Karma is a bitch: How it has come back to bite Deve Gowda

devegowdaLooks like Deve Gowda has been bitten by Karma. Back in 1996, the BJP government in Gujarat was dismissed by the President on the advise of the Prime Minster. Shankar Vaghela had split the BJP to form a government with the Congress back then.

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We are not here to play a 50:50 game: Kumaraswamy

H_D_Kumaraswamy_300H D Kumaraswamy took on the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the development issue. During a campaign at Vijaypura, he however said he is not sure why Modi had praised his father, Deve Gowda.

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Modi’s praise for Deve Gowda rakes up the JD(S) b-team debate again

The Congress accused the JD(S) of being the BJP’s b-team in the Karnataka assembly elections. Siddaramaiah said that he had proof of Amit Shah and H D Kumaraswamy meeting on a flight.

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Karnataka election: One candidate, two seats, it all began with Deve Gowda

Deve Gowda questions CJ's order in rebel MLA caseThe Election Commission of India has told the Supreme Court that it is opposed to the idea of candidates contesting from two seats. It said that a few months after the election, the candidate forfeits one seat as a result of which a by-poll needs to hold and this adds to the burden of the exchequer.

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Not in race for Next President of India says Deve Gowda

Deve Gowda questions CJ's order in rebel MLA caseI am not in the race for the post of next President of India, former Prime Minister of India, H D Deve Gowda has said. I have been contacted by a couple of political parties on the Presidential elections, but I have refused to take part in the race, Gowda who is also the supremo of the Janata Dal (S) said.

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Kumaraswamy- Modi wave artificial, Janata parivar will unite

H_D_Kumaraswamy_300While the Bharatiya Janata Party banks heavily on the Narendra Modi wave in Karnataka, former Chief Minister and Janata Dal (S) leader, H D Kumaraswamy says that this wave is artificial. Kumaraswamy is confident that the JD(S) would be part of the government to be formed at the Centre.

In this interview with rediff.com Kumaraswamy, the son of former Prime Minister H D Deve Gowda says that both the Congress and BJP say Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi will be Prime Minister respectively, but what I want to ask all of them is are we not there?

Is the JD(S) ready to support the candidature of J Jayalalithaa as Prime Minister?

My father Deve Gowda had said that she is welcome to be the Prime Minister. He had said that he wholeheartedly supports the candidature of Jayalalithaa for the Prime Minister’s post provided such a favorable political mobilization takes place. Whether or not she would become Prime Minister would entirely depend on the numbers she has at the end of the elections. Deve Gowda had also said let Nitish Kumar or Mulayam Singh also become the Prime Minister.

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“SPG, family specific”

SPG_protectionThere has been a hue and cry over the security aspect of Narendra Modi and several questions have been raised as to why he is not provided the same sort of security which a Prime Minister or a Sonia Gandhi are provided.

C D Sahay former Research and Analysis Wing chief says that the SPG act came into force following the assassination of Indira Gandhi. When it was packaged, I remember clearly that it had become a family specific thing. In short the SPG was created for a particular family only. Although there were no other leaders at that time who faced the same kind of threat at that time, it is unfortunate that over the years it was never reviewed and continued to remain position and not person specific. This continued and the likes of Deve Gowda, I K Gujral, Chandrashekhar and their families also availed the benefit of such security, Sahay says.

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Siddu beats Gowda

All possible combinations to defeat the Congress in the two by elections fell flat. Both Congress candidates, D Suresh and Ramya beat their rivals in the Deve Gowda led Janata Dal (S) by huge margins.

Although right from the start it was clear that the Congress would win, there were egos and prestige at stake. Anita Kumaraswamy wife of H D Kumaraswamy and daughter in law of Deve Gowda was up against D Suresh of the Congress. Anita who had lost the assembly elections needed a win to save her political career. Moreoever it was a battle for the Vokkaliga votes between the two parties. Gowda who is called as the champion of the Vokkaliga could do little to salvage pride.

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Son rise in Karnataka


There has always been a question mark on giving tickets to the children of politicians. Now with political parties making attempts to do away with dynasty politics, the leaders in Karnataka have chosen another way to bring their sons or daughter into the forefront- Make them work for it.

The campaign of many major leaders in Karnataka is being led by their kith and kin. These leaders feel that their children should work with them so that when they seek a ticket, it should appear as though they have earned it and the same has not been passed on.

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Why the BJP did not make the Cauvery issue political?

Pic: thehindu.com

There are protests galore in Karnataka over the Cauvery issue and there appears to be no solution in sight with farmers only intensifying their protest with each passing day. The Cauvery Waters issue has always been political in Karnataka and those who have defied Tamil Nadu’s demands have always made gains politically.

A question that many would ask is why the BJP in Karnataka did not capitalise on the issue and defy the release of water. While any such move by Karnataka would have earned the wrath of the Supreme Court, it would have still have been beneficial for any party politically.

The fact is that the Karnataka BJP which rules Karnataka had first planned on defying the order of the Cauvery River Waters Authority which ordered the release of 9000 cusecs to Tamil Nadu. Even after the Supreme Court rap, many leaders in the state had said that they should stand by the demands of the farmers and defy the order even at the risk of losing power. Continue reading “Why the BJP did not make the Cauvery issue political?”