Why is ISI not letting Dawood return to India

dawoodAs India tries to bring Dawood Ibrahim to justice, his brother, Iqbal Kaskar has said that the ISI would never allow that. Amidst reports that Dawood was looking to get back to India, Kaskar told the police that the ISI would ensure that never happened.

The question now is whether Dawood continues to be a utility for the ISI or is a spent force living at the mercy of the agency owing to past glory.


Pakistan’s UN gaffe questioned ducked, India blamed instead

indopakInstead of owing up to the gaffe by its top diplomat at the UN General Assembly, Pakistan decided to blame India. Pakistan dodged a question on the recent photograph gaffe by its top diplomat in the UN General Assembly, saying the incident cannot be used to deny an “indisputable fact” that Indian security forces were using pellet guns in Kashmir.

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When a strong response from BSF ensured Pakistan behaved itself


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There is a sense of quiet along the Indo-Pak border. Following a strong reply by the Border Securty Force, Pakistan sought peace. The BSF went on an offensive like never before and not just did it target forward points but houses and farms belonging to both serving and retired officers.

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75 locations identified as vulnerable to Rohingya infiltration

rohingyahydA day after India decided to review the free movement regime with Myanmar, security forces have managed to push back several Rohingya Muslims trying to cross over.

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How India’s ‘Operation Arjun’ made Pakistan squirm and beg for peace

army-shopianPakistan had upped the ante. In a desperate bid to help terrorists infiltrate into the Valley and position them before the winter set in, the Pakistan army had resorted to cease fire violations on a daily basis.

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Amidst Rohingya crisis, centre reviews free movement regime with Myanmar

Rohingya8The free movement regime, a bi-lateral agreement between Indian and Myanmar is under review in the wake of the Rohingya Muslim crisis. This agreement allows free movement of Indian and Myanmarese citizens within 16 kilometres of the border. This has on several occasions been exploited by terrorists and smugglers.

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Reserve right to hit back if our soldiers are in danger: India to Pak at DGMO meet

359492-punjab-police-armyIndia has said that all cease fire violations in the Jammu sector were initiated by the Pakistan rangers. The same was conveyed at the DGMO level meet between India and Pakistan.

The DGMO level talks were held at the behest of the Pakistan DGMO. The Pakistan DGMO raised the issue of civilians being targeted. India said that the cease fire violations were initiated by Pakistan and the BSF had only responded appropriately. It was also said that no targeted firing on civilians were carried out by India.

What is India’s Cold Start Doctrine

tanksPakistan said that it had developed short range nuclear missiles to counter India’s Cold Start Doctrine. What is India’s Cold Start Doctrine? Cold start is a military doctrine that was developed by the Indian Army for use in a possible war with Pakistan.

This doctrine involves various branches of the Army conducting offensive operations as part of unified battle groups.

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New China-Nepal highway can be used for military purpose, move will irritate India

highwayThe Chinese state media has reported that a new strategic highway in Tibet will link the region to Nepal and can be used for military purposes. The 25-metre wide highway can be used by armoured vehicles and serve as a runway for military aircraft if required.

How did Rohingya Muslims reach India

rohingyaThe Rohingya Muslims have been described as one of the most ethic groups in the world. Today the crisis looms large and India and Bangladesh the two nations which has seen a large influx of Rohingya Muslims is trying to find a way to deal with the crisis.

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