Parliament set to wrap up early amidst rising cases of COVID-19


New Delhi, Sep 20: The Lok Sabha session is likely to end on Wednesday in the wake of the rising number of COVID-19 cases. 

The decision was taken by the government after consulting with the opposition at the Business Advisory Committee meeting. The Centre is concerned about the safety of the MPs after three who had attended the session tested positive for coronavirus earlier this week. 

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COVID-19 to border aggression: The challenges faced by Indians in China

misri2New Delhi, Aug 15: India’s Ambassador to China Vikram Misri sad that Indians both in the country and China are facing twin challenges of a pandemic and aggression at the border.

“As you just heard from the President’s address, 2020 has been a very unusual year, including for us here in China. We here, and people in India, of course, have had to face up to the twin challenges of Covid-19 as well as aggression on our borders.

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Independence Day 2020: COVID-19 precautions put in place

redfort2New Delhi, Aug 15: Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the crowd at Red Fort will be far less. It has been a major challenge for the Defence Ministry to put in place the arrangements for the Independence Day celebrations this year.

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Mizoram govt issues new guidelines for social gatherings

socialAizawl, Aug 14: The Mizoram government has issued additional standard operating procedure (SOP) to be followed in any gathering to ensure that social distancing is strictly maintained in view of the rise of COVID-19 cases in the state, an official said.

The order was issued on Thursday after a meeting of top officials, NGOs, churches and doctors chaired by Chief Minister Zoramthanga on Wednesday, the official said.

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Overcharged COVID-19 patients get lakhs in refund after team led by IPS officer Roopa steps in

d-roopaBengaluru, July 28: Several hospitals in Bengaluru have refunded lakhs of Rupees taken as advance from COVID-19 patients. Many private hospitals in the city have been charging huge fees to patients, despite the government order against the same. The hospitals have been told to pay a cumulative sum of Rs 24 lakh to 22 patients on account of overcharging them.

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Irrelevance owing to COVID-19 could prompt terror groups to launch strikes

ter-mnNew Delhi, July 27: The fear of irrelevance owing to the COVID-19 pandemic may prompt terrorist groups to launch terror strikes, a report by the United Nations said.

Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) remains resilient; and Al-Qaida has ingrained itself in local communities and conflicts. Both organizations and their global affiliates and supporters continue to generate violence around the world, whether through insurgency tactics, the direction and facilitation of terrorism or providing the inspiration for attacks.

What the inking of the India-Sri Lanka currency deal means

currency-New Delhi, July 25: India has inked a currency deal with Sri Lanka and extended 400 million USD currency swap facility with Colombo. This was done to help Colombo tide over the economic crisis it is facing in the wake of COVID-19.

This deal inked between the Reserve Bank of India and Central Bank of Sri Lanka would help Colombo mitigate the risk of further fluctuations on the rates of interests from loans from India.

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Invite COVID-19 warriors, avoid crowds, MHA to states in Independence Day advisory

crowds2New Delhi, July 24: The Union Home Ministry has issued guidelines to all States and Union Territories ahead of the Independence Day celebrations.

In its advisory, the MHA has directed States and UTs to avoid large congregations owing to the pandemic. The MHA also suggested that coronavirus warriors such as doctors be invited for the events in the respective States and UTs.

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Iran estimates it has 25 million COVID-19 infections

testing-covidTehran, July 19: Iran’s president on Saturday estimated as many as 25 million Iranians could have been infected with the coronavirus since the outbreak’s beginning, as he urged the public to take the pandemic seriously, the state-run IRNA news agency reported Saturday.

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Plan to contain the spike, PM Modi says during high level meet with senior ministers

pmmodi-speech1New Delhi, June 14: While flagging concerns over the rising number of COVID-19 cases, Prime Minister Narendra Modi noted that it was important to get the capital back on track and also devise a plan to contain the spike.