Flag war: How India beat Pakistan

flag1India has won the flag war with Pakistan. The 360 feet high National Flag was back the Attari border on Sunday, a day before Pakistan could unfurl its 400 feet flag on its side of the border.

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China says India has started evacuating villagers near Doklam

doklamvillagesThe People’s Daily China has said that the Indian Army has ordered the evacuation of a Sikkim village near Doklam. The Indian Army has however refused to comment on the report published by China’s biggest newspaper which is also the mouth piece of the Communist Party.

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Doklam standoff: India readies response as troops build up

indianarmAmidst the Doklam standoff, there has been some build up from the Indian side in terms of troops and artillery. While not specifying why the build up was taking place, the source added that the mobilisation was not unusual. Highly placed sources tell OneIndia that India is ready to respond if they find any unusual mobilisation by China. For now, things stand at a standstill from the Chinese side and they it does not appear as though they are itching for a war, the source also added.

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Doklam standoff: Military countdown has begun says China

Chinese-ArmyA Chinese daily has said that the countdown for a military conflict has begun. This media report comes a day after a senior Chinese official said if the Indians do not leave Doklam, then they could enter Uttarakhand and Kashmir. An editorial in the state-run China Daily today warned India that the “clock is ticking away” and “India will only have itself to blame” if it does not withdraw its soldiers from the Doklam plateau which has hosted a military confrontation between the two countries since the middle of June.

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On Doklam standoff, Nepal decides to stay neutral

Sher-Bahadur-DeubaIn a snub to China, Nepal has said that it will not take sides on the Doklam issue. This was conveyed by Nepal’s Deputy Prime Minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara.

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What is the difference Doklam, Doka La, Donglang

indchin2There have been many questions posed by readers about the difference between Doka La, Doklam and Donglang. To put it simply. Doka La is the Indian name for the region which Bhutan recognises as Doklam, while China claims it as part of its Donglang region.

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Doklam standoff: Worry of accidental escalation looms large

indchinThe Chinese media has spoken about war several times amidst the Doklam standoff. India however is sure that it is nothing more than a rhetoric and China will not risk a war.

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Black money war: India, Switzerland to exchange banking information

blackmoneyProviding a major boost in the war against black money, India and Switzerland have decided to exchange banking information.

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Doklam standoff: How India rubbished China’s 15 page fact sheet in one line

indchin2India issued a one line statement negating a 15 page document put out by China about the reduction of troops at Doklam amidst the standoff. The Chinese had issued a 15 page fact sheet in which it claimed that there was a troop reduction by India at Doklam.

Doklam standoff: Impossible for China to break India’s maritime containment

indnavyAmidst the Doklam standoff Chinese experts have warned that playing with India would amount to losing a lifeline. If China gets aggressive on the issue, then there is a potential threat at the Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

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