Drones spotted again in J&K: 4th time since Sunday

New Delhi, June 30: For the fourth day in a row drones have been spotted near military areas in Jammu and Kashmir.

Early today, security personnel spotted two drones in Kaluchak and Kunjwani. A flying object was seen hovering over Kaluchak at 4.40 am and another was spotted at 4.52 AM near the Air Force Station signal in the Kunjwani area of Jammu.

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Highly sophisticated explosives used in drone attack point to role of Pakistan state actors

New Delhi, June 29: The initial probe into the drone attack at the Indian Air Force station in Jammu on Sunday has indicated that the Lashkar-e-Tayiba had a hand in it.

The probe also by the investigative and Intelligence agencies also found the use of highly sophisticated RDX and this is a clear indicator of the Pakistan state actors have a role to play in it. 

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Lashkar hand found as drones missed ATC, chopper at IAF base in Jammu

New Delhi, June 28: The preliminary probe into the Indian Air Force base attack has revealed that it was the handiwork of the Pakistan backed terror group, Lashkar-e-Tayiba.

It has been learnt that the attack was aimed at targeting the Air Traffic Control. Two explosions were reported on Sunday. While one targeted the ATC, the other was aimed at hitting an IAF chopper.

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Alert Indian security forces thwart drone activities over Ratnuchak- Kaluchak military area

New Delhi, June 28: A major threat was averted thanks to the alertness and proactive approach of the Indian security forces who thwarted a drone attack in the military area of Jammu. 

Two separate drone activities were spotted over the Ratnuchak- Kaluchak Military area by the troops on June 28. Lt Col Devender Anand, PRO (Defence) said that a high alert was sounded immediately and the Quick Reaction Teams engaged them wit firing. 

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IAF base strike: Why drones are India’s latest security nightmare

New Delhi, June 28: Rogue drones have been a subject of discussion for sometime among the security officials. The issue of drones cropped up once again following the strike at the Indian Air Force Base at Jammu on Sunday. 

It is suspected that a drone may have been used to drop two explosives on the air base. While a confirmation on the use of the drones is still pending, sources tell OneIndia that the possibility of the same being used cannot be ruled out at the moment. 

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