AP assembly elections 2019: 632 crorepatis in the fray

elections-candidates-moneyNew Delhi, Apr 10: There are 331 candidates fighting the Andhra Pradesh assembly elections 2019, who have declared pending criminal cases against them.

A report prepared by the Association for Democratic Reforms states that out of the 2,007 candidates analysed, 331(17%) candidates have declared criminal cases against themselves.

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UP election 2017: Third phase has 250 crorepati candidates

uppollsLucknow, Feb 17: The third phase of the Uttar Pradesh elections would witness 813 candidates battling it out. There are 110 candidates with criminal backgrounds and 250 crorepatis in the fray. Out of the 110, there are 82 candidates who have declared serious criminal charges against them, says a report by the Association for Democratic Reforms.
Seven candidates have declared cases related to murder while 11 have charges relating to attempt to murder. Six candidates have declared cases like assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty. Five candidates have declared cases related to kidnapping for ransom, etc.

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Goa assembly polls: 156 out of 251 candidates are crorepatis

goaThere are 38 candidates contesting the Goa assembly elections 2017 who have declared pending criminal cases against them.
One hundred and fifty-six out of the 251 candidates are crorepatis according to a report by the Association for Democratic Reforms.

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Puducherry polls: 68 with criminal background, 96 crorepatis

puducherryPuducherry, May 11: The elections in Puducherry will witness a total of 68 candidates with a criminal background contesting the elections.
The 343 self-sworn affidavits analysed 68 candidates have pending criminal cases while 30 have serious charges against them.

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341 crorepatis, 222 with crime record in phase 7

telseemnewAndhra Pradesh will vote in two phases- Telangana and Seema-Andhra. The Telangana elections to be held on April 30th will see a total number of 265 candidates contesting the 17 Lok Sabha seats. In this list of 265 analysed by the Association for Democratic Reforms there are 49 candidates with a criminal record. The data would also show that there are 74 crorepati candidates candidates contesting the April 30th election.
While this is the data for the Telangana region, there are 8 other states too which will go to polls on the same date as part of the 7th phase of the elections. The total number of candidates contesting the 7th phase elections is 1295 of which 222 have a criminal record. There are 341 crorepati candidates in this list. Continue reading “341 crorepatis, 222 with crime record in phase 7”

145 crorepatis in Rajasthan


In the newly elected Rajasthan Legislative assembly 145 out of the 199 MLA’s are crorepatis.In a report by the Association for Democratic Reforms, it is stated that the crorepati percentage in the Rajasthan Assembly is 73 percent.
In 2008, out of 197 MLAs analysed, 90 (46%) MLAs were crorepatis.
120 (74%) out of 162 BJP MLAs are crorepatis while 14 (67%) out of 21 MLAs of INC are crorepatis.  All 4 MLAs of NPP, 2 MLAs of BSP, 4 Indepemdents and One MLA from NUZP are croprepatis.
The average asset per MLA in the Rajasthan 2013 Assembly Elections is Rs. 5.81 Crores. In 2008, it was Rs. 2.08 Crores for the 197 MLAs analysed.

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350 crorepatis in MP

Mp_vidhansabha350- the number of candidates who are in the fray for the Madhya Pradesh polls. Out of the 683 candidates analysed by the Association for Democratic Reforms 350 or 51 percent at crorepatis.

The average asset per candidate contesting in the 2013 Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections is Rs.3.38 Crores. The average asset per candidates for these 3 political parties in 2008 Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections was Rs.1.07 Crores. Continue reading “350 crorepatis in MP”

Nagaland- 84 millionaires , 3 criminals

nagalandThe Nagaland Assembly elections will witness 84 crorepati candidates and interestingly only 3 out of the 188 candidates analysed have criminal charges pending against them. A report by the Association for Democratic Reforms and the Nagaland Election Watch states that 45 per cent of the candidates are crorepatis.

The average asset per candidate contesting the Nagaland 2013 Assembly Elections is Rs 2.21 Crore. In 2008 Nagaland Assembly Elections for the 218 candidates analyzed, the average asset per candidate was Rs 1.74 Crore. Among major parties,the average asset per candidate for NPF (60 candidates) is Rs 3.02 Crore , for INC (56 candidates) is Rs 2.85 Crore , for NCP (15 candidates) is Rs 62.51 Lakhs , for BJP (11 candidates) is Rs 14.28 Lakhs ,and for JD(U) (3 candidates) is Rs 42.57 Lakhs.

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Financial analysis of Gujarat candidates

Pic http://english.globalgujaratnews.
Pic http://english.globalgujaratnews.

A total of 150 candidates out of the 401 analyzed i.e. 37% are crorepatis. In 2007, there were 21% crorepati candidates. This is the analysis of candidates contesting the second phase of the Gujarat elections analysed by the National Election Watch.
The top three candidates who have declared the highest assets are Balvantsinh Chadansinh Rajput of INC from Sidhpur constituency who has declared the higest assets worth Rs. 268 crores, followed by Siddharth Chimanbhai Patel, of INC from Dabhoi constituency with Rs. 71 crores worth of assets and D.D.Patel of BJP from Mansa constituency with assets worth Rs. 69 crores. Continue reading “Financial analysis of Gujarat candidates”

Himachal Pradesh crorepati jump- 16 to 33 percent


The number of crorepati candidates in Himachal Pradesh has risen since 2007. In the year 2007 the number of such candidates were at 16 per cent and this year it has shot up to 33 per cent a report just released by the Association for Democratic Reforms and the Himchal Pradesh Election Watch states.

The affidavits of 445 candidates have been analysed out of which146 candidates i.e. 33% are crorepatis. In 2007, there were 16% crorepati candidates.

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