Modi, Shah- Why did CBI stop short

19shahNaming either Narendra Modi or Amit Shah in the Ishrat Jahan chargesheet would have given their opponents a lot of ammunition to fire against them. Three days prior to the chargesheet being filed it was clear from CBI sources that Modi or Shah would not be named in the charge sheet.

It may be recalled here that the CBI had said that it had the testimony of some police officials in which it was stated that D G Vanzara had spoken with white beard (Modi) and black beard (Shah) before the encounter. However the CBI was unable to get the requisite evidence to nail the two senior most leaders of the Gujarat state.

The entire episode regarding Modi and Shah began with the testimony of an officer by the name D H Gowswami. He claimed before the CBI that he was aware of the planning of the operation and was even privy to many conversations between the officers. It was at one such meeting in which D G Vanzara was present that the name of Modi and Shah cropped up. At first according to Gowswami, Rajinder Kumar told Vanzara to seek an approval from the CM and Home Minister. In a later meeting when another officer Singhal objected, Vanzara is said to have got angry and said that he has the approval of the CM and HM.

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Ishrat- No mention if they were terrorists

The charge sheet filed by the Central Bureau of Investigation in the Ishrat Jahan encounter makes no mention of the Intelligence Bureau official Rajinder Kumar, but states clearly that the encounter was fake.
The CBI’s first charge sheet in the case states that Ishrat and her accomplices were taken into illegal custody days before the encounter and kept in the custody of the Gujarat police.
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Ishrat- watered down chargesheet today

ishratThe Central Bureau of Investigation is all set to file its first chargesheet in the controversial Ishrat Jahan encounter case before a court in Ahmedabad today. While many are awaiting to see the contents of the chargesheet, it is expected to be a bit watered down and the CBI says that this would only be the first of the many chargesheets it would file in the case.

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