Pakistan directs Lashkar to revive modules focus on pan India attacks

ter4The Lashkar-e-Tayiba has decided to expand its operations and has instructed its cadres to strike at different parts of the country. The outfit had restricted itself to Jammu and Kashmir since the past few years and has now decided that it would expand its network.


Chinese, Pakistani agencies lure poor, unemployed Indian youth with ease

There has been an increased attempt on the part of both Pakistan and Chinese agencies to trap Indian youth who are poor and unemployed, Intelligence Bureau officials have said. There is a systematic pattern that is in place to trap such youth and these revelations were made following the arrest of Ravi Kumar. He was arrested in a joint operation by the State Special Operations Cell and the Military Intelligence Investigations show that Ravi Kumar was poor and hence fell into the trap of the ISI.

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Doklam is ours, India should have learnt lessons: China

India should have learnt lessons on Doklam, China has said while claiming that the it has right over the territory.

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How India outwitted Pakistan into getting Dawood aide Takla

New Delhi: On July 19 2017, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) received a message from the Interpol that the authorities in Dubai had agreed to extradite Farooq Takla, a close aide of Dawood. The CBI was all smiles as it was set to get its man it had been on the lookout for over 20 years.

It is well-known fact that both Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi and his National Security Adviser Ajit Doval had played a crucial role in squeezing the Dawood empire. The visit to Dubai was a turning point and the country which was once a safe hub for Dawood had turned unfriendly due to diplomacy.

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To counter India, China equips US-styled combat gear

A branch of the PLA with a powerful US-styled integrated individual soldier combat system has been equipped by China along the India border.

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Maldives: India takes subtle dig at China, hopes for constructive role and not the opposite

India took a subtle dig at China on the Maldives issue and said that it hoped all countries played a constructive role rather than doing the opposite.

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Maldives: Why it is time for India to assert itself

New Delhi: India continues to watch closely the crisis in Maldives. While it issued a statement on Tuesday stating that it is disturbed by the events in Maldives, there are no signals of an interference by India as yet.

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Maldives crisis: Military on standby, but no knee jerk reaction from India

As Maldives plunged into crisis, all eyes would be on the Indian response. While experts are of the opinion that India needs to assert itself in the region, there are various aspects that would be taken into consideration.

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Maldives crisis: Can India undertake another ‘Operation Cactus?’

India says it is closely watching the crisis in Maldives. Going by the events of today when even the Chief Justice was arrested, it appears as though the situation is spiralling out of control. India would keep a close watch due to the geograpical proximity and also to ensure stability in the Indian Ocean. Maldives is just 700 kilometres away from the Lakshadweep island chain and 1,200 kilometres away from the Indian mainland. The stability factor on the Indian Ocean is also a key worry for India.

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426 Chinese transgressions into Indian territory in 2017: Govt

The number of transgressions by the Chinese Army into the Indian territory rose to 426 in 2017 from the 273 in 2016. This was informed by the government in the Rajya Sabha.

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