The psychology of an officer who falls prey to honey trapping

To combat honey traps, experts suggest psychological tests, pep talks for young recruits

New Delhi, July 12: The use of sex or a romantic relationship for espionage is one of the oldest tactics used to elicit sensitive information. This tactic dates back to the days of the femme fatales such as the Dutch exotic dancer Mata Hari and Margretha Zelle.

While the advent of social media has been a boon for many, it also has its flip side and that is it has made espionage much easier. One of the biggest headaches for the security agencies has been cases of honey trapping as a result of which security is compromised and crucial information is leaked.

If one were to look at the recent string of cases relating to honey trapping the officials are either in the junior level or are lonely. It is only in certain cases where officials have fallen prey to money.

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All your myths and confusion around ‘Agnipath’ busted in 1,652 words

New Delhi, Jun 17: There have been protests after the government announced the Agnipath Scheme. While it is being made to look like a knee jerk reaction by the government, the fact that this decision was taken after extensive consultations.

Here is everything you should know about the Agnipath Recruitment Scheme:

What is Agneepath Yojana and what are its benefits?

  • Agneepath scheme belonging to Indian Armed Forces is a scheme in which selected candidates will be enrolled as Agniveer for a period of four years.
  • On completion of a period of four years, these Agniveers will return to the

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Indian Armed Forces at the fore-front in the battle against COVID-19

New Delhi, May 13: The role of the Indian Armed Forces has been a relentless one amidst the rising number of COVID-19 cases.

The Indian Air Force and Navy are working round the clock to provide oxygen and other medical supplies to the civil administration in a bid to help tackle the pandemic.

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After losing one of their own, this is how Indian armed forces hit Pakistan

locThe Indian army had promised the strongest of action after a soldier was killed and his body mutilated by terrorists. The terrorists managed to escape thanks to the cover fire provided by the Pakistan army.
Four outposts opposite the Keran sector along the Line of Control were hit and destroyed even before the Pakistanis knew what had struck them.

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Indian armed forces ready for major counter-attack as Pak continues to provoke

locBengaluru, Oct 29: With the army chief of Pakistan, General Raheel Sharif trying for an extension, the Indian armed forces are taking no chances. The sudden rise in the number of incidents along the Line of Control and the International Border is an indication that the army chief of Pakistan is attempting to send out a message.
India is, however, taking no chances. While the army prepares for a major offensive following the death of the Indian jawans, on the other hand, the Navy too is planning a major drill in the Arabian Sea starting next week.

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