Honey trap: A tale of 2 women and 2 conversations

When the ISI decided to honey trap Arun Marwaha, an officer with the Indian Air Force, they decided to unleash two of their best spies. The duo signed up on Facebook as Mahima and Kiran.

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Honey trapped IAF officer arrested on charge of passing secret docs to ISI

The Delhi police has arrested a Group Captain of the Air Force on charges of spying. The officer Arun Marwaha was arrested on Thursday on charges of passing on information and secret IAF documents to the ISI.

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IAF officer held on spying charges may have been honey trapped

The IAF officer held on suspicion of spying may have been honey trapped, a preliminary probe has suggested. The group captain posted at the headquarters in New Delhi was held by the IAF on the suspicion that he may have passed on information and classified documents.

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