How terror links with madrasas grew as the West Bengal administration slept

New Delhi, July 03: It was not very long back that the Shia Waqf Board Chairman, Waseem Rizvi dashed off a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to shut down primary level madrasas in order to check the influence of Islamic State on Muslim children.

“…if madarasas are not shut down, about half of the country’s population will become supporters of the ISIS ideology in 15 years’ time,” Rizvi said in the letter.

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The rise of radical Wahhabism should worry India

isisNew Delhi, June 29: The announcement of an Indian wing called the Wilayah of Hind, the appointment of a new emir for Bengal are some of the recent developments relating to the Islamic State in India.

If one tracks the growth of the ISIS ideology in India, it would not be wrong to say that it is linked directly to the rise of Wahhabism. The Wahhabis who preach radical Islamic thought feel that Muslims should have have faith only in the Caliph and also promote the Caliphate.

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Translated from Arabic to Tamil: How ISIS spread its ideology in Tamil Nadu

img_0004New Delhi, June 19: A Facebook page called KhilafahGFX came under the scanner of the National Investigation Agency. It was found that this page being run by one Mohammad Azharuddin was propagating radical Islam in the name of the Islamic State in Tamil Nadu.

NIA officials tell OneIndia that this module had on its radar several Temples and Churches in Tamil Nadu. Further it was also found that the module members had translated ISIS transcripts from Arabic to Tamil and were distributing the same.

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KhilafahGFX, the Facebook page that propagated ISIS ideology in South India

New Delhi, June 13: KhilafahGFX was a Facebook page through which the ideology of the Islamic State was being propagated in South India.

On Wednesday the National Investigation Agency (NIA) which conducted raids at Tamil Nadu has registered a case against one person, suspected to be part of the Islamic State.

The person has been identified as Mohammad Azharuddin. The NIA said that he is suspected to have recruited persons from Kerala and Tamil Nadu, with an intention of carrying out attacks in South India.

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Manchester attack shows how deep ISIS ideology has entered the mainland

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the Manchester Arena attack in which 22 persons had died. Social media accounts of the ISIS celebrated the attack with the tag line, ” kill them everywhere.”
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