NIA treading with caution, says no ISIS sympathiser can leave India

IMG_0259The National Investigating Agency is treading with caution and has taken every step to ensure that no more youth remotely connected to the ISIS leave the country. “If they are on the radar then they shall not leave and we hope the same is followed across the country,” an NIA official told OneIndia.

The NIA says that they are in the process of issuing look out circulars against several youth and the same would be circulated across all police stations and airports. If there is a look out circular these persons should be prevented from leaving the officer also informed.

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ISIS Indians- Not what they signed up for


The return of Areef Majid is a shot in the arm for the Indian agencies fighting the ISIS threat. What Majid has been saying since his return needs to be a message for every Muslim youth who thinks the ISIS is perfect. When he signed up for the ISIS not once did he expect that he would end up as either a scavenger or a man who arranges women for the ISIS thugs. There is no doubt that the ISIS wants Indians, but then they sure don’t need them on the battle field since they are highly incapable
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ISIS captives- They are safe

isis3It has been nearly 6 months since 40 Indians have been taken captive by the dreaded and barbaric ISIS in Iraq. While one managed to escape, there is a great deal of concern among the relatives of 39 others who continue to remain captive.
A recent claim that some of them have been killed has only added to the worries of the families although sources in the Ministry for External Affairs tell OneIndia that there is no confirmation and efforts are on to release them.

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Why are Indian ISIS recruits returning?

IMG_0040.JPGIt is just a matter of time before three youth from Maharashtra who left to join the ISIS in Iraq and Syria reunite with their families. These youth, who have been in contact with their families since Sept 2014, had expressed their willingness to return.
Sources in the Home Ministry tell Oneindia that these youth had been showing intent to return since the past two months. They were unhappy over there and felt that the kind of battle being waged was not their cup of tea.
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“Land of Allah-Time to migrate there”

isis1a“I do not want to live in this sinful country and the sun is setting on our backyard. It is time to take that greatest journey and migrate to the land of Allah.”

“The time has come and may we all meet in paradise. I cannot live in this country and I am moved to tears watching all of you live a luxurious life style, watching TV, listening to music.”
These are the contents of the two letters which have been written by two youth, Arif Fayaz and Fahad Shaikh before they left for Iraq to join the ISIS. The two youth who are residents of Kalyan in Maharashtra had left for Iraq recently and since then there has been no trace of them. According to the Intelligence Bureau, they had left along with two others to Iraq and have joined the ISIS. The Intelligence in Iraq confirm this fact, but have not been able to track down their exact location and say that they could be in Fajullah close to Bhagdad.

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