Bangladesh to Bengal: NIA arrests key accused in human trafficking case

nialogoNew Delhi, Dec 14: The National Investigation Agency has arrested one person from West Bengal in connection with a human trafficking case.

The accused identified as Rahul Amin Dhali was in possession of a mobile handset, 4 Bangladeshi SIM cards, 10,000 in Bangladeshi currency and a diary containing phone numbers.

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Bengal, Hyderabad, Bangladesh: NIA registers its first human trafficking case under amended law

New Delhi, Sep 18: The National Investigation Agency has registered its first human tracing case under the amended NIA Act.

The case relates to the arrest of 3 persons namely Yousuf Khan, Bithi Begum and Sajid, all natives of West Bengal. The NIA said that all the three persons are currently staying in Hyderabad.

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Hyderabad shocker: Woman sold off for Rs 3 lakh to Saudi man

muslimwomanAnother case of a woman being deceived by agents and being sold off in Hyderabad has been reported. Salma Begum, 39, a resident of Hyderabad was sold off to a person in Saudi Arabia. She is facing mental and physical harassment at the hand of her kafil.

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Human trafficking- Statistics show, India needs more than stringent laws

humantrafThe first anti trafficking law in India proposes some stringent measures. A person injecting drugs to accelerate sexual maturity in a bid to force them into prostitution would invite a jail term of 10 years.
Stringent laws are the need of the hour to combat this mammoth problem, but there are still many areas that required to be worked upon if the problem is to be brought under control.

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Fake currency and human trafficking: The deadly cocktail from Pakistan

  A racket

involving a deadly cocktail of human trafficking and fake Indian currency has been busted in Bangladesh and yet again those in custody are from Pakistan. The amount in question was fake Indian currency to the tune of Rs 70 lakh. Abdullah Selim, Jahangir, Abdul Khaleq, Kamrul Islam, Abu Sufian and Rasel were the ones to be held in Dhaka. Investigations showed that these men were in possession of Rs 70 lakh fake Indian currency, 9,125 US dollars, 21 Pakistani passports, seven Bangladeshi passports and a bunch of seals of different high officials.
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Why is human trafficking on Indo-Nepal border on the rise?

human_trafficking_ReuNew Delhi, Nov 4: From 8 in 2012 to 46 in 2015 is quite a big jump. This is the increase in the number of human trafficking cases on the Indo-Nepal border.
A report by the Ministry for Home Affairs shows that the number of cases of human trafficking reported in 2015 alone was 46 when compared to 8 in 2012. The rise in number of human trafficking cases has been attributed to the recent earthquake that devastated Nepal a few months back.
The earthquake has brought about a lot of misery in Nepal and several women fearing poverty have been forced to cross over into India and many have become victims of human trafficking.

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The begging racket of Bengaluru and the mafia behind it

begginrackBengaluru, Aug 7: The Bengaluru police has launched Operation Smile which is aimed at rescuing children forced into begging.
Two years back there was an intelligence bureau alert issued in which it was stated that children forced into begging were also becoming victims of human trafficking.
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Human trafficking-82 Sri Lankan refugees rescued


A major human trafficking racket was busted when 84 Sri Lankan refugees were saved at the Mangalore port today. They were rescued from the clutches of around 14 persons who were trafficking them from Mangalore to Australia.
Explaining the racket, Inspector General of Police, Prathap Reddy told the press that the persons were posing as agents and had promised these Sri Lankan refugees of better job opporutnities in Australia.
Among those arrested are C Dinesh Kumar (27), Rajeev Gandhi (28), Maria Jamsan (22), Shivakumar (28), S RAvichandran (30), Shajahan (33), Mahendran (41), S Suresh (26), Thavarassa (46), Mariya Siran (33), Siraj (37), Yakoob (40) and Saleem (28).
These people disguised as agents lured the 84 refugees of better employment, foreign citizenship. The 84 refugees include 22 are women, 56 men and 6 children belonging to 23 different refugee camps in Tamil Nadu, he said.
He said that the accused bought a boat registered by the name ‘Shri Raksha’ from a person in Chitrapura by paying Rs. 11.5 lakhs. The police found 6000 liters of stored diesel and a huge quantity of food stuff on board. They also confiscated Rs 2,84,000 in cash, 10 mobile phones and identity cards of refugee camps.
During interrogation, it was learnt that the agents had tried to send these refugees to Australia on two earlier occasions through the state of Kerala but their attempts failed.
Pointing out other such incidents, he said in the year 2011, 7 cases of human trafficking were traced across India, mainly from Tamil Nadu and in the year 2012, 13 more cases were found till August. However, this is the major case of such a type, he said.

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