As farmers refuse to budge, ISI continues to make attempts to sabotage the protests

New Delhi, June 26: The Intelligence Bureau has yet again warned that the ISI and its proxies will try to sabotage the ongoing farmer protests.

The Delhi Police and the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) has been alerted about the same. 

In the wake of the potential threat, three Metro Stations in Delhi will remain shut from 10 am to 2 pm as a precautionary measure and this step was taken following an advisory from the Delhi Police. 

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ISI to ISIS: How marriages in India are being exploited for religious conversion

New Delhi, June 22: In police custody, Mohammad Umar Gautam, a man who had converted from Hinduism to Islam boasted,” I converted 1,000 non-Muslims to Islam by marrying them all to Muslims.

This point makes it very clear that marriages have been used as a tool for religious conversion. We witnessed a similar incident in Kerala where many women were married off and then lured into joining the Islamic State. The issue is back in the news following the arrest of two persons who were indulging in religious conversions in UP and during their interrogation they said that they had lured Hindus with marriage, money and jobs.

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Converted 1,000 non-Muslims to Islam by marrying them to Muslims boasts ISI’s conversion module head

New Delhi, June 22: A man who had converted from Hinduism to Islam boasted before the police that he had managed to convert over a 1,000 people to Islam by luring them with money, marriages and jobs. 

I converted 1,000 non-Muslims to Islam by marrying them all to Muslims, Mohammad Umar Gautam boasted before the police. Umar along with Mufti Qazi Jahangir Alam Qasm from Delhi’s Jamia Nagar were arrested by the police for running an outfit involved in converting deaf and dumb students and other poor people to Islam in Uttar Pradesh with funding from the Pakistan’s ISI. The arrests were made by Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terror Squad following the registration of an FIR in the case at Lucknow’s ATS police station. 

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ISI moves from honey trap to spy groom tactic to trap Indian women

New Delhi, May 26: Investigations following the arrest of two sisters in Madhya Pradesh found to be exchanging calls with Pakistani nationals has revealed a new modus operandi by the ISI called the spy-groom strategy.

Investigators have found that the profiles of the two sisters from the military town of Mhow were viewed first on matrimonial sites, following which they were contacted on the social media.

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Modus Operandi: Babbar Khalsa raises funds in Canada, ISI channelises it for terror at Wolverhampton

New Delhi, Apr 20: The recent chargesheet filed by the National Investigation Agency against 7 operatives of the Babbar Khalsa International in connection with a narco smuggling case clearly suggests that the ISI continues to be backed heavily by the ISI, which is aiming cause a huge unrest in the country. 

When a clean up act was launched in Punjab against the Khalistan terrorists, several of the top brass fled to Pakistan and took shelter with the help of the ISI. In 2012, the Intelligence Bureau put up a report indicating that the Babbar Khalsa was attempting a comeback in India with the help of the ISI. 

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NIA charges ISI agent in UP espionage case

New Delhi, Feb 26: The National Investigation Agency has filed a supplementary chargesheet against one Rajakbhai Kumbhar in connection with an ISI related espionage case. 

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Bigger picture: Toolkit aimed at fanning violence to strengthen Kashmir-Khalistan desk

New Delhi, Feb 16: A suspect connected to the ISI running psy-ops against India has come once again under the radar of the Delhi Police, probing the toolkit case.

Peter Friedrich, who finds a mention in the toolkit document is now under probe. The Delhi Police are trying to ascertain why his name features in the document that was tweeted Greta Thunberg. 

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Delhi on ‘very high alert’ as ISI backed Khalistan forces look to infiltrate tractor parade

New Delhi, Jan 26: The national capital is on a state of very high alert as the farmers get ready to take out a tractor parade. The Intelligence Bureau has warned that pro-Khalistan elements backed by Pakistan’s ISI would look to hijack the protests and disrupt peace in Delhi.

On Monday, the Delhi Police said that over 300 Twitter handles had been traced to Pakistan that were created to sabotage the rally. The proscribed outfit, Sikhs for Justice has been threatening strikes and has even tried to influence the farmers’ protest on several occasions.

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The 150 meter ISI engineered tunnel was used by terrorists for 8 years

New Delhi, Jan 25: The Border Security Force on Saturday found a 150 meter long tunnel in Jammu and Kashmir, which was used by Pakistani terrorists to infiltrate into India.

The 30 feet deep tunnel was detected between Border Post number 14 and 15 near the BSF’s outpost at Pansar in Kathua district. The tunnel appears to be at least 8 years old a BSF official told OneIndia, while adding that this could have been used for long.

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Pakistan’s new infiltration routes: Sophisticated ISI, army engineered tunnels

New Delhi, Jan 13: Pakistan made yet another attempt at infiltrating its terrorists.

The Border Security Force (BSF) has detected a trans-border tunnel along the India-Pakistan International Border in Bobbiyan village in Hiranagar sector of Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir. 

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