Modi-Widodo: The two men who crushed dynasties in their respective countries

modi-widodoThere are several similarities between Joko Widodo and Narendra Modi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting Jakarta in Indonesia and the meeting with President Widodo.

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Why the Chhota Rajan surrender theory needs to be debunked

rajan1New Delhi, Oct 29: If Chhota Rajan wanted to surrender, he would have done so at Australia and not in Indonesia.

Sources in the Mumbai police crime branch, who are currently in the process of translating the case papers relating to Chhota Rajan to Balinese, said that the theory of him surrendering is not at all correct.

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Chhota Shakeel Vs Chhota Rajan: The ego war which has Mumbai police worried

shakeelrajanBengaluru, Oct 29: The security mechanism is already in a tizzy even before Chhota Rajan has arrived in India. Even as the formalities with the Indonesian authorities are being finalised to bring Rajan back to India, the police in Mumbai are a worried lot.

The last thing that the police would want is a hit on Rajan by his rivals who are present in abundance. Since July 2015, there has been plenty of information coming by which clearly stated that the D Gang was planning a hit on Rajan. After having failed to kill him in Bangkok in 2000, the D gang has been on overdrive mode to eliminate Rajan.

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No special operation to nab Chhota Rajan, a red corner notice was executed

chrajanNew Delhi, Oct 28: The arrest of Chhota Rajan in Indonesia, Bali was a straight forward case of a red corner alert being executed by the Interpol. Reports that a control room was set up to monitor the operation are not correct, sources say.
There was a red corner alert issued against Rajan several years back and the same was executed the moment he came on the radar of the Interpol.
Senior journalist and an expert on Internal Security, Shishir Gupta speaks with OneIndia about the arrest of Chhota Rajan and also what it means to India.

Chhota Rajan may be brought to India this week

rajan1New Delhi, Oct 27: Chhota Rajan who was arrested in Bali, Indonesia is expected to be brought down to India by the week end, sources say. A team of the CBI and the Mumbai police will work out the modalities with Indonesia and bring him down to India, sources also say.

Indonesian officials have indicated to India that there will be no delay what so ever in handing over Rajan. The CBI which is the nodal agency of the Interpol in India is in touch with officials in Indonesia.

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ISIS next stop- Indonesia

Isis fighters, pictured on a militant website verified by AP.The ISIS has successfully managed to target several Western nations by roping in recruits. However, their next stop is Indonesia and the going will be extremely easy for the ISIS as a research survey shows that 72 per cent of the nation prefers the implementation of the Sharia law. The number of recruits that Indonesia has produced till date is 500. All these 500 persons from Indonesia are alleged to have joined the ISIS. There are a good number of youth who continue to stay in Indonesia and propagate on behalf of the ISIS.
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