Truce in AIADMK far from over: An IB report speaks about these fence sitters

epsopsTruce may have been struck between E Palanisami and O Panneerselvam. The BJP which played a part in this truce says that this was done to ensure that there is a stable government in Tamil Nadu and it did not want elections to take place midway.

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AIADMK merged: Next stop NDA, BJP set to get majority in Rajya Sabha

opsepsThe AIADMK painted a pretty picture with O Panneerselvam and E Palanisami smiling with each other and behaving like long lost brothers. Although both leaders met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi under the NEET 2017 pretext, merger talks were always top on the agenda.

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AIADMK merger: OPS may settle for post of TN Deputy CM

epsopsE Palanisami will head the Tamil Nadu government while O Panneerselvam will run the AIADMK. As the two factions grew closer towards a merger and with OPS indicating that it may happen by Monday, differences have been gradually ironed out.

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What delayed the AIADMK merger?

epsopsWhy has the AIADMK merger been delayed. On Friday it was expected that the merger would take place, but it was delayed yet again. While the stage looked set for the E Palanisami and O Panneerselvam factions to come together, differences still remain on both sides.

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