‘To prove Ishrat Jahan encounter as fake, there was a conspiracy’

ishratThere was a conspiracy to prove that the Ishrat Jahan encounter was fake, former Gujarat police officer, N K Amin told a CBI court.

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Ishrat Jahan case: Denial of sanction to prosecute IB officer will be challenged by investigator


New Delhi, March 3: While the narrative in the Ishrat Jahan encounter is changing with several officials who were part of the home ministry alleging that the affidavits were revised, another battle is lined up in the court.

An application will be moved before the Special CBI court in Ahmedabad seeking the second chargesheet in the case.

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Ishrat files: How IB set a trap on the module that wanted to assassinate Modi

ishratWith more people now speaking about the Ishrat Jahan encounter, it is becoming clear that the operation was a bonafide one. Moreover it has also been ascertained that Ishrat Jahan was used as a cover in this operation.
Going by former Home Secretary G K Pillai’s remarks, it becomes clear that these terrorists were lured in by a mole in the Intelligence Bureau in a bid to track the operation that they were planning.

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Ishrat input was genuine

Rajinder Singh, special director of the Intelligence Bureau has denied any involvement with the Ishrat Jahan encounter. Singh who was questioned by the Central Bureau of Investigation said that the accusation against him that he had helped plan the alleged fake encounter was false.
The CBI has been assigned the task of finding out of the encounter was fake or was it a genuine operation. It would need to file its report by July 4th, the Gujarat High Court directed today. Continue reading “Ishrat input was genuine”

Ishrat Jahan- The case so far

Pic: www.tribuneofusa.com
Pic: http://www.tribuneofusa.com

The Intelligence Bureau and the Central Bureau of Investigation are at war today and the reason for this is the Ishrat Jahan encounter case. While the Intelligence Bureau is trying to protect one of its officers, Rajinder Singh, the CBI is not buckling down and says that it will proceed against any person involved in this case irrespective of his position or department he or she hails from.

Over the next couple of weeks, the Ishrat Jahan case will find a prominent place in the headlines. The big question that is being asked is if the encounter was a genuine one or was it stage managed to benefit Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi. Continue reading “Ishrat Jahan- The case so far”