Chinese soldiers intruded India posing as nomads in July

Chinese_ArmyNew Delhi, Aug 14: There has been some amount of activity reported at the Demchok sector by the Chinese. Troops of the People’s Liberation Army had recently pitched five tents in the Demchok sector of eastern Ladakh.

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How India beat Pakistan in Thailand to secure Dawood’s aide Munna Jhingada

munnajhingadaNew Delhi, Aug 9: India scored a major diplomatic victory on Wednesday after a Thailand court ruled that Muzakkir Muddassar Hussain alias Munna Jhingada, a close aide of Chhota Shakeel and Dawood Ibrahim is an Indian citizen.

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On Chhota Shakeel’s aide, India beats Pakistan, Thai court orders repatriation

munnajhingadaNew Delhi, Aug 8: In a major victory for India, a court in Thailand has ordered the repatriation of Sayyed Muzakkir Muddassar Hussain alias Munna Jhingada, a close aide of Chhota Shakeel.

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Dealing with Imran Khan, the India way

New Delhi, July 30: Handling Imran Khan will be a challenge for India. Analysts at first had pointed out that Imran Khan becoming the prime minister of Pakistan is not exactly good news for India as he is considered to be the stooge of the Pakistan army.

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Revealed: This is what the Chinese are doing at Doklam

Chinese_ArmyNew Delhi, July 27: Doklam is back in the news and a top official in the US said that neither Bhutan nor India have sought to dissuade China. The official claimed that China had resumed construction activity in the disputed Doklam area.

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Malaysia police confirm India has not sought Zakir Naik’s extradition

zakirnaikNew Delhi, July 24: Has India requested the extradition of controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik from Malaysia. A lawyer representing Zakir Naik says that India has not sought to extradite the controversial preacher.

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The ISIS is dead, but more dangerous and India has plenty to worry

isisnewNew Delhi, July 11: Chaos coupled with assassinations is what the Islamic State is planning in a bid to make its comeback. Intelligence agencies across the world had warned that once the ISIS loses ground in Syria and Iraq, it would prove to be a menace in other parts of the world.

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Pakistan directs Lashkar to revive modules focus on pan India attacks

ter4The Lashkar-e-Tayiba has decided to expand its operations and has instructed its cadres to strike at different parts of the country. The outfit had restricted itself to Jammu and Kashmir since the past few years and has now decided that it would expand its network.

Chinese, Pakistani agencies lure poor, unemployed Indian youth with ease

There has been an increased attempt on the part of both Pakistan and Chinese agencies to trap Indian youth who are poor and unemployed, Intelligence Bureau officials have said. There is a systematic pattern that is in place to trap such youth and these revelations were made following the arrest of Ravi Kumar. He was arrested in a joint operation by the State Special Operations Cell and the Military Intelligence Investigations show that Ravi Kumar was poor and hence fell into the trap of the ISI.

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Doklam is ours, India should have learnt lessons: China

India should have learnt lessons on Doklam, China has said while claiming that the it has right over the territory.

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