From funding marriage of Muslim girls to constructing Mosques, how Lashkar raised money for terror

New Delhi, July 21: The Deputy chief of the Falah-i-Insaniyat, the financial wing of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba routed funds from Pakistan to Dubai and then to India, the National Investigation Agency has said.

Investigation carried out by NIA reveals that Chief of Falah-i-Insaniyat Foundation (FIF) namely Hafiz Mohammad Saeed along with
Dy Chief of FIF namely Shahid Mahmood hatched a conspiracy around 2012 to create sympathisers/sleeper cells and logistic base in Delhi and Haryana under the garb of religious work such construction of mosques, madrasas and financial assistance for marriage of poor Muslim girls.

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Why it is a bad idea to let these ISIS terrorists from Kerala return to India

isis-returneesNew Delhi, June 28: There have been a series of worrying developments regarding the Islamic State and its connection in particular to South India. The Easter bombings in Sri Lanka demonstrated how the ISIS could tie up with a smaller radical outfit and carry out a series of very deadly attacks.

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ISIS planned to establish Caliphate in India says NIA

New Delhi, June 22: The plan was to establish a Caliphate, the National Investigation Agency in its chargesheet that was filed in connection with the Islamic State Amroha case.

They had named this module as ‘Harkat-ul-Harb-E-Islam’ (Movement for War of Islam). This group owed its allegiance to ISIS and wanted to establish an ISIS Caliphate in India by resorting to large scale terrorist attacks in and around National Capital Region. The group carried out reconnaissance of some such locations in and around NCR, the NIA further said.

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Behind the scenes: How India’s relentless push ensured Masood Azhar was banned

masood-azharNew Delhi, May 02: It began in 2009 and the closure came in 2019. India had first moved a proposal to designate Maulana Masood Azhar as a terrorist before the United Nations in 2009. The move was blocked by China.

The next time India made such a move was in the year 2016. A year later the P3 nations made a similar proposal, but the Chinese block continued.

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Pakistan owns up on F-16 used in dog fight with India

F-16 pakistanIslamabad, Apr 02: Pakistan has for the first time indicated that F-16s might have been used to hit Indian fighter jets during the aerial combat on February 27 and said Islamabad retains the right to use “anything and everything” in its self-defence.

Pakistan’s military spokesman Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor issued a statement with reference to what he said “repeated Indian claims” about shooting down of Pakistani F-16 by India and use of F-16 in the air battle on February 27.

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The pro-peace era with Pakistan is over: Former R&AW official

New Delhi, Feb 28: Amidst the escalating tensions between India and Pakistan, there has been a section that has demanded for talks.

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The US drawdown in Afghanistan could be a major concern for India

New Delhi, Dec 22: India is watching closely as the United States orders an American drawdown in Afghanistan. US President Donald Trump is bringing home around 15,000 troops over the next 60 days.

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India to be in talks with Taliban at non-official level for the first time

New Delhi, Nov 9: India will take part at a non-official level in the meeting being hosted by Russia on Afghanistan, where representatives of the Taliban will be present.

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Pak-China bus service through PoK violative of our territorial integrity says India

New Delhi, Nov 1: India has strongly objected to the plans for a bus service between Pakistan occupied Kashmir and China’s Xinjiang region.

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India relieved as China’s foray into North Sri Lanka is stalled

New Delhi, Oct 21: In what could be considered as a major victory for India, Sri Lanka has stalled a bid by China to enhance its presence in the Northern Province. Several projects funded by India are being undertaken in this province.

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