A land-lord farmer protest and how SJF used it to disrupt national unity

New Delhi, Jan 28: The original intention was to hoist a Khalistan flag at the Red Fort on January 26.

The SJF had planned on instigating the farmers to turn violent and a high-level meeting in the first week of January had discussed the same. It was easier to instigate them as there are land-lord farmers at the protest site.

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What is the Nishan Sahib?

New Delhi, Jan 27: The social media was abuzz that a Khalistan flag was hoisted by the protesting farmers at Red Fort on January 26. However, the flag was a Sikh Flag that is found in every Gurdwara and the same is carried invariably during religious processions.

In Gurudwara , the flag is hoisted at a height with a double-edged sword known as ‘Khanda’. The flag that flied at the top is called Nishan Sahib.

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Delhi on ‘very high alert’ as ISI backed Khalistan forces look to infiltrate tractor parade

New Delhi, Jan 26: The national capital is on a state of very high alert as the farmers get ready to take out a tractor parade. The Intelligence Bureau has warned that pro-Khalistan elements backed by Pakistan’s ISI would look to hijack the protests and disrupt peace in Delhi.

On Monday, the Delhi Police said that over 300 Twitter handles had been traced to Pakistan that were created to sabotage the rally. The proscribed outfit, Sikhs for Justice has been threatening strikes and has even tried to influence the farmers’ protest on several occasions.

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Marred by violence: Did farmers digress on what was agreed upon

New Delhi, Jan 26: The farmers protesting at the three borders said that they decided to adhere to the route agreed upon during their meetings, but some groups of protesters started the rally and drove on prohibited routes within Delhi.

The early hours of the protests have been marred with reports of farmers clashing with the police. Reports also said that the police had to use water cannons and tear gas shells to disburse the farmers.

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