How an AP firm became a front to smuggle heroin worth Rs 20k crore from Afghanistan

New Delhi, Sep 21: A firm in Vijayawada has caught all the attention after a huge consignment of heroin was confiscated at the Mundra Port in Gujarat. While it was initially suspected that the consignment was meant to reach Vijayawada, it has now been clarified that it was supposed to be delivered in Delhi.

The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence had seized 2,988.22 kilograms of heroin. The estimated value of the seized heroin is Rs 20,000 crore. The shipment from Afghanistan was mixed with talc stone powder and packed in two containers.

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Drugs from Pakistan smuggled into India under garb of importing rock salt granules

New Delhi, Oct 21: The National Investigation Agency in its chargesheet filed in the narco terror case has said that the accused persons received at least six consignments of heroin through the Attari Indo-Pakistan border. 

The NIA said that the consignments were received under the garb of importing rock salt granules from Pakistan. Of these, money proceeds of five consignments were partly sent back to Pakistan through hawala operators, the NIA also said. A substantial portion was also channelised to the Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists in Kashmir through a network of Over Ground Workers. In July 2019, a 6th consignment of around 532 kilograms of heron was seized at the Attari border and a separate case was registered.

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Pak boat- Did two get away?

The boat from Pakistan that was intercepted with heroin on it is an indicator of an ongoing operation. When the hunt for the boat began on Saturday night, the Indian navy was on the look out for two more boats. However, the Navy zeroed down on one boat which was found with 232 kilograms of heroin on it being transported by 8 persons from Pakistan.
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Pak boat was on well guided mission

IMG_0346The Defence Ministry has said that the boat that was intercepted off the Porbandar Coast was carrying drugs worth Rs 600 crore. There were 232 packets of heroine that was found on the boat which had 8 smugglers from Pakistan.

While the contraband is still being examined and the 8 persons interrogated, it has been found that this was part of a major smuggling racket that has emerged out of Pakistan. The 8 persons are yet to reveal the identity of their handler.

Sources say that the mission was a well guided one. The 8 members were completely equipped and their only intention was to land the drugs in the Gujarat coast. They had in their possession satellite phones and also a global positioning system.

The coast guard and the navy got wind of the operation on Saturday night and since then they have been tracking the movements of the boat. It was finally on Monday night that the boat was intercepted.

It appears as though the boat was being guided all the time by a handler in Pakistan. This is an ongoing racket on the Indian seas and all the drugs that are smuggled into India are from the Pakistan shores, an officer informed.

Investigators say that prima facie the contraband seized indicates that this was a major mission that the boat was on. This is not a small quantity of heroine that has been seized this time. 232 packets weighing approximately 100 kilograms worth Rs 600 crore is a huge seizeure and only shows the magnitude of the operation.

The interrogation of the 8 persons who have been arrested will be crucial to the investigations. They will reveal more information about the handlers in Pakistan. The source said that there is no doubt what so ever that these persons are from Pakistan and had come into Indian waters with an intention of offloading this huge contraband of drugs.


Manohar Parrikar rejects smuggling angle

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar has made it clear that the four men on the boat from Pakistan were suspected terrorists. They committed suicide which suggests that they were suspected terrorists, he also said.
Further Parrikar also rejected the claim that the four men were drug smugglers and also questioned why smugglers would commit suicide on being intercepted.

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Bringing Dawood back

Dawood Ibrahim is a primary concern for India and as long as he walks around scot free, the finances of the Pakistan based terror groups will never dry up. In the wake of India and the United States of America deciding to work together on nabbing Dawood Ibrahim, sharing of intelligence between the agencies of the two countries will take place on a more regular basis. The National Security Advisor who will finalise further details on this operation has already instructed the Intelligence Agencies to dig out as much information as possible in a bid to make this operation a success.
Sources say, that they want this man alive and not dead. India wants the United States of America to act on Pakistan to ensure that all pressure is built up and he is sent back to India. The main part of the plan is to ensure that his drug business which is his main source of income is brought to a complete standstill that he becomes a liability to Pakistan with international pressure growing. As long as he is bringing in the funds, the ISI will go all out to safeguard him. India has mapped his drug routes all across the world but have fallen short of taking action since it has an international ramification and only cooperation by the US can bring about closure on this front, an officer with the Intelligence Bureau informed.
The Indian agencies say that his drug business in the year 1999 was worth Rs 2000 crore and today with the expansion and the setting up of more international routes, the worth of his industry is a mammoth Rs 15000 crore industry. One must remember that 40 per cent of this income goes to the ISI. Dawood purchases a kilogram of heroine at Rs 4 lakh from Afghanistan and ends up selling it as 3 crore a kilogram in the international market. The estimates show that he manages to bring in at least 5 tonnes of heroine annually into India before circulating it to the rest of the world. While 40 per cent of the earnings go the ISI with no questions being asked, there is around 10 per cent which he uses to bribe officials in India and other parts of the world to ensure that he has a safe passage.

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