ISIS Kerala module tried setting up ops in Kashmir to make up for lost ground in Syria/Iraq

New Delhi, Aug 05: The decline of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq led to some operatives looking for a happy hunting ground in Jammu and Kashmir.

This was revealed during the raids conducted by the NIA at five locations in Jammu and Kashmir and Karnataka. The NIA also arrested four operatives of the ISIS Kerala module.

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Soleimani killed: US-Iran tensions to soar and the impact on India

Qasem-soleimaniNew Delhi, Jan 03: The killing of Commander Qasem Soleimani is hugely significant for the United States. The head of the Al Quds Force, the elite unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Force, was visible in every Middle East operation that Iran was involved in.

His presence was visible in Iraq, Syria or Yemen and the US accused him and his force of undertaking destabilising activity.

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Why Kerala must be on guard for the silent returnees of the Islamic State

ISIS-flag-afp-640x480New Delhi, May 02: Post the attacks in Sri Lanka, the government confirmed that several elite Muslims had in fact joined the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and subsequently returned.

However they remained in the open with earning the wrath of the law as the country has no provision to act against such persons. When the Islamic State fell in his strongholds, a message was issued by the outfit chief, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. He went on to say that now the fighters should return to their homeland and carry out attacks there.

Has the ISIS arrived in Kashmir? Chat details of handlers unearthed

isisuaeThere is more proof that has come in which suggests that the Islamic State is trying to set up shop in Kashmir. Investigators who have been checking into chat details have found that some youth had been chatting with handlers in Syria and Iraq. The problem is not immense as of now. It has been found that youth in small pockets are in touch with handlers of the ISIS. Investigations found that the problem was higher in South Kashmir, Sopore in North Kashmir, Prang and Lar in Central Kashmir as well as Reasi, Kishtawar and Doda areas of Jammu region

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Flashback 2016: When Islamic State went global

parisattackWhen the Islamic State came to be in 1999, its battle was restricted to the neighborhood of Syria and Iraq. The IS, which was battling the establishment, eyed the seat of power in these two countries.
This past year, however, saw a gradual shift in strategy and the outfit directed its fighters, especially those based in Europe, to focus on major cities in the Western European region.
The attacks in Paris, Nice and Orlando showed that there was a clear shift in strategy by the IS top brass. Losing ground in Syria and Iraq focused the groups attention at taking the fight outside of their home base.

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ISIS tells foreign fighters to return home; plans global outreach

isisNew Delhi, June 24: The ISIS has started sending its foreign fighters back home. Several foreign fighters have been asked to return home following the spate of defeats the outfit has faced in both Iraq and Syria. The ISIS bastion in several cities in both Syria and Iraq have gone out of the outfit’s control and hence plan b has been adopted.
While the decline of the ISIS is indeed very good news for both Syria and Iraq, it could emerge as a problem for the rest of the world. The ISIS’ intent in sending the foreign fighters back is not exactly a retreat, but a ploy to execute revenge.

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