India digs up details to show US that Pak used F-16s in offensive operation

New Delhi, Mar 02: India has picked up more proof that suggests Pakistan had used an F-16 in an offensive role.

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Pakistan flies the F-16s: Spooked by us, say Indian officials

representational photo
Representational photo

Bengaluru, Sept 23: As India steps up the pressure on terrorist state Pakistan in the aftermath of the Uri attack and also for sponsoring the Kashmir unrest, a tweet by a senior journalist stated, F-16 planes flying at 10.20 pm over Islamabad. The tweet by GEO TV’s senior journalist, Hamid Mir posted at 10.53 pm on September 22 created quite a stir.

While Mir appeared to have hinted that it was a military drill carried out by the Pakistani Air Force, he also retweeted a post that read, “don’t worry it is just to assure the people of Islamabad that our forces are fully aware and ready to fight.”

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