COVID-19: Meghalaya announces relaxations

lockdown-33Shillong, May 03: The Meghalaya government announced several relaxations from May 4, including partially lifting the curfew.

Public and religious gatherings, however, will continue to remain prohibited to prevent further spread of the COVID-19 in the state, officials said.

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Can I buy non-essentials on e-commerce sites: Here is what you should know

ecomNew Delhi, May 02: There have been queries on whether e-commerce sites can deliver non-essentials during the extended lockdown by another two weeks.

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Lockdown 3.0: What remains open, what is shut

lockdown-new-25New Delhi, May 01: The lockdown 3.0 has been announced. The Ministry of Home Affairs said that the lockdown would be extended for another two weeks starting May 4. The MHA has also issued guidelines on what activities would be permitted during the extended lockdown.

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Lockdown extended by two more weeks

lockdown-new2New Delhi, May 01: The lockdown has been extended by two more weeks, the Ministry Home Affairs has said.

The MHA said that the lockdown has been extended by two more weeks beyond May 4.

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Let us not squander away the gains: Next few days crucial to lifting lockdown restrictions

lockdown1aaNew Delhi, Apr 30: The new guidelines to fight coronavirus will come into effect from May 4 onwards, when the nationwide lockdown comes to an end.

The Centre has hinted that there would be several relaxations but also indicated that restrictions would continue in the hotspot zones.

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Life after May 3 will largely depend on the colour of your district

lockdown-6New Delhi, Apr 28: There is still no clarity as to what the scenario post May 3 will look like in India, the day when the national lockdown ends.
While the states want a national standard operating procedure, the Centre wants the states to assess the situation. However, there is one thing clear that total normalcy will not return after May 3 and the restrictions will be lifted in a graded manner over the next couple of weeks.

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Lockdown post May 3: 11 states want it extended

lockdown-6New Delhi, Apr 28: The lockdown in India could be further extended. At least 11 states are in favour of extending the lockdown beyond May 3.

Sources in the Ministry of Home Affairs tell OneIndia that the lockdown could be extended further, but it would be restricted only to the hotspots. The travel ban would remain in place, the source also said, while adding that vehicles supplying essentials will be allowed inter-state and inter-district movement.

Lockdown to be more stringent in hotspots

karnataka-cm-pm-meetingNew Delhi, Apr 28: The lockdown in hotspots may continue beyond May 3. The lockdown measures will be even more stringent in the hotspot areas, sources tell OneIndia.

In Karnataka, Chief Minister, B S Yediyurappa met with senior officers, following his meeting with Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. During the meeting, Karnataka marked six districts as hotspots and this includes, Bengaluru urban. The lockdown will be lifted in the red zones only if there are no active cases for 28 days.

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Will the lockdown be extended beyond May 3: Here are some pointers

modi-cm-meetingNew Delhi, Apr 27: Will the lockdown be extended after May 3? During the meeting with the Chief Ministers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that restrictions would continue in the hotspots or containment zones.

States reporting high numbers are likely to see stricter lockdown norms in the hotspots. However, restrictions would be eased in the green zones. Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik said that the lockdown should be extended until June 3. He was backed by two more states.

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At the meeting with the PM, here is what the Chief Ministers said

nm-meeingNew Delhi, Apr 27: The Chief Ministers during a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed their views on the ongoing situation due to the coronavirus outbreak.

At the meeting that lasted 2.5 hours, the Chief Minister of Meghalaya said that he was in favour of extending the lockdown.

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