Ishrat- The input of 2004


The Central Bureau of Investigation announced a reward of Rs 5 lakh for anyone providing information regarding Johar and Rana, the two persons who were killed in an encounter along with Ishrat Jahan.

While the CBI is seeking to impart this information to study the antecedents of these two persons and find out how they were linked with Ishrat Jahan, the Intelligence Bureau has interesting material dating back to 2004 which speaks about the exact plan that ring leader and Lashkar-e-Tayiba commander Muzzamil had hatched.

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Modi, Shah- Why did CBI stop short

19shahNaming either Narendra Modi or Amit Shah in the Ishrat Jahan chargesheet would have given their opponents a lot of ammunition to fire against them. Three days prior to the chargesheet being filed it was clear from CBI sources that Modi or Shah would not be named in the charge sheet.

It may be recalled here that the CBI had said that it had the testimony of some police officials in which it was stated that D G Vanzara had spoken with white beard (Modi) and black beard (Shah) before the encounter. However the CBI was unable to get the requisite evidence to nail the two senior most leaders of the Gujarat state.

The entire episode regarding Modi and Shah began with the testimony of an officer by the name D H Gowswami. He claimed before the CBI that he was aware of the planning of the operation and was even privy to many conversations between the officers. It was at one such meeting in which D G Vanzara was present that the name of Modi and Shah cropped up. At first according to Gowswami, Rajinder Kumar told Vanzara to seek an approval from the CM and Home Minister. In a later meeting when another officer Singhal objected, Vanzara is said to have got angry and said that he has the approval of the CM and HM.

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Ishrat a terrorist- Govt of India had said so


As the debate rages on whether Ishrat Jahan and her accomplices were operatives of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba or not, there is increasing proof to show that she indeed had links with the outfit. Although the extent of her links are still unknown, in the investigating or intelligence circles she was considered to be a suicide bomber.

The alert by the  Intelligence Bureau which is under question relies on the three mentioned proofs to suggest that she had links with the Lashkar. While the David Headley testimony is one, there is also a report published by a magazine owned by the Lashkar which claimed that Ishrat was a Lashkar martyr. However the most crucial document is the affidavit submitted by the Home Ministry before the Gujarat High Court four years back in which it said that she had links with the Lashkar. Continue reading “Ishrat a terrorist- Govt of India had said so”

Ishrat encounter- What was the motive?

ishrat jahan- photo, outlookindia
Ishrat Jahan- Pic:outlookindia

The Central Bureau of Investigation filed its first chargesheet in the Ishrat Jahan encounter and the salient point that the agency made was the encounter was staged or fake.

The CBI says that it would file an additional chargesheet in a month’s time bringing out more names of persons involved in the encounter, but it may remain silent on a key factor and that is whether Ishrat and her three other accomplices were Lashkar-e-Tayiba operatives or not. Although the CBI does state that it would go into this aspect as well, it appears unlikely that it would do so, since it does not have that brief from the Gujarat High Court. The court has directed it only to deal with the encounter part of the case and had even stated that whether they were terrorists or not is not the issue in this case. The case should focus on whether the encounter was fake or not.

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Ishrat- watered down chargesheet today

ishratThe Central Bureau of Investigation is all set to file its first chargesheet in the controversial Ishrat Jahan encounter case before a court in Ahmedabad today. While many are awaiting to see the contents of the chargesheet, it is expected to be a bit watered down and the CBI says that this would only be the first of the many chargesheets it would file in the case.

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Ishrat- Modi, Shah under CBI scanner


The Central Bureau of Investigation is looking to question Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and former home minister of the state, Amit Shah who went by the code names black beard (kaali daadi) and white beard (safed daadi) in connection with the Ishrat Jahan encounter case.

CBI sources tell that they are trying to find out if Modi and Shah were aware of the encounter. The CBI has been alleging that a fake alert had been sounded by the Intelligence Bureau and passed on to the Gujarat police who in turn carried the encounter. The CBI feels that the top leadership in the government ie the Chief Minister and then Home Minister may have been informed about this.

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Was NIA told to omit Ishrat from Headley probe?

ishSpeak about terrorism being made into a political tool and there cannot be a better case than the Ishrat Jahan encounter case. The biggest mystery in the Ishrat Jahan case is why the Home Ministry had allegedly told the National Investigation Agency not to include this angle to the David Headley probe.

While both the Home Ministry and the NIA deny any such thing, they maintain that the Ishrat Jahan angle never figured in the probe as they felt that Headley was speaking on basis of hearsay. They say that it was not necessary to add this angle since Headley had neither met with her or was not part of the team that is alleged to have recruited her to assassinate Narendra Modi and L K Advani. The questioning of Headley revolved around the 26/11 attack since he was directly a part of it, NIA officials point out. Continue reading “Was NIA told to omit Ishrat from Headley probe?”