Dialling the Gulf that PM Modi describes as extended neighbourhood

New Delhi, Dec 07: As part of India’s continuing outreach to Gulf countries, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar will travel to Qatar and Kuwait, while his deputy V Muraleedharan would visit Oman later this month. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has described the Gulf outreach as India’s extended neighbourhood.

Officials tell OneIndia that these visits are important and India shares a close and multi-faceted relationship with the Gulf. The exact dates of the visit are being worked out the official cited above also said. 

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PM Modi wants blue collar workers from Gulf evacuated first

pmmodi-speech1New Delhi, Apr 28: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spelt out the rules to evacuate Indians stranded abroad.

The evacuation would first focus on blue collar workers. Students would be next followed by those who had travelled abroad on a holiday or work. The Civil Aviation Ministry and External Affairs Ministry have been laying the ground work to bring back Indians stranded abroad due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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Iran sends five planes with vegetables to Qatar

iranairIn a bid to reach out, Iran has sent five planes of vegetables to Qatar which has been boycotted by several Gulf countries. So far five planes carrying… vegetables have been sent to Qatar, each carrying around 90 tonnes of cargo, while another plane will be sent on Sunday,” Iran Air spokesman Shahrokh Noushabadi said.

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Kerala, ISIS and the Gulf: The connection is back again

isisuaeBengaluru, Oct 6: For several years the Intelligence Bureau has been saying that the radicalisation of some Muslims in Kerala is directly connected to the Gulf.
This fact has resurfaced yet again following the arrest of six people suspected to be part of an ISIS module in Kerala. Investigators have stumbled upon a blog called Muhajirun which puts up pro-ISIS content.

The blog is regularly updated and while following the author’s trail, the same led up to Gulf. Investigators say that there are a group of boys in the Middle East who are regularly updating the blog.

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ISIS in UP: Gulf students under the scanner

UPThe students from Afghanistan and Gulf nations studying in Uttar Pradesh are being kept under watch as per an order of the Meerut Divisional Commissioner.

The police and also the district magistrates have been told to keep a close watch on students from Afghanistan and also the Gulf nations taking into consideration the rising problem being created by groups such as the al-Qaeda and the ISIS.

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Hawala Part 2: How Kerala became the hawala capital of India

haw1Kerala which is called God’s own Country also has this reputation of being the state with the highest hawala remittance in the country. Yesterday we explained to our readers the definition of hawala and its code. Today in the second part of this series we tell you the horrific state of affairs prevailing in Kerala and how it went on to become the hawala capital of the world.
Rs 23,000 crore hawala every year:
A report of the Home Ministry which is with oneindia.com states that there is an annual remittance of hawala money into Kerala which runs into around Rs 23,000 crore per year. This is a worrying statistic since Kerala incidentally is the state which has linked the Gulf with India as a result of which several terror groups have set up base here. Read more

Love Jihad explained

‎Love Jihad or Romeo Jihad- a terminology that has been debated discussed and even made into an election issue. While many Muslim leaders are accusing the BJP of using this propaganda as a run up to the elections, the fact of the matter is that this was first raked up by the Christian community in Kerala.
Today allegations are flying around and several Hindu leaders have accused the Muslim youth in Uttar Pradesh of resorting to Love Jihad in order to increase their community strength. In short what does Love Jihad mean? A Muslim boy is accused of trapping a Hindu or Christian girl into a Web of love and then converting her to Islam. 
The issue was first raised by the Catholic Church in Kerala. Subsequently an inquiry was conducted by the Commission for Social Harmony and Vigilance of the Kerala Bishops Council which alleged that 2868 girls had fallen prey to Love Jihad.‎ This even forced the Kerala High Court to issue an order to investigate into the matter. A similar order was also passed by the High Court of Karnataka. Although the investigations were in-conclusive, allegations still floated around. In some cases the girls told the police that they had converted of their own will while in others, they just returned to their parents.This matter was even reported in the Wikileaks cables and US diplomats had even probed into the matter.

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Child trafficking- How they did it?

childtThe arrest of Shakeel Ahmed the middle man in the child trafficking case which was busted in Kerala a couple of days in which around 580 children were rescued has turned out to be a boon for the investigating agencies.
He is being grilled by the Kerala police and has said that this is a racket that has been going on since the past decade. There are parents who are vulnerable whom we target. While some of the children were purchased for a sum, there were others who were lured to hand over their children. Some of the parents were told that their children would be taken down to Kerala and provided good education so as to secure their future. The parents bit the bait and even gave us Rs 1500 towards the cost of the education that we had assured them of.

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