India expects China to come up with perception on LAC during next commander level talks

New Delhi, Oct 07: In the next round of military commander level talks, India expects China to come up with its position on the perception on the Line of Control. This would be crucial to resolving the stand off at the six friction points.

The situation on the ground remains the same. There is no change a top official told OneIndia. Both armies continue to face each other at the contested points and there has been no pull back, the official also confirmed. 

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Situation tense, but India won’t provide China a face saver

New Delhi, Oct 05: There is an uneasy calm at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) where India and China are locked in a standoff.

Top officials tell OneIndia that there has been no incident, but fears of a spark owing to misunderstanding are not being ruled out. Currently there is an uneasy calm, the official also said. 

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India-US to sign BECA for geo-spatial cooperation

New Delhi, Oct 05: India and the United States will sign the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA) for geo-spatial cooperation during the India-US plus two dialogue which is expected to take place on October 26-27.

BECA is important for India to acquire armed drones such as the MQ-9B from the US. The UAV uses spatial data for precise strikes on enemy targets. BECA is significant as it would allow India to use global geo-spatial maps of the US for accuracy of cruise and ballistic missiles.

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India-Japan sign mutual logistics pact amidst China’s expansionist behaviour

New Delhi, Sep 10: India and Japan have signed a mutual military logistics pack. The pact was signed by defence secretary Ajay Kumar and Japanese ambassador Suzuki Satoshi.

The agreement signed in the midst of China’s expansionist behaviour provides for the creation of a framework for closer cooperation, interoperability and use of each other’s military facilities by the armed forces of the two countries.

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India joins the hypersonic missile club

New Delhi, Sep 07: India has become the fourth country to successfully test the hypersonic technology from the APJ Abdul Kalam testing range in Balasore, Odisha. 

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Why India has decided to maintain aggressive posturing along the LAC

India-ladakh-armyNew Delhi, Sep 03: India has decided to continue with an aggressive military posturing along the Line of Actual Control. Sources tell OneIndia that this is aimed at forcing China to completely pull back.

Further the source cited above also said that it would be helpful in resolving the border crisis when talks are taking place both on the diplomatic and military front.

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Disengagement between India and China complete at Hot Springs

galwanvalley-3aNew Delhi, July 09: The disengagement between India and China has been completed at Patrolling Point 17, Hot Springs.

The disengagement is complete at PP-14, PP-15 and PP-17, sources have confirmed to OneIndia. On the northern banks of Pangong Tso, the source said that there has been more thinning of the PLA troops at Finger 4. The Indian troops are restricted up to here at the moment. On the northern banks of the lake, the Indian troops used to patrol up to Finger 8, which is 8 kilometres east of Finger 4.

India-China agree to pullback, but effects yet to be seen on ground

indo-china-2aNew Delhi, July 02: Both India and China have agreed to restart the pullback at Galwan Valley and Hot Springs. It may be recalled that both sides had agreed on the pullback on June 2, but the process got derailed due to the violent brawl that took place on June 15.

While both sides are in agreement, there has however been no disengagement on the ground, sources tell OneIndia. Both sides during the talks held on Tuesday emphasised that there was a need to pullback. The modalities are being worked out, the source cited above said.

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Amidst tensions with China, India’s back-to-back diplomacy with France

france-rajnathNew Delhi, July 01: India has got an assurance of steadfast support from France, amidst the stand-off with China. France assured India of steadfast support of its armed forces.

This was offered in a letter written by Defence Minister of the Western European Union Nation, Florence Parly to India’s Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh.

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Give proof that India is trying to topple your government: Prachanda to Nepal PM Oli

Pushpa Kamal Dahal and PM KP Oli

New Delhi, June 30: Four top leaders of Nepal’s Communist Party including Prachanda have sought proof from Prime Minister, K P Oli about his allegation that India was trying to topple his government. Pushpa Kamal Dahal or Prachanda said that it is not India, but he himself who is seeking Oli’s resignation.

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