Money, marriage, jobs: How Dawah Center converted 1,000 Hindus to Islam

New Delhi, July 20: The Uttar Pradesh Anti Terrorist Squad said that a group led by two clerics from Delhi had illegally converted at least 900 people to Islam in around 23 districts. The ATS had arrested Umar Gautam and Mufti Qazi and seven others for allegedly converting over a 1,000 people to Islam after luring them with money, marriage and jobs.

The ATS said that the names of 1,000 people are being prepared and more details will be made available following the interrogation of the accused persons. The names have been sent to the various districts for verification, the ATS further added.

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Forced, tricked conversions in Kerala: Soon, Hindu, Christian girls may become extinct

love-jihad-mnSeveral instances of girls being converted to Islam in Kerala have made it into Intelligence reports. With money as motive, Muslim youths have been using social stigma and torture methods to trick and force Hindu and Christian girls to convert to Islam

The National Commission for Women has raised concerns over the growing number of forced conversions or Love Jihad cases in Kerala. Earlier this NCW chief, Rekha Sharma, likened the problem to a ticking time bomb and asked the Kerala government to take action on it.

Sharma went on to say that the fear was not only among the Hindus but among Christians as well. She said that women were being lured in Kerala and forcibly converted to Islam, and this was a serious concern.

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1,000 and counting: 25 Hindu girls are forcibly converted to Islam daily in Pakistan

New Delhi, Apr 19: The kidnapping of yet another Hindu girl in Pakistan and forcibly being converted to Islam has raised major concerns again.

Officials in India tell OneIndia that there is a clear pattern to these incidents and several 1,000 cases have been reported so far.

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How did you assume conversion to Islam was legal, Rajasthan HC asks cops

rajasthanhcThe Rajasthan High Court raised questions about a woman converting to Islam and her inter-faith marriage. The court sent the 22 year old woman to a government home for a week.

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