International drug racket: NIA arrests resident of Kashmir

New Delhi, Aug 10: The National Investigation Agency has arrested one Tariq Ahmed Lone in connection with a drug seizure case.

The case pertains to the seizure of 532 kilograms of heroine at Kupwara in Jammu and Kashmir.

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Army busts drug racket at LoC: Man with heroin apprehended

mohammadkasimThe Indian Army has apprehended one person at the Line of Control after he was found in possession of heroin worth Rs 2 crore. Mohammad Kasim was found to be in possession of two packets of heroin and was apprehended from the Line of Control, in Bhimber Gali of Poonch District on the night of 29 May 2017.

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FICN, 2G etc etc-D is everywhere

When the Indo-Pak talks recommence the man which India would be seeking the most is Dawood Ibrahim. He is India’s biggest menace and his network continues to be extremely strong in the country and the police force does not appear to be doing enough to stem this rot, the Intelligence Bureau says.

Be it a match fixing scandal, fake currency, drug racket and now the infamous 2G scam, they all have imprints of the notorious Dawood Ibrahim, security agencies point out. Sources say that the talks between the two countries will focus largely on the D factor and India will hand out proof of his existence at Karachi and how he is being sheltered by the ISI.

In the past two weeks, the D gang has figured in two very major incidents. The death of Sadiq Batcha and now the match fixing scandal. When Batcha committed suicide it was said by investigating agencies that there was a huge hawala racket attached to this scam which the police were all set to bust. Unfortunately the name of Dawood figured in this hawala transaction as such things involving such huge chunks of cash can be done only by someone like Dawood and his men. The CBI’s was planning on questioning Balwa whose company the intelligence suspect had links with the D gang.

Proof of the Dawood Ibrahim link to the 2G scam comes out in the open now, with membes of his gang handing out a threat to blow up the CBI office in New Delhi. The CBI is in possession of documents which pin point to the D connection and further probing would have gone on to reveal the exact link between this gang and a host of other Indians who were involved in this scam. The CBI has informed the Ministry of Home affairs regarding this threat and security has been beefed up around the CBI office which houses the documents pertaining to the multi crore 2G scam. In addition to this security has also been beefed up in the other centres of the CBI which is handling the 2G spectrum scam.

The other issue that connects the D gang is the latest revealation of the Australia-Zimbabwe game being fixed. The police have claimed that they picked up three men belonging to the D gang who had fixed the game. The anti corruption wing of the ICC has been informed about the same. It is said that the men indulged in spot fixing as a result of which the Aussies had scored slowly in the first ten overs of the game.

The Aussies have however rubbished this and say that the ICC is not looking into any such charge. Sources however point out that the matter is still in a very preliminary stage and the interrogation of the three men will throw more light on the case. It is hard to come to any conclusion whether the match was fixed or not. The three men who were picked up were in the same hotel to do the same thing that is being alleged. Whether they managed to get access to the players and whether they did finally manage to convince them is something which will trickle in soon.

While there is confusion over the fixing of this game, the security agencies say that the D gang is very much into this business. It is rated at number 3 in their list of notorious activities after fake currency and hawala. They have their men all over the world who manage this business and despite tracking down almost every move, they still do manage to get in touch with the players through international calls which suggests that a large part of the fixing is also done from outside the country.

While these are issues that will come up for discussion during the talks between the two nations, it looks like India is finally accepting that the D gang did have a role to play in the 26/11 attack. Despite the media reporting it over and over again, the investigators had refused to accept that the D gang was even remotely involved in this incident. Today India finds the need to investigate deeper into the D connection to the 26/11 attack. The issue of local help has always been a question mark and despite David Headley singing in front of the NIA, they have never been establish the local link properly. During the talks the D issue will be debated with Pakistan and India will go that extra mile to point out the importance of Dawood.

The IB says that getting Dawood is like almost putting an end to most of India’s troubles. He is a key player in the terrorist rung in India since he continues to be their primary funder. Be it through money earned by drug smuggling or fake currency racket or even a hawala transaction, nearly 40 per cent of this money lands up with the ISI which uses it for terror operations.

India will hand out a dossier which would include the name of Dawood and 400 other terrorists who are believed to be sheltered in Pakistan. Security agencies however say that it appears highly unlikely that Pakistan will hand over custody of Dawood since they would not want the ISI to lose their trump card. His custody would spell doom not only for operations in Pakistan but will also reveal the big names in India who have been associated with him in the past many years.