Why the Army went after the Pakistani terrorists first

armykashmir2The Indian Army put out some statistics on Friday which revealed that there were around 80 terrorists that were killed in the Kashmir Valley in the past six months.

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Karnataka’s Mudhol Hound becomes first ‘desi’ dog to join Indian Army

mudholhoundThe Mudhol Hound from Karnataka will be the first desi dog to make it to the Indian Army. The Indian Army which uses German Shepherds, Great Swiss Mountain dog and Labradors is all set to induct the desi Mudhol Hound.

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Surgical Strikes: A year on, the Indian Army is now doubly aggressive

surgicalstrkeIt has been one year since India carried out a surgical strike across the Line of Control and targeted Pakistan sponsored terrorist groups. The strikes were carried out on the intervening night of September 28-29 2016.

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Attack on NSCN-K left 30 dead: Indian Army’s zero toleration policy towards infiltration

armyyyThe encounter carried out by the Indian Army against the NSCN-K shows that the forces have adopted a zero tolerance policy towards insurgency. The aggression with which the strike was carried out shows that the Army is not prepared to go easy on infiltrations. The NSCN-K has been on the downward swing since the Army hit its based two years back following the Manipur attack, the outfit carried out. Moreover the death of its chief S Khaplang has also demoralised the outfit a great deal.

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How Indian Army is ensuring terror groups in Myanmar never raise their ugly head

armyyyIn the year 2015, 20 soldiers of the Dogra Regiment were martyred at Manipur. It was termed as one of the deadliest attacks on the Indian Army in the past two decades. National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval took stock of the situation and during that meeting, he said the time had come to hit back hard.

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Inside story: How the Indian Army thwarted a fidayeen hit at Uri

armyA major tragedy was averted on Sunday at Uri. Security forces were fully on guard when a bunch of fidayeens launched an attack at Uri similar to one that took place last year in which 19 soldiers were martyred.

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A year since Uri, new vigour in Indian Army that left 178 terrorists dead

jammu-kashmirThe Uri attack was a grim reminder that security cannot be lax at anytime. A year has gone by since that horrific attack in which 19 soldiers were martyred. A group of four terrorists on September 18 infiltrated the Army Brigade headquarters in Uri near the Line of Control and carried out the attack.

Revenge done: Indian Army guns down terrorist who killed their own

umarfayaz.jupgIt was sweet revenge that the Indian Army took when it chased and gunned down Ishfaq Padder a Lashkar-e-Tayiba terrorist in Jammu and Kashmir on Saturday. The Armed Forces were on the look out for this terrorist who was wanted in the killing of Lt Ummer Fayaz who are mercilessly killed in May. The 22 year old brave officer had gone home on leave and some locals gave out his information which terrorists used to kill him. The officer was martyred at Shopian.

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Biggest reform ever: Why the Indian Army will be leaner and meaner

indianarmy1The approving of the first phase of reforms relating to the Indian Army based on the recommendations of the Lt General Shekatkar committee has been hailed as the best since India got independence. The long and short of these recommendations coming into force would mean India will have a leaner and meaner Army.

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Independent India’s first major Army overhaul: Why Shekatkar recommendations are significant

indianarmThe decision by the Union Government to announce a massive restructuring of the Indian Army will provide a boost the Army’s combat potential. This exercise would see 57,000 soldiers being re-deployed in combat roles. This is a move being hailed as the first such exercise in Independent India’s military history.

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