Dawood Ibrahim: A brand new start


 India has decided to start afresh. After all the confusion on the Dawood Ibrahim issue, the Home Ministry has set up a fresh team which would get all information relating to the Don turned terrorist. 

The Home Ministry however would also ensure that this team not just picks up information on Dawood, but all others who are on the wanted list and are holed up in the comfort of their homes in Karachi.

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Terrorist desperation- Its not just Modi

terfundsSince the past one and half weeks there has been hectic activity among terror groups and each of these outfits have adopted to various tactics calling for Jihad. While everyone tends to go bersek attributing this to Narendra Modi taking over the country’s new Prime Minister what one also needs to understand that the desperation is more to do with the fact that they are becoming a diminishing race.
The arrests carried out by the National Investigation Agency in which SIMI operative Haider Ali and three others were arrested incidentally marked the end of the last known modules in India. This is a huge set back for the terror outfits who have virtually not a single organised module left in the country today. Taking this into consideration, it is very obvious terror groups are going to become desperate in a bid to reinstate themselves on Indian soil.

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Is the IM dead now? NO

terpic1Can the Indian Mujahideen still strike? The top four who ran the outfit since the year 2009 have all been arrested and this without a doubt has made the outfit weaker, but then is it the end?
Let us look back at the outfit from the time it made its debut in the year 2006-2007. The year 2006 witnessed a major blast at Varanasi. At that point in time everyone was hunting for clues and while the names of some operatives did crop up, none could say with certainty that it was the Indian Mujahideen which had struck. In fact none of were really aware of the existence of this outfit and the blame went to the Students Islamic Movement of India. The year 2007, November 23 saw six blasts that rocked Lucknow, Varanasi and Faizabad. Just when the police were all set to blame the SIMI, came an announcement which announced the birth of the Indian Mujahideen. The audacious announcement by a set of very determined operatives came with a tag line, “catch us if you can, we are the Indian Mujahideen.” The Indian Mujahideen had decided to take on the establishment and said that many innocent languishing in jail were not being represented properly in the courts and hence they decided to carry out an attack on the judiciary.

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Pretty wife for Iqbal, bomb for me


Iqbal Bhatkal is married to a beautiful woman while Riyaz Bhatkal lives like a king in Karachi and we have to undertake the dirty job of the ISI of planting bombs in India without any great benefit. A bitter Yasin Bhatkal during his interrogation reserved the choicest words for the ISI and said that the Pakistan spy agency had no real realization of who did the actual work.

Yasin was questioned about the role of the ISI behind the Indian Mujahideen. To this he responded, “ they control the Indian Mujahideen, but never recognize who does the hard work. Riyaz Bhatkal has been provided with a massive bungalow in Karachi and lives like a king, but does not work any longer. His brother Iqbal who also lives with him is married to a very beautiful woman and enjoys a happy married life.

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IM in India- Aakas in Pakistan

Pic:From Left: Riyaz Bhatkal, Yasin Bhatkal, Asadullah Akhtar
Pic:From Left: Riyaz Bhatkal, Yasin Bhatkal, Asadullah Akhtar

The Indian Mujahideen suffered a major blow a month back when its tallest leader, Yasin Bhatkal was arrested. Not only was Yasin arrested, but with him the agencies managed to take in Assadullah Akthar who too had become a major player in the outfit.

If the agencies are able to ascertain that it was the Indian Mujahideen that carried out the Patna blasts, then it would be interesting to see how the entire command structure of the outfit continues to work.

It would be safe to mention here that a majority of the brains behind this outfit are either in Pakistan and India. The think tanks are in Pakistan while the ground level operatives continue to hover around various states of India orchestrating horrific blasts.

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Karachi project- Yasin tells all


When the Karachi Project was mooted by Pakistan’s ISI in the year 2003, Yasin Bhatkal was not even in the picture. There is a lot of confusion about what the Karachi Project is and Yasin Bhatkal who played a major role in implementing the same 5 years after it was planned tells the police the real story.

Yasin basically says that the Karachi project which was derived from the BPO model of outsourcing had one solitary agenda- “be more aggressive and create bad publicity, fear and death in India.

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After Yasin who?

With the arrest of Yasin Bhatkal, there is a vacancy in the Indian Mujahideen for the top post. Officials of the Indian Intelligence Bureau and the National Investigation Agency tell rediff.com that the post has fallen vacant, but it is just a matter of time before they fill it up.

Currently there are five men who are in contention for the top post of India’s most dreaded terrorist outfit, the Indian Mujahideen. They are Shahnawaz Alam, Muhammad Sajid Bada, Alamzeb Afridi, Fayaz Kagzai and Ariz Khan. All these operatives were in close contact with Yasin Bhatkal and have very often reached right up to the top cadres settled in Pakistan. Carrying on with the operations may not be a problem for them as they are well versed with the set up and also the modus operandi. An IB official told rediff.com that all these six men were part of the operational set up and hence were in the know of things. Moreover they always had one on one interactions with Yasin Bhatkal which itself shows that they were part of the inner ring of the Indian Mujahideen.

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Go get these guys

Pic: Times of India
Pic: Times of India

In the past couple of years, the police have crack down on several terror operatives. However the big question that remains is whether this is enough. Here is a list of absconding Indian Mujahideen operatives and as long as these are on the run, there will be more blasts in the country.

Riyaz Bhatkal- He is the founder member of the Indian Mujahideen and was responsible for setting up the outfit. He has a known address in Karachi Pakistan today and is under the security of the agencies over there. He has given the agencies many a slip before he moved into Pakistan.

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Terrorists from UP and naxals from AP

Pic:From Left: Riyaz Bhatkal, Yasin Bhatkal, Asadullah Akhtar
Pic:From Left: Riyaz Bhatkal, Yasin Bhatkal, Asadullah Akhtar

The National Investigation Agency has been tasked not only to investigate cases relating to terrorism, but an added responsibility to probe naxal attacks has also been entrusted upon them. An interesting aspect of the list that the NIA has drawn out would show that four out of the five most naxals are from Andhra Pradesh and seven out of the 12 most wanted home grown terrorists are from Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh.

Azamgarh has been the hub for the Indian Mujahideen according to almost all security agencies and also the Intelligence Bureau. Most of the command emerged out of this UP town¸the NIA pointed out while also adding that Bihar too is gradually becoming a hub for the Indian Mujahideen. In the case of the naxals the major command belongs to Andhra Pradesh and this team is extremely aggressive since the days of the peoples’ war group. Continue reading “Terrorists from UP and naxals from AP”

Riyaz Bhatkal has a new address in Pakistan

riyazContrary to the belief the two Bhatkal brothers, Riyaz and Iqbal are hiding in Sharjah, Intelligence Bureau officials have tracked down their address to the Defence Housing Colony in Karachi.

With the heat on Riyaz and Iqbal at an all time high and with India’s improving relations with the Gulf, Pakistan ensured that these two men were moved out of Sharjah and placed under their nose in Karachi. The address that the Intelligence Bureau and the Research and Analysis Wing have obtained states that the two live at the Defence Housing Colony, residential area Phase VI. They were moved into this address in the month of November 2012.

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