Karnataka: With polls predicting hung house, here are the possibilities

jdsMost exit polls have predicted a hung house with the BJP in the lead. If it were to be a hung house, then the Janata Dal(S) would play kingmaker in the state.

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Why over-emphasising of Lingayat issue could lead to a hung assembly in Karnataka

The Karnataka Assembly Elections are round the corner and there is no conversation that ends without a question of the religious minority status for Lingayats being asked.

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Hung assembly- How would the combinations work

hungass1Will any party in Karnataka get an absolute majority in the May 5 2013 elections? What would happen in case of a hung verdict? Who would be the kingmakers and how will the combination for each of these parties work who would be looking to parties such as the JD(S) and also the KJP to some extent to form the government.

On the ground the word at the moment is that it would be a hung assembly. The Congress at the start of the poll process was giving itself 120 seats. However due to infighting many analysts say that the party could get up to 90 seats only and the BJP on the other hand would get anything between 70 to 80 seats. In such an event the Congress would need the support of 23 MLAs and in the case of the BJP it would be 33 to 43 MLAs.

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