Generation shift to generation shifting: Why is the young brigade discontent with Congress

New Delhi, June 10: Jitin Prasada is the latest from the Congress to join the BJP. This is the second jolt that the Congress received after Jyotiraditya Scindia quit the Congress and joined the BJP. 

Following Prasada’s exit, the social media was flooded with questions when the next to move into the BJP would be Milind Deora and Sachin Pilot. The questions were obvious as the Deora and Pilot are having their own share of problems with the Congress. When Rahul Gandhi took over as the party president, it was expected that he would promote the younger generation of leaders. It was meant to be a generation shift in the party, but with the old guard sitting tight, it has become a case of generations shifting. 

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At 39.22%, Congress had highest number of deserters in assembly polls

New Delhi, June 08: In the recently concluded assembly elections, the Congress had the maximum number of deserters. In all there were 60 candidates and 51 MLAs who had switched parties says a report by the Association for Democratic Reforms.

Elections were held in Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Kerala, Assam and Puducherry, the results of which were declared on May 2.In the recently concluded assembly elections, the Congress had the maximum number of deserters. In all there were 60 candidates and 51 MLAs who had switched parties says a report by the Association for Democratic Reforms.

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At 172 MLAs, Congress had the highest number of deserters between 2016-2020

New Delhi, Mar 09: A total of 6163 candidates who have contested either Parliamentary or State assembly elections since 2004 from West Bengal have been analysed by the Association for Democratic Reforms A total of 1081 MPs/MLAs who have held seats either in the Parliament or State assembly since 2004 from West Bengal have been analysed by ADR and WBEW. 

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Bihar Elections 2020: Will Congress mention Article 370 asks BJP

New Delhi, Oct 18: A day after the Congress pitched for restoration of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, the BJP Saturday dared it to say so in its manifesto for the Bihar assembly polls and accused it of speaking the language of “separatists”.

Senior BJP leader and Union minister Prakash Javadekar accused the Congress of practising the politics of “dividing society” for collecting votes ahead of the Bihar polls, which begin from October 28, and asserted that people have supported the government”s move on Jammu and Kashmir. 

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Farm bills: Congress to begin two-month nationwide mass movement today

New Delhi, Sep 24: The Congress will from today launch its nearly two-month-long mass movement against the government for passing the anti-farmer and anti-poor bills in the Monsoon Session of Parliament. The party will collect two crore signatures from the farmers against the proposed laws.

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Congress has proven, more things change, more things remain the same

soniarahulNew Delhi, Aug 27: The Congress faced yet another crisis after 23 senior sought for an introspection.

A stormy meeting of the Congress Working Committee was held and Sonia Gandhi was asked to continue as the interim president until a new leader is elected. Is the crisis over or is there is more to come?

OneIndia caught up with leading psephologist, Dr. Sandeep Shastri to discuss the issue.

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Congress to move SC after Raj HC orders status quo on disqualification notices

gehlot-pilotJaipur, July 24: The Congress has decided to move the Supreme Court after the Rajasthan High Court today deferred proceedings and ordered that no action shall be taken against Sachin Pilot and the rebel MLAs.

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With 85:15 ratio, Centre explains to Sonia Gandhi about subsidy for migrant trains

migrant-workers-newNew Delhi, May 04: The Centre has issued a strong rebuttal after Congress president Sonia Gandhi went on the offensive with the manner in which the stranded migrants were being handled.

The railways said that they were charging the state governments just 15 per cent of the calculated train fare for the special trains and it was stated to bear this cost or get the migrant worker to pay.

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In Congress’ choice of RS candidates, the veterans yet again overpower the juniors

congressNew Delhi, Mar 13: The Congress released its list of candidates for the Rajya Sabha and there were some glaring omissions.

Among a major power tussle between the seniors and juniors, it appears as though the veterans in the party ultimately had their way. The list according to sources was prepared by Ashok Gehlot, Bhupinder Singh Hooda and Digvijaya Singh.

Explained: What is the Anti Defection Law and how is it implemented

anti-defection-lawNew Delhi, Mar 12: The crisis in Madhya Pradesh is not going to end anytime soon. The Speaker’s role would come into play whether it comes to deciding on the resignations or disqualifying the MLAs.

The Tenth Schedule, technicalities and also the Anti Defection Law would be cited during the crisis. Ultimately the matter could also end up in the Supreme Court. Now, let us take a look at what the Anti Defection Law is and when does it come into play and how it is also implemented.

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