ISIS’ advise for Kerala Muslims: Poison food at Thrissur pooram, Kumbh Mela

isisnewAmidst claims by the Kerala police that at least 100 from the state have joined the Islamic State, a new audio clip calling for attacks on Thrissur pooram and Kumbh Mela has surfaced.

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Too late: 100 from Kerala are now part of the Islamic State

ISIS-flag-afp-640x480The writing was on the wall. The Intelligence Bureau had warned of radicalisation increasing at a rapid pace in Kerala. Well, it appears that it is all too late today and nearly 100 have already joined the Islamic State from Kerala.

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Radicalised to the core: Indian origin lady arrested in Singapore for ISIS links

ISIS FLAGMunavar Baig Amina Begam, a 38 year old lady of Indian origin was arrested in Singapore on the allegation of being an Islamic State sympathiser. She was arrested along with two others under the Internal Security Act.

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Karen Aisha Hamidon: The radical lady who lured Indian Muslims into ISIS

karenasihahamidonA team of the National Investigation Agency will travel to Philippines to question a key recruiter of the Islamic State, Karen Aisha Hamidon. She was arrested recently for her alleged role in radicalising scores of youth and luring them into the ISIS.

Manhattan attack: Terrorist is soldier of the Caliphate says ISIS

caliphate1In its first official statement since the Manhattan terror attack, the Islamic State called the attacker as the “Soldier of the Caliphate.”

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Kerala’s never ending tryst with the Islamic State

isisuaeKerala’s tryst with the Islamic State appears to be never ending. The police have now confirmed that 6 more persons from the state have joined the ISIS and could possibly be at Afghanistan. Now the official toll of those who have joined the ISIS in Afghanistan is 28.

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Manhattan Attack: “What do you expect,” ISIS asks America

isis333Minutes after the terror attack in Manhattan in which 8 people were mowed down by a truck, the Islamic State posted celebratory messages on the social media and its chat groups.

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How Taliban Biriyani Hamsa radicalised Muslims in South India

talibanhamsaTaliban Biriyani Hamsa was arrested recently by the Kerala police. Hamsa was arrested along with Manaf Rahman on the charge that they were recruiting for the Islamic State. Hamsa who was leading the module according to the police was the mastermind of ISIS related activities in the Malabar region. During the course of the investigation, the police realised that his imprint went beyond the Malabar region.

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Wait for us, we are waiting, ISIS tells football fans ahead of 2018 FIFA World Cup

isisfifa18After releasing a poster of Lionel Messi crying blood the Islamic State has issued another threat to football fans planning to watch the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

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Third Mumbai youth who joined ISIS in Syria dead

isisnewThe National Investigation Agency is verifying the claims made by a person who claimed that Fahad Shaikh, the youth from Kalyan, Maharashtra who had joined the Islamic State has been killed.

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