Canada dials India for COVID-19 vaccine, Delhi says will do its best

New Delhi. Feb 10: Canada has informed India about its requirements for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi received a telephone call today from Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada.

Prime Minister Trudeau informed Prime Minister Modi about Canada’s requirements of COVID-19 vaccines from India. Prime Minister assured the Canadian PM that India would do its best to support Canada’s vaccination efforts, just as it had done for many other countries already.

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Chinese media blames Delhi’s meddling for its vaccine fall out with Dhaka

New Delhi, Jan 27: The Chinese state media has blamed Delhi’s meddling for the Chinese vaccine trials in Dhaka falling apart. The nationalist tabloid run by the Communist Party of China said that the trials according to the agreement were finalised in July and trials were to begin in August.

According to the initial agreement, Bangladesh did not need to share the cost, it was further reported. 

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Millions of COVID-19 vaccine doses to be supplied by Moderna, Pfizer

New Delhi, Nov 17: Two pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer and Moderna have given some good news on the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Moderna said on Monday that its candidate for the vaccine is nearly 95 per cent effective in preventing the viral disease. As per the projections, it would produce 20 million vaccine doses by the end of this year. 

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