Navy sacks sailor for undergoing sex change

navy.jpgThe Navy has sacked a sailor who underwent a sex change surgery last year. The Navy issued the order on the ground that Manish Giri, the sailor had violated rules and regulations under which he was recruited.

The Navy, which served the discharge letter on Giri on Friday, said “he was administratively discharged from service by invoking the clause of ‘Service No Longer Required’ under the Navy Regulations” after the defence ministry’s approval.


Indian Navy in elite club: Brahmos land attack supersonic missile test-fired successfully

brahmosIndia on Friday successfully test-fired the Brahmos land attack supersonic cruise missile in the Bay of Bengal. India now joined an elite club of navies to have capability to strike on land targets from sea. Navies of the US, Russia, Britain and China have similar strike capabilities.

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Navy on high alert in Mumbai as armed men spotted near Uran base

navyThe Navy is on a State 1 alert — the highest alert level — after two schoolchildren reported that they had seen four men dressed in black carrying guns near an ammunition dump in the INS Abhimanyu naval base in Uran opposite Mumbai harbour.
The schoolchildren reported to their school that they had seen four men at around 7 am near the naval base. The men, said to be dressed in black pathan suits, had their faces covered and were speaking in a language the children were unfamiliar with.

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Pak boat- Did two get away?

The boat from Pakistan that was intercepted with heroin on it is an indicator of an ongoing operation. When the hunt for the boat began on Saturday night, the Indian navy was on the look out for two more boats. However, the Navy zeroed down on one boat which was found with 232 kilograms of heroin on it being transported by 8 persons from Pakistan.
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Pak boat was on well guided mission

IMG_0346The Defence Ministry has said that the boat that was intercepted off the Porbandar Coast was carrying drugs worth Rs 600 crore. There were 232 packets of heroine that was found on the boat which had 8 smugglers from Pakistan.

While the contraband is still being examined and the 8 persons interrogated, it has been found that this was part of a major smuggling racket that has emerged out of Pakistan. The 8 persons are yet to reveal the identity of their handler.

Sources say that the mission was a well guided one. The 8 members were completely equipped and their only intention was to land the drugs in the Gujarat coast. They had in their possession satellite phones and also a global positioning system.

The coast guard and the navy got wind of the operation on Saturday night and since then they have been tracking the movements of the boat. It was finally on Monday night that the boat was intercepted.

It appears as though the boat was being guided all the time by a handler in Pakistan. This is an ongoing racket on the Indian seas and all the drugs that are smuggled into India are from the Pakistan shores, an officer informed.

Investigators say that prima facie the contraband seized indicates that this was a major mission that the boat was on. This is not a small quantity of heroine that has been seized this time. 232 packets weighing approximately 100 kilograms worth Rs 600 crore is a huge seizeure and only shows the magnitude of the operation.

The interrogation of the 8 persons who have been arrested will be crucial to the investigations. They will reveal more information about the handlers in Pakistan. The source said that there is no doubt what so ever that these persons are from Pakistan and had come into Indian waters with an intention of offloading this huge contraband of drugs.


Pak boat was carrying nearly 100 kgs of heroin

IMG_0346The Pakistan boat that was intercepted off the Porbandar coast on Monday is said to have been carrying at least 100 kilograms of heroin on it. Preliminary investigations state that it was a boat which was sailing into the Indian waters with drugs and so far no angle of terror has cropped up as yet. There were 8 persons who were on board and all are suspected to be drug smugglers. They even had satellite phones with them sources informed.
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Lashkar will hit India from the seas, says latest IB report

IMG_0012Even as several persons debate the Pakistan boat incident, a fresh alert stating that the Lashkar-e-Tayiba is all set to launch an attack through the seas has been sounded.
The intelligence report states that the naval wing of the Lashkar would try and send in armed terrorists through the seas in a bid to attack naval stations and assets in India.

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Pakis blew the boat up

Coast-GuardA clarification regarding a statement on the Pakistan boat issue stating that no statement regarding the ordering of blowing up of the boat was made.

A controversy had kicked off following a newspaper report suggesting that BK Loshali, who is the Chief of Staff (North West Region), Coast Guard, Gandhinagar had said at a function he was the one who ordered the blowing up of the boat.

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Pak Boat: The turf war is out in the open

Pakistan_fishing_boat_split_PTI_650Adding to the already prevailing confusion over the Pakistani boat, the Inspector General of the Coast Guard said that it was the Coast Guard which blew up the Pakistani boat on December 31 2014.

His statements are contradictory to what the Defence Ministry had said, but one must also not forget that on the night of December 31 there was a clear turf war between the Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard seeking one-upmanship.

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Pak boat- What really happened

Post 26/11 there was a lot that the Indian agencies got to learn. While strengthening coastal security and gathering/sharing intelligence were the top priorities the other key aspect was to take an aggressive approach especially when it came to Pakistan as there was no way that they ever could be trusted.


The latest incident in which a boat was blown up by its inmates most definitively from Pakistan already has several theories attached to it. Talk about it being “JUST” a diesel smuggling incident has become a point of debate with many quick to question the entire operation terming it as fake.

However it would be interesting to point out here what exactly transpired and why the coast guard felt that it was important to chase down this boat and while sounding repetitive it is important to note here once again that when it comes to tackling terror and Pakistan you cannot take a chance. As the famous line goes, “ terrorists need to be lucky just once.”
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