Why the ISIS menace haunting Tamil Nadu cannot be ignored

New Delhi, Nov 01: The raids at Tamil Nadu connection with the Islamic State continued. The National Investigation Agency has been conducting raids in this raids frequently and over a period of time unearthed incriminating evidence of the deeply infested problem of the ISIS in the state.

Tamil Nadu has been a key state for the ISIS. Haja Fakkruddin a resident of Cuddalore, it may be recalled that in early 2014 he left for Syria through Singapore to be part of the ISIS. This was followed by a series of events related to the group and there was an image on the social media that went viral, in which several youth were seen posing with ISIS merchandise.

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In Tamil Nadu, NIA is looking for these Islamic State operatives

A team of the National Investigation Agency has been on the lookout for a key operative called Haja Fakkruddin, a Tamil Nadu-based Islamic State operative who has been off the radar since 2014.

In addition to this Haja who hails from Cuddalore, the NIA is also on the lookout for five others also from Tamil Nadu.

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In Tamil Nadu, the ISIS problem none are talking about

TamilNadu_1Chennai, Feb 3: Out of the 150 persons who are under watch for alleged ISIS links, 90 are from South India, intelligence bureau officials say.
The manner in which these persons have been interacting with handlers and recruiters shows the extent up to which the ISIS has impressed them.
Tamil Nadu was largely off the terror radar in comparison to other states. However things began to change gradually and when the Cuddalore based Haja Fakkruddin left his home for Syria.

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How did this Tanjavur youth land in the ISIS web

isisuaeChennai, Dec 14: Another case of an alleged ISIS recruit has been reported from Tamil Nadu. The first known ISIS recruit from India, Haja Fakkruddin was a resident of Tamil another case.
Now the National Investigating Agency is probing a Tanjavur resident, Mohammad Naseer for allegedly being part of the ISIS.

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Why Tamil Nadu has become a paradise for the ISIS

ISIS FLAGWhen Haja Fakkruddin a resident of Paranagipettai near Cuddalore went of the radar, the writing was clear on the wall. The problem of Jihad had come to haunt Tamil Nadu.
Yesterday the Home Ministry directed the Tamil Nadu government to complete probes into all terror cases and looking at an Intelligence Bureau report it becomes amply clear that the problem of Jihad will continue if not curbed.

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Radicals praise ISIS Majeed online

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Arif Ejaz Majeed, one of the four youth from Kalyan who joined the ISIS in Iraq was killed allegedly by an air strike. While this information was confirmed to the family by  an associate of his by the name Shaheen Tanki, the internet is filled with homage for Majeed who already has been termed as a martyr.
A couple of hours after his death there were several who had posted on various forums online about Majeed becoming a martyr for the cause.

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