Terrorists and politicians


‎Are some politicians linked to terrorists? If a terrorist is known to a politician does that mean he has a direct link with the activities of a terrorist organisation?
In West Bengal the Intelligence Bureau has very often complained about a political party doling out support to the Jammat-ul-Islami and the Chattra Shabir. In Kerala political outfits are accused of being kind of some radical members of the SIMI where as in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar it would be the Indian Mujahideen and in Hyderabad the HuJI.

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JD(U)-IM, what is it between them?

The Janata Dal (U) has been extremely vocal about the manner in which various agencies in the country have handled raids against Muslim youth alleged to be part of the Indian Mujahideen. While several agencies have complained about too much interference by political leaders especially in Bihar, the JD(U) too has not been discreet about some of the operations that have been carried out.

The Indian Mujahideen-JD(US) links is back in focus yet again following the allegations made by some BJP members stating that Sabir Ali who quit the JD(U) recently was close to Yasin Bhatkal. Syed Naqvi who appeared very upset with the induction of Sabir Ali into the BJP went on allege through his twitter account that those close to Bhatkal were being taken into the party. There were also allegations that Yasin Bhatkal was arrested from the house of Sabir Ali.

Those part of the Yasin Bhatkal operation however deny this and say that he was picked up from Nepal and the fact is that despite several attempts they found it very hard to get into the IM’s Darabhanga module to nab him. Hence we waited for him to get out of Bihar and tracked him down to Nepal, they say.

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Bihar/Kerala, IM’s fav spots- CIA


An input by the CIA shared with the Intelligence Bureau and Delhi police suggests that the current leader of the Indian Mujahideen, Tehsin Akthar is hiding either in Bihar or Kerala. Tehsin who is a politically connected Indian Mujahideen operative from Bihar is the mastermind of the Patna blasts, his first major operation after the arrest of Yasin Bhatkal.
Tehsin who belongs to the Darabhanga module of the Indian Mujahideen always remained in Samastipur and its surrounding areas. However in the past two months he has been shifting base between Kerala and Bihar, the two states which have been termed as extremely friendly for the Indian Mujahideen. While in Bihar, the IM has its strongest module, it is no secret that they enjoy a lot of patronage in Kerala as well. According to the input shared by the CIA, Tehsin was seen in Sothern Kerala and Eastern Bihar. He has constantly shuttled between the two states in the last few months, the input states.

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Patna- How costly is this escape?

Lacklustre security and utter carelessness led to the escape a very key suspect in the Patna blasts, Mehre Alam who was picked up from Ranchi. Now how costly is this error? Very, considering the suspect who hails from the Sitiyo area from Ranchi is being dubbed as the new Indian Mujahideen module.
Alam during his questioning had not revealed much but he started giving the NIA pointers about the pattern involving the Patna blasts. After all along with Tabish another suspect he was part of the planning and also funding of the attack.
A day after the attack, the Bihar state intelligence unit had said that the module which carried out the blast was from Ranchi. On further questioning of the accused Imtiaz Ansari it was found that he was ably supported by both Tabish and Alam and the instructions were handed over by Tehsin.

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Appeasement helps IM go global

im1The National Investigation Agency will seek help from the security agencies in Bangladesh for more clues into the Bodhgaya terror strike in which 10 bombs exploded. NIA officials say that they have intimated both the Intelligence Bureau and the Research and Analysis Wing to seek more information from Bangladesh regarding the operational capabilities of an outfit by the name Hizbut Tahrir which since the past three years has been working closely with the Indian Mujahideen.

The story of the IM-HT nexus dates back to the year 2010 when the Darabanga and West Bengal modules of the Indian Mujahideen were being set up and getting ready for activation. With the IM- Lashkar-e-Tayiba nexus splashed around all across the globe, the ISI forged a relationship with the HT and the outfit was directed to work with the IM in India. Continue reading “Appeasement helps IM go global”

Parents of ‘IM’ operative seek justice

The parents of Kafeel Akthar, an alleged Indian Mujahideen operative have filed complaint against the Bangalore police for illegal confinement of their son. The complaint has been filed before the police at Darabhanga in Bihar.

Kafeel was picked up by the Bangalore police in an undercover operation by the Bangalore police from Bihar and brought down to Bangalore after being produced before a court in Ranchi. Kafeel was arrested in connection with the Chinnaswamy stadium blasts.

In their complaint before the police, the parents sought his production in Bihar and also alleged that the Bangalore police had detained him illegally. It was also alleged that the Bangalore police had tortured Kafeel’s aged father while carrying out the arrest.

The arrest of Kafeel has not been short of controversy. Nithish Kumar, Chief Minister of Bihar had raised objection to the Bangalore police not keeping their administration in the loop before carrying out the arrest. The Bangalore police however termed it as an exceptional situation and said that in such cases the Bihar administration can be informed later. Chief Minister of Karnataka, Sadananda Gowda also said that he would write to Nithish Kumar clarifying their stand on the matter.