The D-Gang connection to the Kerala Gold Smuggling case

New Delhi, Oct 15: The accused in the Kerala Gold Smuggling case visited Tanzania several time where the underworld don, Dawood Ibrahim has an extensive network, the National Investigation Agency told a special court in Kochi. 

The NIA said that accused number 5, K T Ramees and accused 13 M Sharafuddin had visited Tanzania several times and met with Dawood’s contact Feroze and discussed ways to smuggle firearms into the country. Ramees, it may be recalled was caught with smuggled revolvers at the Kozhikode airport. He however got away by paying a fine, while stating that he was a member of the shooting association. 

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Modi sarkar’s relentless persistence got Pakistan to admit Dawood is in Karachi

dawoodibrahimNew Delhi, Aug 23: Pakistan did admit for the first time that Dawood Ibrahim is on their soil. His addresses which were put out by Pakistan is nothing new and was always known to the Indian agencies.

However what led to Pakistan admitting this for the first time is the pressure that India has put on the country especially with the Financial Action Task Force. Since the past couple of years, India has relentlessly pursued Pakistan’s terror funding and this yielded results for the first time.

Pakistan finally admits Dawood Ibrahim is on their soil

dawoodNew Delhi, Aug 22: Dawood Ibrahim lives in Karachi. The admission comes from the Pakistan government for the first time after years of denial that he is not on their soil.

The admission by Pakistan came in a list of 88 banned terror groups that were disclosed as part of its efforts to get out of the tough financial sanctions for helping terrorists and their organisations.

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Extradition of Motiwala to the US will expose Pakistan’s ‘cock and bull’ on Dawood further

dawoodibrahimUK court cleared the extradition of Dawood Ibrahim’s aide, Jabir Motiwala to the United States. For India, this decision comes as a shot in the arm, as the interrogation of Motiwala, will further expose Pakistan.

In a major decision earlier this week, a court in the United Kingdom cleared the extradition of Dawood Ibrahim’s aide, Jabir Motiwala to the United States.

This is an extremely significant decision considering the proximity Motiwala shares with Dawood Ibrahim. For India, this decision comes as a shot in the arm, as the interrogation of Motiwala, will further expose Pakistan and the protection it is granting to the underworld don and mastermind of the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts.

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How daughter’s fake passport led to arrest of underworld operative Ejaz Lakdawala

ejaz-lakdawala1New Delhi, Jan 10: A former member of both the Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Rajan gang was nabbed by the Mumbai police. Ejaz Lakdawala, who has given the police the slip for several decades was arrested in Patna on Wednesday. There was a Red Corner Notice issued against him.

Ejaz shuttled between India and Nepal and was involved with the underworld. He was running a major extortion racket and would make calls to businessmen, builders and film personalities.

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Agents at high risk: Who in 1994 helped Dawood Ibrahim get away so many times?

Talks with several officials in intelligence agencies has revealed that the efforts to nab or take out Dawood Ibrahim has been put off by orders stating that the operations was too risky or by a mysterious phone call. This prompts the question of who is responsible in India being unable to catch the elusive don/terrorist since 1994

At a rally in Akola, Maharashtra, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said it would soon become clear, who helped the perpetrators of the 1993 Mumbai blasts get away.

After the blasts, the key accused in the blasts, Dawood Ibrahim, Tiger Memon and others managed to slip away and till date remain elusive. It may be re-called that the opposition in Maharashtra had accused the Sharad Pawar led government of being hand in glove with the underworld. The charge was however denied by Pawar.

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Despite strong evidence Thai court passes perverse order blocking Dawood aide’s extradition

Munna Jhingada

New Delhi, Oct 02: A Thai court of appeal have overturned a lower court order which had okayed the extradition of Munna Jhingada, a close aide of Dawood Ibrahim.

The development comes as a major setback as India had scored a victory in the lower court. In August 2018, the lower court in Thailand had ruled that Muzakkir Muddassar Hussain alias Munna Jhingada is an Indian citizen.

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Probes will now go beyond as new Indian anti-terror law takes shape


hafeez-dawood-masoodNew Delhi, Sep 05: The new terror law in India has taken shape and the government designated Jaish-e-Mohammad chief, Maulana Masood Azhar, Lashkar-e-Tayiba boss, Hafiz Saeed, Dawood Ibrahim and Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi as individual terrorists.

The decisions have been taken nearly a month after Parliament approved a crucial amendment to the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Act, 1967. They are the first to be declared terrorists under the new anti-law, a home ministry official said.

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Why doesn’t Pakistan know the addresses of Dawood Ibrahim that we know about

New Delhi, July 06: Pakistan has sought to mislead everyone yet again by claiming that underworld don Dawood Ibrahim is not on their soil. The denial comes in the wake of India on several occasions providing ample proof about his existence in Pakistan.

The Foreign Office asserted, a day after a UK court was informed that the gangster wanted for the deadly coordinated bombings in Mumbai in 1993 is currently in exile in the country.

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Upgraded from don to asset by ISI, was Dawood really serious about his surrender?

Mumbai, Mar 20: Prakash Ambedkar targeted NCP president Sharad Pawar demanding to know why Dawood Ibrahim’s proposal to surrender in the 1990s was ignored. Pawar was the chief minister of Maharashtra at that time.

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