After China’s border infrastructure comments, India’s comeback with harsher than usual message

New Delhi, Oct 16: India had a harsher than usual message for China after comments were made by the latter on the border infrastructure development.

India made it clear that China should not comment on India’s internal matters and said that it expects other countries to stay clear of its internal affairs. 

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India to move 12k workers to Chinese border to complete pending infrastructure works: Sources

ladakhNew Delhi, June 02: New Delhi has told China in clear terms that it would not suspend its ongoing projects to build roads and bridges in the border areas.

India further has said that it will not enter any bilateral agreements that might infringe upon its sovereign right to build such infrastructure along the Line of Actual Control. India is also organising special trains to move 12,000 construction workers from Jharkhand to areas closer to the disputed boundary with China. The Ministry of Defence is working with the Ministry of Home Affairs and also the Ministry of Railways to move construction workers from Jharkhand to areas closer to the Ind0-China border.

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