2 ISIS sympathisers part of Quran Circle charged by NIA

New Delhi, Apr 02: The National Investigation Agency has filed a chargesheet against two ISIS sympathisers from Karnataka. The two persons are Ahamed Abdul Cader and Irfan Nasir.

Both the accused persons were part of a terrorist group which identified impressionable Muslim youth and further motivated, radicalised them and also provided funds for their visit to Syria to further the ideology and activities of banned terrorist organisation ISIS. 

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Bank analyst, rice merchant and how they used Quran Circle to further ISIS in Bengaluru

New Delhi, Oct 09: The investigations conducted by the National Investigation Agency has revealed that the two arrested persons from Bengaluru and Tamil Nadu had set up a group called the Quran Circle. This group was used to radicalise gullible Muslim youth in Bengaluru.

Further the probe revealed that the group was also used to raise funds to sponsor the visit of these radicalised youth to Syria where they were supposed to assist the Islamic State terrorists. 

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ISIS Quran Circle: Operatives from Bengaluru, Tamil Nadu arrested

New Delhi, Oct 08: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has arrested two persons in connection with the Bengaluru Islamic State case. The two arrested persons are Ahamed Abdul Cader and Irfan Nasir.

While cader is a bank analyst from Tamil Nadu, Nasir is a rice merchant from Frazer Town in Bengaluaur. 

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