What to expect from the Indo-China military commander level talks

New Delhi, Jan 11: The meeting between the Corps Commanders of India and China will take place on the Chinese side of the Chushul-Moldo Border Personnel Meeting Point.

India has hopes that the meeting would be a constructive one and all pending issues would be sorted out. The Indian delegation this time would be led by Lt. General Anindya Sengupta.

Lt. General Sengupta had taken over from Lt. General P G K Menon as the Commander of the Fire and Fury Corps last week. This would be the 14th found of talks with China and it would be held on January 12.

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Unhindered patrolling at Depsang bulge to be focus of next Indo-China military level talks

New Delhi, Mar 22: The 11th round of military commander level talks between India and China will take place this month.

The talks would focus solely on the forward movement in disengagement of the armies in the Gogra Hot Springs in eastern Ladakh. The last time the military commanders met was on February 22. At the meeting both sides agreed to resolve outstanding issues. 

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Next Indo-China military level talks only after movement on ground is visible

indo-chin-flagNew Delhi, July 21: The next military commander level talks between India and China will take place only after some movement on the ground is visible.

India wants China to create a buffer and has noted that at PP-17 (Gogra), the gap between the two armies is incomplete. It has been reported that the gap is narrower than the ideal 1.5 kilometres on each side.

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Indo-China military level talks to focus on Finger Area, Depsang Plains

in-chinNew Delhi, July 14: The next stage of disengagement will be discussed during the military commander level talks to be held today at Chushul in eastern Ladakh.

The focus of today’s talks would be to reduce tensions in the Finger Area and Depsang Plains. The talks would also focus around pulling back weapons from friction points. This would be the fourth round of talks between the military commanders of India and China.

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At Indo-China military level talks, the need for physical distancing discussed

in-chinNew Delhi, June 30: The major talking point between the military commanders of India and China is around disengagement and physical distancing. Both sides agree that incidents such as the Galwan Valley clash are not helpful in anyway and would derail the entire process.

During the previous meeting that was held on June 22, both sides had prescribed a minimum physical distance.

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