Drone near International Border in Jammu vanishes after BSF fires at it

New Delhi, July 14: The Border Security Force fired at a drone that was spotted near the International Border in Jammu. The drone vanished after the BSF personnel fired at it.

In a statement, the BSF said that on the intervening night of July 13 and July 14, a blinking red light was observed by our troops in t

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Security forces get go ahead to shoot down drones on International Border

dronesNew Delhi, Oct 14: The Indian security forces have been given clearance to shoot down drones that are flying 1,000 feet or below. The decision comes in the wake of the security forces sighting a large number of drones from Pakistan at the border areas in Punjab.

Sources in the Home Ministry tell OneIndia that security forces have been told to shoot down drones that are crossing the boundary and are flying at 1,000 feet and below.

As vigil along LoC gets tight, terrorists move towards International Border to sneak in

New Delhi, Dec 17: Over the past year, there has been a strategy shift by terrorists infiltrating into India. While the Line of Control has seen a large number of infiltrations taking place, officials have now sounded the Union Home Ministry about terrorists coming in through the International Border as well in large numbers.

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Pakistani terrorists choosing LOC over IB is new worry for Indian Army

New Delhi: The Indian Army was taken by surprise when four terrorists managed to infiltrate into Sunderbani. The four terrorists it may be recalled were killed in an encounter earlier this week and the security officials said that they belonged to the Lashkar-e-Tayiba.

What needs to be taken note in this incident is that the manner in which the terrorists managed to infiltrate into the region. Normally terrorists infiltrate into Jammu and Kashmir through the International Border.

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