ISIS prefers engineers, doctors from India, consider others as weaklings

isis2Hyderabad, May 24: The ISIS clearly does not want Indians in its fold when it comes to fighting a battle. What the ISIS prefers are an educated lot of youth who can contribute in promoting propaganda material and handling the social media for the outfit.
While analysing the 10 month old video which was released last week by a bunch of Indians part of the ISIS, it becomes clear that they were belting out message after message in a desperate attempt to ensure that they are heard.

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Has ISIS started recruitment of Indians for its Afghanistan wing?

  In all the cases of Indians leaving the country to join the ISIS, it has been found that they had either travelled to Iraq or Syria where the outfit is headquartered. However, there may be a twist to the tale in the case of the three youth from Maharashtra who had allegedly tried to join the ISIS.
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ISIS would want Indians in Afghanistan instead of Syria or Iraq

isiscaliphateNew Delhi, Nov 17: Target 300 by the end of 2016 is the message that the ISIS had for its Indian recruitment agency, Ansar-ul-Tawhid. The birth of the AuT took place following the split in the Indian Mujahideen.
The IM which was the deadliest home grown terror group had begun falling apart after a series of arrests were carried out which included that of its chief Yasin Bhatkal.

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ISIS pays nothing to Indian recruits, but 10,000 US dollars for a Belgian

isiscadreIt is not all ideology after all. A report states that foreign fighters are paid up to 10,000 US dollars for recruiting people into the ISIS. There are three things that come to mind.
The ISIS is very rich, people are willing to join terrorism not only for ideology, but money too and the ISIS is in need of people.

While the UN experts have made this claim that a huge sum of money is being to the recruiters, the Indian scenario is very different though. ISIS pays nothing to Indian recruits.

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Efforts on to secure release of Indian ISIS recruit from Syria says IB

ISIS-afghanNew Delhi, Oct 10: The Indian Intelligence Bureau is making all efforts to get back an Azamgarh resident from an ISIS camp in Syria. After this person who is in his 20s expressed his desire to come back to India from Syria, all efforts are on to ensure that he returns home.
This youth whose name has been kept under the wraps for security reasons has been in touch with his family members in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh for the past month now.
The family members have made a desperate appeal to the Intelligence Bureau and other officials to ensure that he returns home.

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No guns for you- ISIS tells Indian recruits

isis2The Hind camp can be found at the ISIS dominated areas of Iraq and Syria. It is a camp that has been set up to accommodate Indians joining the outfit.
The Hind camp is the least crowded camps of the ISIS with just 7 members, the fact is that none of the Indian fighters barring one has been allowed to even touch a gun.
As Areeb Majeed one of the four youth from Kalyan in Maharashtra had said upon his return, ” I did odd jobs at the Hind camp.”