14 with criminal record and 28 crorepatis in new Rajasthan Cabinet

New Delhi, Nov 24: The Rajasthan Cabinet was analysed recently which was aimed at easing the tensions between Chief Minister, Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot. The Association for Democratic Reforms analysed the affidavits of 30 ministers and found that 14 had declared pending criminal cases against them.

Further it was stated that of the 14 ministers, 9 had serious criminal cases against themselves.

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UP polls- Cong,BJP top list of criminal candidates

The first list put out for the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections has a total of 77 candidates with a criminal background. Topping this list are both the Congress and the BJP who have 13 candidates each with serious criminal charges against them.

The National Election Watch in its report for Uttar Pradesh states that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Indian National Congress (INC), Samajwadi Party (SP) and Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) first list for Uttar Pradesh 2012 Assembly Election contains 26, 26, 24 and 1 candidates respectively with criminal records.

220 candidates declared by BJP for Uttar Pradesh 2012 election.

215 candidates declared by INC for Uttar Pradesh 2012 election.

165 candidates declared by SP for Uttar Pradesh 2012 election.

17 candidates declared by RLD for Uttar Pradesh 2012 election.

Till now 617 candidates have been declared by BJP, INC, SP and RLD for Uttar Pradesh elections 2012. NEW has found affidavits of 248 candidates that the candidates had submitted during earlier elections (2007 assembly elections or Lok Sabha 2009) with Election Commission.

38 candidates have serious criminal cases, like murder, attempt to murder, robbery, theft and kidnapping. against them as declared by them in their earlier affidavits. This list of candidates with serious charges includes 13 candidates from BJP, 13 from INC and 12 candidates from SP.

Till now, list of 220 candidates have been declared by BJP for Uttar Pradesh upcoming Assembly Election. Out of these, NEW was able to find records of 91 candidates and 26 of them were found to have criminal records. The list of all these candidates is attached at the end.

For Uttar Pradesh 2012 Assembly Elections, out of the 215 candidates declared by INC, NEW was able to find 75 affidavits filed earlier out of which, 26 candidates have criminal charges and 13 candidates have serious criminal charges pending against them. This list is also attached with the report.

For SP, out of the list of 165 declared candidates, NEW was able to find affidavits of 77 candidates filed by them in earlier elections and found that 24 of them have criminal background. Analysis based on the criminal background of candidates has been mentioned further in this report.

For RLD, out of 17 candidates declared for Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections 2012, NEW was able to analyze affidavits of only 5 candidates; out of which, only 1 candidate had criminal background.


BJP- 220 candidates have been announced out of which 26 have a criminal background while 13 have serious charges against them.

 Indian National Congress-They have declared 215 candidates and have fielded 13 with serious charges while 26 have a criminal background.

SP- Out of the 165 fielded candidates 24 have a criminal background while 12 have serious charges against them.

RLD- Out of the 17 candidates 1 has a criminal background.

BSP- Yet to announce list.