Sending shivers down Pakistan’s spine: Indian Army continues to break backbone of terrorism

The Indian Army has gone after the top commanders in the Valley and not just some run of the mill foot soldiers. The Indian armed forces’ aim seems to be to break the spine of terrorism lodged up in the Pakistan looking to infiltrate India

The artillery firing that the Indian Army resorted to in a bid to destroy terror camps in Pakistan has been termed as unprovoked by Pakistan media. Further, Pakistan also claimed that nine Indian soldiers were killed in the attack.

Both the claims made by Pakistan is laughable in nature. It has lined up 500 terrorists along the border and violated the ceasefire 2,317 times. Further, sources have confirmed that no Indian soldier was killed in the attack. Instead the Indian Army managed to kill 18 terrorists and 16 Pakistan Army soldiers during the artillery firing that took place on Sunday, the source further confirmed.

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A much needed free hand to the Armed Forces has done wonders to its morale

The manner in which the Indian armed forces have been operating in retaliation to unprovoked firing and in its attempts at thwarting terror and infiltration cold only mean that the government has given the Indian Army a free hand.

In a display of might and brute power, the Indian Army destroyed three terror camps in Pakistan. Around 10 Pakistani soldiers shielding these terror camps too were killed in retaliatory action by the Indian Army opposite to the Tangdhar and Keran sectors in Jammu and Kashmir.

The Indian Army carried out heavy artillery strikes and destroyed terror camps located at Athmuqam, Kundal Shahi and Jura on Sunday. This is a major attack after the Balakot strike by the Indian Air Force, which targeted a Jaish-e-Mohammad facility on February 26, 2019.

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Have the Chinese built a bridge inside Indian territory: Army says ‘no’

mcmohanlineNew Delhi, Sep 05: The Indian Army has denied reports that the Chinese soldiers had built a wooden bridge nearly 75 kilometres into Indian territory.

Tapir Gao, Lok Sabha MP from Arunachal East and state BJP president said that the bridge was built on a stream around 25 kilometres from Chaglagam, from where the McMohan Line is. He said that a villager had sent him a video of the same.

In first recruitment drive since scrapping of Article 370, 29,000 youth sign up for Indian Army

indian-armyNew Delhi, Sep 05: For the first time since the abrogation of Article 370, encouraging news of youth joining the Indian Army has come up.

Around 29,000 youth from the Chenab Valley and Pir Panjal region queued up to join the Indian Army.

Operation Shiva: How Indian Army thwarted a sure shot attack on the Amarnath Yatra

New Delhi, Aug 04: The Amarnath Yatra was called off amidst specific threats that were detected by the Intelligence agencies.

The Army said that an Improvised Explosive Device was found along the route of the Yatra, following which a decision was taken to call of the Yatra. The security forces launched ‘Operation Shiva,” after the intelligence indicated that the Jaish-e-Mohammad would be looking to target the Yatra in a bid to avenge the Balakot air strikes.

What is AFSPA and why this act became necessary

AFSPA_Delhi_20111105_2_3New Delhi, Apr 04: The Bharatiya Janata Party has accused the Congress of trying to dilute the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA). Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the Congress was trying to remove the shield for the Indian Army, after the Congress said in its manifesto that it would change some of the provisions in the act.

AFSPA was introduced to give the armed forces the power to maintain public order in disturbed areas.

Technology, artificial based solutions: How Indian Army is countering Pakistan’s fake narrative

New Delhi, Feb 08: The Indian Army has flagged the rise in social media accounts being set up by Pakistan to lure the youth from Kashmir into terrorism. The General Officer Commanding in chief of the Northern Command, Lt General Ranbir Singh said that Pakistan is trying to alter the public opinion in Kashmir to disrupt peace and stability.

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Kudos: The last standing terrorist is dead in Baramulla, J&K

army-shopianNew Delhi, Jan 24: The killing of the three terrorists on Wednesday ensured that Baramulla in Jammu and Kashmir became the first district in the state to become terrorist free.

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How Indian Army is fighting back the outbreak of Pakistani catfishing

New Delhi, Jan 17: With incident of honey-trapping of Indian soldiers on the rise, the Intelligence Bureau has issued an advisory warning of more such attempts by Pakistan. With the social media becoming a boon for agencies such as the ISI to lay traps on Indian soldiers, a list of dos and dont’s too would issued in due course of time.

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How an illegal telephone exchange in Hyderabad helped ISI snoop on the Indian Army

New Delhi, Dec 29: The busting of an illegal telephone exchange in Hyderabad has brought out further details on how the ISI is looking to tap into sensitive information relating to the Indian Army.

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