Now a street in Kerala named “Gaza”: Radicalisation in overdrive mode

gazastreetA street in Kerala has been named Gaza and this has caught the eye of the Intelligence Bureau. The street in the Thuruthi ward of the Kasargod municipality was named Gaza in an apparent reference to the disputed strip of land between Israel and Palestine.

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Hafiz Saeed’s “charity” in Ghaza

The most dreaded terrorist Hafiz Saeed has a large goal now and reports now confirm that his organization the Falah-e-Insaniat is carrying out charity work in Gaza. This has alarmed the Israeli agencies who have been gunning for this man ever since his primary organization the Lashkar-e-Tayiba carried out the 26/11 attacks in which several persons including jews were killed.

The Israeli intelligence which confirmed the presence of Saeed’s network in Gaza has also told the Indian agencies about the same. Indian Intelligence Bureau officials tell Oneindia that this was on expected lines and the Lashkar at the behest of the ISI has decided to rake up in a big way the Kashmir and Gaza issue.

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Indian out of Mujahideen

India-MujahideenA recent letter by to the police commissioner of Bombay swearing attacks against Israelis in retaliation to the Gaza war makes one very interesting point.
It has been signed as Mujahideen. While the authorities confirm that it is a letter written by the Indian Mujahideen, what has raised eyebrows is that the letter was signed, “Mujahideen.”
It is certainly not a typo and has a meaning to it. This is yet another sign to show that the Indian Mujahideen today is more interested in international issues and wants to move past the India tag. Attacking Indians in India has earned them hatred amidst their own community and the lack of local support has not helped them one bit.

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