Another chargesheet: Illegal immigration into Bengal assumes worrying propositions

New Delhi, Jan 12: A chargesheet filed by the National Investigation Agency in connection with a Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) case shows the extent up to which these terrorists go to radicalise and recruit Muslims into terror groups.

A major criminal conspiracy was hatched by three nationals of Bangladesh. They had illegally entered into India along with their associates of the JMB and Al-Qaeda in the Sub-Continent. They were in the process of recruiting and motivating young Muslims in order to establish the Caliphate and further terror acts in India and Bangladesh.

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Illegal immigration into Bengal, Assam today is about land jihad, not livelihood

New Delhi, Mar 27: At a rally in Assam, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that if the BJP comes to power, laws will be implemented to tackle the problem of both land and love jihad. He said that refugees will be granted citizenship, while infiltrators will be thrown out.

In January 2020, nearly 450 persons were arrested by the Bangladesh police when they crossed over from India. That month, there was a major exodus of Illegal Bangladeshi immigrants back to their country.

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Aggression to crime syndicates: How Bangladeshi migrants are wrecking Bengal

New Delhi, Dec 11: The problem of illegal immigration in West Bengal has been an often discussed subject.

In fact, when a nationwide NRC was proposed, it was West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee who opposed it first. On Thursday, BJP chief, J P Nadda’s convoy was attacked in West Bengal and the party blamed the goons of the TMC.

During a rally held on the same Nadda said that the people of Bangladesh are coming to West Bengal and settling here, while the natives of the state are being driven out by the Trinamool Congress. 

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How illegal immigration into Bengal has yet again fuelled demands for a Greater East Pakistan

RAW_logo1_fNew Delhi, July 12: In the early 1990s, the Research and Analysis Wing carried out a daredevil operation in Bangladesh against the activities of the Jamaat-e-Islami. The intention behind the operation was a larger one and India was clearly worried about the rise of illegal immigration which the Jamaat was carrying out at the behest of the ISI.

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Assam government readies plan to fight illegal immigration

sarbGuwahati, May 31: The BJP has just begun its first innings in Assam and the first priority for the government would be to tackle the issue of illegal migrants. The promise to act against the illegal migrants was one of the major poll promises made by the BJP before it swept Assam.

Chief Minister of Assam, Sarbanand Sonowal has assured that he would tackle the issue effectively in the next two years. Looking at the situation, the government would have to effectively tackle the situation as soon as possible as it is turning into a ticking time bomb.

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Overstaying- Look who beat the Pakis


There are 2465 citizens of the United States of America overstaying in India when compared to the 1141 Pakistanis. A report by the Home Ministry of India shows that the US citizes overstay more than the Pakistanis. However the citizens of Bangladesh top the list with 16530.
Despite talk of security being beefed up and thorough checks, the number of persons who overstay has only gone up in the past couple of years. Post 26/11 this problem was taken into consideration and the David Headley episode should have been a learning curve. However in the year 2008 the number of citizens overstaying was 65149 and in the past five years it has increased to 71164.
While the Bangladeshis top the list coming second are the Afghans with 13999. Officials say that these persons come on valid visas and then go off the radar.

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“Political interference led to NIA soft pedalling against dreaded terrorists”

Pic: Mid-day

Security is an elaborate issue and at every corner of the country, there is a problem which is big in its own right. The former Special Director of the Intelligence Bureau Ravindra Narayan Ravi is an expert on matters of security. In this interview with Ravindra Narayan Ravi discusses the various issues daunting India and also states that NIA could not pursue with professional vigor its very first case due to political interference and was forced to soft-pedal the case against dreaded terrorists.

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