With Shah at Home, expect an iron fist-no nonsense-no appeasement policy

New Delhi, June 01: The big news at the Union Home Ministry was a change of guard. Amit Shah replaced Rajnath Singh as the Home Minister of India and the message that was sent our was loud and clear.

An iron fist-no nonsense-no appeasement policy is what one would witness with Shah in charge. During his stint as a home minister in Gujarat, he had a similar policy, which saw several successful operations against terrorists.

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Rajnath Singh and the challenge ahead


Rajnath Singh as Home Minister has his hands full. Narendra Modi has given him a portfolio which demands an extensive amount of work and his challenges ahead are immense.
Several teams part of the security set up are already on the job to assist the Home Minister undertake a very tough job. Singh will hold meetings with the National Investigation Agency, Intelligence Bureau and discuss the various issues facing the country. Top on their priority would be to give more teeth to the NIA and also the National Security Council.

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