Killing of RSS workers: Transfer of funds from Italy, Pakistan under scanner

ravindergosaiThe ISI and the Khalistan forces hatched a plan to kill RSS workers and Hindu leaders in Punjab. It has been found by the National Investigation that as part of the many money transfers that had taken place, one such transaction amounting to Rs 40 lakh had been sent to Punjab through various channels.

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How a plan to kill Hindus was hatched in Italy and Canada

isispyThe handlers who directed the killing of RSS and other Hindu leaders have been traced to Italy, Canada and the United Kingdom. The Punjab police which is probing the case learnt that there is a systematic approach that has been followed to eliminate Hindu leaders by ISI agents.

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When an earthquake prediction by Kerala professor shook Pakistan’s ISI

bkresearchDid the ISI take a letter written by a Kerala based physics professor seriously and issue an earthquake warning? Recently the ISI was in the news after it issued an earthquake alert.

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Across the border, a training camp as Pak readies 30 terrorists for Kashmir

terroristFocus on North Kashmir and send in more foreign militants was an ISI directive. The Intelligence Agencies in India have sighted a camp at Murdike in which 30 terrorists are being trained and are also all set to be launched in Jammu and Kashmir.

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ISI knows earthquake will happen, but did not know where Bin Laden was

BIN LADENThe ISI could not find Osama Bin Laden, but has managed to predict an earthquake. Pakistan’s spy agency was taken to task on the social media after it predicted a strong earthquake in the Asian Continental Region.

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Why does ISI want Dawood Ibrahim to sell cigarettes

dawoodAn Intelligence Bureau report states that Pakistan has instructed Dawood Ibrahim to step up sale of illicit cigarettes to fund operations in Kashmir. With the sale of drugs down and a heavy crackdown on counterfeit currency, there has been a cash crunch in the Valley.

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Former ISI boss seeks early retirement

ltgenrizwanakhtarThe former chief of the Pakistan’s ISI, Lt Gen Rizwan Akthar has sought for an early retirement from the Pakistan Army citing personal reasons. In a leter he sought premature retirement starting October 9 2017, after putting in 35 years of service.

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Why is ISI not letting Dawood return to India

dawoodAs India tries to bring Dawood Ibrahim to justice, his brother, Iqbal Kaskar has said that the ISI would never allow that. Amidst reports that Dawood was looking to get back to India, Kaskar told the police that the ISI would ensure that never happened.

The question now is whether Dawood continues to be a utility for the ISI or is a spent force living at the mercy of the agency owing to past glory.

ISI officer embarrasses own agency, says Pak officials backing terrorists

isispyIn a major embarrassment to the ISI, an officer from Pakistan has accused his own agency of protecting terrorists.

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Hurriyat terror funding: IT department set to join probe

terfundThe Income Tax Department is set to join the Hurriyat terror funding probe. The NIA will rope in IT officials to examine the documents seized from prominent Srinagar businessman, Zahoor Watali. The businessman was arrested on the charge that he was a go in between man for the ISI and the Hurriyat leaders.

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