Radicalisation in India, An Exploration: Where the author asks bold questions

radicalisation-abhinav-pandyaNew Delhi, Nov 18: Radicalisation in India has been a key concern. The agencies, the government have rated this as one of the top problems. The trend normally has been to view terrorism as a multi casual event.

However, after 9/11, radicalisation, i.e. the belief in an extremist political or religious ideology has attracted the attention of counter-terrorism community across the world as one of the necessary causal factors of terrorism.

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Kartarpur corridor: Why India can never afford to drop its guard against Pakistan

kartarpurNew Delhi, Nov 07: India has raised concerns over the video relating to the Kartarpur corridor in which pictures of slain Khalistan leaders were displayed in the background. India said that it hoped that Pakistan would not show that they support such things which are anti-India in nature.

After the official video was released, Pakistan then changed the same. It released another version on Twitter. The video featured the posters of Jarnail Singh, Bhindranwale, Amrik Singh Khalsa and Major General (Dismissed) Shabeg Singh. It may be recalled that these persons were killed during Operation Blue Star in June 1984.

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India has learnt how to play on the front foot by not joining RCEP

RCEPNew Delhi, Nov 05: India took a strong decision on not joining the RCEP. The decision taken in national interest will help India’s farmers, MSMEs and dairy sector. India’s stand is a mixture of pragmatism, the urge to safeguard interests of the poor and the effort to give an advantage to India’s service sector.

While not shying away from opening up to global competition across sectors, India made a strong case for an outcome which is favourable to all countries and all sectors.

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Why rogue drones are the latest security headache

dronesNew Delhi, Sep 30: Rogue drones are the latest worry for India and an estimate would show that there are 6 lakh of them in India.

These drones are a potential threat and the government is looking for a solution to counter this problem. In this regard the agencies conducted a data estimation and learnt that there are over 6 lakh rogue or unregulated drones of various sizes and capacities.

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To strike at various parts of India, JeM begins training 40 jihadis at Balakot facility

balakotNew Delhi, Sep 22: The Jaish-e-Mohammad has started training 40 jihadis to strike in India.

Incidentally these terrorists are undergoing rigorous training at the Ballot facility of the JeM that was hit by the Indian Air Force.

Tamil Nadu Ansarullah, a conspiracy to wage war against India and declare Islamic rule

Tamil-raidsChennai, Sep 22: The National Investigation Agency conducted raids at a location in Chennai.

The raids were conducted in connection with the Tamil Nadu Ansarulla Case. The NIA searched the residence of one M Diwan Mujipeer, a resident of Pallivasal North Street, Vellanguli, Tirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu based on the warrant issued by the court.

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Can India get back PoK? Here is what the plan is

Earlier this week, External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar said that Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) is a part of India and New Delhi expects to have physical jurisdiction over it one day.

Our position has, is and will always be very clear on PoK, that it is part of India and we expect one day we will have physical jurisdiction over it,” he told reporters.

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India’s military doctrine set to be submitted, likely to define no first use policy

The Defence Planning Committee (DPC) headed by National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval has been working on the National Security Strategy (NSS) and will submit the same soon. It would be made public after the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) accepts the same.

The NSS which is the military doctrine is expected to define India’s position on no first use. Further the doctrine would also define the military threats to India. This definition would be used by the Indian military to decide on the amount of ammunition needed to be kept in stock. Currently India has an ammunition inventory for a 10 days intensive war. The doctrine would also spell out if the Indian Navy needs more aircraft carriers.

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600 sea specialists, 1000s of Jihadis will ensure blood everywhere in India warns JeM

sea-attackNew Delhi, Sep 16: A week after the Navy warned that the Jaish-e-Mohammad was planning a sea borne attack, the Intelligence Bureau has now warned that the terror group would look to strike at crowded places during the festival season.

The warning states that the JeM would try and target railway stations in various cities in the country. The alert was issued following a letter that was received by the Rohtak Station Superintendent.

A 20 dollar demand among other sticky issues that derailed Kartarpur talks between India-Pak

kartapur-talksNew Delhi, Sep 05: The talks between India and Pakistan on the Kartarpur project on Wednesday, hit a roadblock, following a demand by the latter that India was not agreeable to.

Sources tell OneIndia that Pakistan insisted on charging the pilgrims a service fee for their visit to the shrine.