New UP CM: Background check by Intelligence Bureau ready

The Intelligence Bureau has submitted a detailed report on the probable candidates from the BJP who are likely to appointed as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

This was done at the behest of the Prime Minister who wanted to ensure that the leader has a clean background. The PM wanted to ensure that only the best is made the CM of UP which is a crucial state for the BJP.

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Kashmir burns on distorted facts and fiction

New Delhi, May 26: Kashmir is on the edge with the separatists calling for a shut down protesting the decision to rehabilitate the Pandits and also sainik colonies. Hours after the separatists who came together called for a shut down, terrorist organisation the Lashkar-e-Tayiba (LeT) backed the move. The security is on their toes and the intelligence bureau warns that a small incident could trigger off major chaos in the state. Beware of fiction and cooked up facts, the IB has warned.Read more:

Delhi student who wanted to join ISIS let off after counselling 

IMG_0501A girl who was stopped by her father from leaving India for Syria to join the ISIS has been let off after she was counseled. The Intelligence Bureau officials who were counseling her say that she has been made to understand the dark side of the ISIS and let off without a case being booked against her.
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IB, Navy to probe killing of Indian fisherman

The Navy, Coast Guard and the Intelligence Bureau will jointly probe the incident in which an Indian fishing boat was fired upon by Pakistan. The probe will be conducted by all the three wings with a view of ascertaining the role by Pakistan in this untoward incident.
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Dawood is clean shaven and has a receding hairline today

passportIndia will provide ample proof to Pakistan regarding the whereabouts of Dawood Ibrahim. The talks between the National Security Advisors of India and Pakistan are scheduled to be held on August 24th. Senior journalist, Shishir Gupta writing in the Hindustan Times says that the Indian Intelligence Agencies have the latest picture of Dawood Ibrahim and the same would be handed over to Pakistan. The documentary evidence also provides the address details of Dawood which includes a telephone bill.
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Pak threatens cyberwar on India

New Delhi, Aug 8: Pakistan has declared a proxy war on India, Intelligence Bureau officials say. While they intend to continue to with cross border firing and infiltrations in a bid to carry out terror strikes, a new alert would also suggest a cyber war. The cyber wing of the Intelligence Bureau has warned that government websites could be hacked by the Pakistan Cyber Army in this ongoing proxy war against IndiaRead more:

Nabbing Dawood- IB keeps local cops under scanner

It would not be a lie if one says that Dawood Ibrahim’s network in India thrived due to the numerous local contacts he had. There have been at least three attempts in the past ten years to nab the don that have failed as he has always managed to get advanced information. The Intelligence Bureau has now put under surveillance a list of suspected politicians, police officials and also locals who have been responsible for sharing information with the Karachi based don.
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WikiLeaks on IB- Not peturbed says agency

WikiLeaks recently released a list of documents which showed that Indian Intelligence Agencies were procuring surveillance technology. The documents also suggested that this technology would be aimed at accessing desktops, spy on emails and also intercept mobile calls. Intelligence Bureau and Research and Analysis Wing officials however are not too perturbed by this leak and say that the equipment was procured legally and is meant for counter terrorism. There is a need to upgrade technology considering the terrorists are trying to get the better of us, the officer informed OneIndia.Read more:

Ford foundation under watch

Following a major crackdown on the NGO Greenpeace, the Home Ministry has now placed the Ford Foundation under the scanner. Ford Foundation is considered to be one of the most powerful international funding organization and the name had even cropped up during the Nirbhaya documentary prepared by the BBC.
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Energy Portals and their role in corporate espionage

corporate_espionage_logoLobbyists, journalists, corporates, money and muscle power- The corporate espionage case has all the makings of a pot boiler. As the number of arrests went up to 12, the Delhi police is unearthing several more details about this case.

This case goes on to show the reliance that the corporates had on the middle men or the energy consultation firms. These firms were roped in only to avoid a direct contact between the corporates and the officials in the ministry.

For some journalists setting up of energy consultancy firms had become a lucrative business. An Intelligence Bureau official informed OneIndia that such portals had sprung up only with an intention of acting an go in betweens.

Journalists who build their contacts over the years while covering various beats come out of the profession and set up portals. Most of these portals do not necessarily do well and instead they act as fronts to mediate between ministry officials and the corporates.

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