With Vikramaditya, Nimitz joining, Malabar war games gets more interesting

New Delhi, Nov 07: The first phase of the Malabar exercise among the navies of India, the US, Japan and Australia kickstarted at Visakhapatnam earlier this week.

As part of the Malabar war games, Indian Navy’s flagship Vikramaditya and US super carrier Nimitz along with two destroyers of the Australians and Japanese navies will conduct full spectrum exercises between November 17 and 20. 

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Indian Navy spruces surveillance amidst tensions with China

pic-indiadefenceforumNew Delhi, June 30: The Navy has increased its surveillance missions and beefed up operational deployment in the Indian Ocean region in the wake of India’s seven-week bitter border standoff with China in eastern Ladakh, people familiar with the development said.

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As Iran-US tensions soar, Indian Navy on standby for evacuations

INS Trikand

New Delhi, Jan 09: The Indian Navy is on standby for emergency evacuations in the wake of the escalating tensions between Iran and the US.

The INS Trikand is currently deployed in the Gulf of Oman as part of the ongoing Operation Sankalp.

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The honey-trap headache: The four exclusive modules in India that report to the ISI

honey-trappingNew Delhi, Jan 01: A hawala operative and seven India Navy soldiers were recently arrested for allegedly leaking sensitive information regarding the Navy to some persons in Pakistan.

The operation called Dolphin’s Nose helped the security officials crack this racket, following which several measures were taken by the Indian Navy.

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Article 370: India secures its land and seas after Intel warns of terror strike

chinanavyNew Delhi, Aug 09: India has secured its land, seas and air after Intelligence report have warned of terror attacks and aggression by Pakistan, in the wake of Article 370 being abrogated.

The Indian Navy is on high alert after the intelligence signalled the possibility of a terror strike. The surveillance through radars have been stationed at crucial points keep a watch on any activity, officials have said.

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How Indian Navy tracked down Pakistan’s PNS Saad post Balakot

New Delhi, June 24: The Navy was in full swing post the Balakot strike that India carried out to avenge the Pulwama attack in which 40 CRPF jawans were martyred.

The Navy deployed a major part of its fleet close to Pakistan territorial waters. The deployment came immediately after the Pulwama attack and Pakistan was given the impression that India could use its maritime powers to avenge the Pulwama attack.

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Navy sacks sailor for undergoing sex change

navy.jpgThe Navy has sacked a sailor who underwent a sex change surgery last year. The Navy issued the order on the ground that Manish Giri, the sailor had violated rules and regulations under which he was recruited.

The Navy, which served the discharge letter on Giri on Friday, said “he was administratively discharged from service by invoking the clause of ‘Service No Longer Required’ under the Navy Regulations” after the defence ministry’s approval.

Indian Navy in elite club: Brahmos land attack supersonic missile test-fired successfully

brahmosIndia on Friday successfully test-fired the Brahmos land attack supersonic cruise missile in the Bay of Bengal. India now joined an elite club of navies to have capability to strike on land targets from sea. Navies of the US, Russia, Britain and China have similar strike capabilities.

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Navy on high alert in Mumbai as armed men spotted near Uran base

navyThe Navy is on a State 1 alert — the highest alert level — after two schoolchildren reported that they had seen four men dressed in black carrying guns near an ammunition dump in the INS Abhimanyu naval base in Uran opposite Mumbai harbour.
The schoolchildren reported to their school that they had seen four men at around 7 am near the naval base. The men, said to be dressed in black pathan suits, had their faces covered and were speaking in a language the children were unfamiliar with.

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Pak boat- Did two get away?

The boat from Pakistan that was intercepted with heroin on it is an indicator of an ongoing operation. When the hunt for the boat began on Saturday night, the Indian navy was on the look out for two more boats. However, the Navy zeroed down on one boat which was found with 232 kilograms of heroin on it being transported by 8 persons from Pakistan.
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