connection with an Islamic State case.

The case was registered by the NIA in New Delhi and pertains to a larger conspiracy by the ISIS to establish its base in India by recruiting Muslim youth.

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An ISIS operative from Kerala features in yet another attack in Afghanistan

isisuaeNew Delhi, Aug 04: The name of another operative from Kerala has come up in connection with a terror attack in Afghanistan.

This time the name of Kallukettiya Purayil Ijas, who was living in Nangarhar has cropped up during the investigations into the Jalalabad jail attack. He had fled with his family from Kasargod in Kerala in 2016. He had reached Muscat from the Hyderabad airport before reaching Afghanistan.

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On ISIS recruits in South India, UN forgets to make a very honourable mention of Tamil Nadu

ISIS-flag-afp-640x480New Delhi, July 27: The United Nations in its report spoke about the significant number of ISIS terrorists in Kerala and Karnataka. The report said that there are a significant number of ISIS terrorists in both states and the Al-Qaeda in the Indian Sub-Continent has around 200 terrorists from India.

Both these claims are not new and are known very well to the Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB) and the investigating agencies such as the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

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Irrelevance owing to COVID-19 could prompt terror groups to launch strikes

ter-mnNew Delhi, July 27: The fear of irrelevance owing to the COVID-19 pandemic may prompt terrorist groups to launch terror strikes, a report by the United Nations said.

Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) remains resilient; and Al-Qaida has ingrained itself in local communities and conflicts. Both organizations and their global affiliates and supporters continue to generate violence around the world, whether through insurgency tactics, the direction and facilitation of terrorism or providing the inspiration for attacks.

NIA charges 17 ISIS terrorists for plotting attacks in South India

ISIS-flag-afp-640x480New Delhi, July 14: The National Investigation Agency has filed a chargesheet against 17 conspirators who formed a terror group initiated by two terrorists from Bengaluru and Cuddalore.

The NIA in its chargesheet said that the conspirators who formed the terror group are ISIS cadres, Mehboob Pasha from Bengaluru and Khaja Moideen of Cuddalore. The case was originally registered by the Bengaluru police. The case relates to Pasha, a resident of Bengaluru, who in association with Moideen and Sadiq Basha, formed a terror group for spreading the ideology and activities of the ISIS.

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Murder of TN cop was part of plan to wage violent jihad by ISIS

wilson-tnNew Delhi, July 11: The murder of SSI Wilson was committed with the intention of creating terror in the minds of people and was part of a larger plan to wage violent Jihad. On Friday, the National Investigation Agency filed a chargesheet in connection with this case.

The NIA filed charges against Abdul Shameem and five others. The case was originally registered at Kaliyakkavilai Police station, Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu.

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ISIS linked operatives charged by NIA for murder of TN cop, Wilson

wilson-tnNew Delhi, Juky 10: The National Investigation Agency has filed a chargesheet in connection with the SSI Wilson murder case. The NIA filed charges against Abdul Shameem and five others.

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Terrorist who worked as a judge for ISIS arrested in Afghanistan

arrestNew Delhi, Apr 23: The security forces in Afghanistan have arrested a Pakistan based terrorist of the Islamic State Khorasan province during a raid.

Kabul Gurdwara attack: Kerala operative was one of the earliest recruits in Khorasan module

gurdwara-1New Delhi, Mar 28: A recruit from Kerala has been identified as one of the suspects in the Kabul Gurdwara attack that claimed 25 lives earlier this week. Identified as Mohammad Mushin, he hailed from Kannur in Kerala, officials from the Intelligence Bureau confirmed.

His picture was published by Naba, an Islamic State magazine, following which his parents identified him.

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It has now dawned upon these lady ISIS operatives from Kerala that they are victims of Love Jihad

Ayesha alias Sonia Sebastin

New Delhi, Mar 18: Before being taken to Afghanistan from Kerala to join the Islamic State, several girls were converted to Islam.

While many cried foul and called these cases of Love Jihad, there were a good number of people who said otherwise.

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